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The purpose of the Xuanyin sect was very simple; they wanted to obtain the qi and blood essence of the villagers.

When a human died, the qi and blood essence in their body would be released quickly.

Normally, the qi and blood essence would dissipate into Heaven and Earth.

However, if one had a special method or magic treasure, they could collect the qi and blood essence.

The reason why the cultivation practitioners of the Xuanyin sect could collect the qi and blood essence was because each one of them carried a treasure called a “bloodstone”!

Through the use of the bloodstone, they could absorb the qi and blood essence of the dead.


By some lucky coincidence, the first commander had overheard a discussion among the cultivation practitioners that the Xuanyin sect was collecting the qi and blood essence of these human beings not for their own personal cultivation purposes, but rather for the sect, and that these bloodstones had to be handed over to the sect elders.

When Ye Xuan saw this scene in the first commanders memories, he had a flash of realization when he recalled the various cultivation methods of the Xuanyin sect over the past few years.

He had already seen through the intentions of the Xuanyin sect.

Qi and blood essence were the core cultivation requirements for a cultivation practitioner who had broken through to the peak of the core formation state.

Most importantly, the amount of qi and blood essence required for a cultivation practitioner to break through to the unity realm was an astronomical figure.

The Xuanyin sect sent their cultivation practitioners to various cities in the Great Qian dynasty.

On the surface, they were acting under the banner of righteousness to suppress the bandits but, in fact, they were instructing the bandits to slaughter the villagers and secretly collecting the qi and blood essence.

After that, they brought the qi and blood essence back to the sect using the bloodstones!

The qi and blood essence in a single persons body was limited, but it would be a different story if they slaughtered hundreds of people!

As long as enough people were involved, they would be able to gather enough qi and blood essence.

With such a huge amount of qi and blood essence, would it not be easy for a cultivation practitioner in the late stage of the golden core state to reach the peak stage of the core formation state or beyond

The Great Qian dynasty had a population of hundreds of millions, and the Tian Yuan continent was a cultivation world where the strong preyed on the weak.

Even if a large number of people were killed every day, the royal family of the Great Qian dynasty would not be able to detect anything as long as these massacres were dealt with quietly.

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After all, these bandits were mostly desperadoes, and many of them had massacred villages before, so it would be difficult to detect any changes if the cultivators of the Xuanyin sect merely ordered the massacres of a few more villages here and there.

“What a good plan!” Thinking this, Ye Xuan sneered.

He had basically learned that there was a powerful old cultivator hidden in the Xuanyin sect, whose cultivation had at least broken through to the late stage of the golden core state.

It seemed that the plan to seek revenge on the Xuanyin sect would have to be delayed a few more days.

At the very least, his cultivation base had to break through to the late stage of the golden core state or the peak stage of the golden core state.

He would head to Jiangqing city later instead.

If Li Qingyan could pass his test, he would take her in as his disciple.

At that point, he would be able to gain more rewards from the system, after which his cultivation would likely reach the late stage of the golden core state.

“Lets go.”

Ye Xuan then waved his sleeve, and a huge amount of power gushed forth from his body.

It swept up Yue and the others and flew away!

After Ye Xuan and the others left, there were sounds of crying and weeping echoing all over the mountain stronghold.

“We… We are finally saved…”

“Ah Li, Ah Li, where are you The group of animals who abused us have all been killed by our benefactor.

We are finally free…”

“These godforsaken b*stards finally got their comeuppance.

Oh God, youve finally opened your eyes and delivered justice.”

“Thank you, benefactor! Thank you, benefactor!”

Many naked women knelt down in the direction where Ye Xuan and the others had left.

Their faces were full of gratitude.

“Xiaoxue, we… We can go home now!”

“Is… is our home still there”

According to the first commanders memories, the bandits who had massacred Lin Shi village were gathered at a place called Shidong.

They called their village Fengxuan Stronghold!

The bandits in the mountain village had all drifted together from extremely distant places.

Originally, they wanted to continue drifting in search of a relatively wealthy city before robbing their homes.

However, just after they finished robbing Lin Shi village, a few mysterious cultivators suddenly came knocking on their doors.

They claimed to be from a large sect, and wanted to cooperate with the bandits.

Their proposal was very simple.

The cultivators wanted them to slaughter a village within a set period of time.

The wealth, food, and those young and beautiful women in the village would all belong to the bandits.

As for the mysterious cultivators, they only needed to obtain the qi and blood essence of the villagers when they were on the verge of death.

The rewards offered by the other party were also very tempting.

They would be given some relatively high-level cultivation methods, as well as expensive medicinal pills and martial techniques.

This business deal was simply too good to pass up.

The leader of the group of mountain bandits agreed without the slightest hesitation.

The mountain bandits were originally vagrants.

Robbing, burning, killing, and plundering were just trivial matters to them.

Hearing that they would even be rewarded generously for their crimes, they all jump at the opportunity.

Therefore, under the instruction of those mysterious cultivators, within these two years, they had already massacred six villages.

If things had been the same as before, the city lords mansion would have furiously mobilized a large number of cultivation practitioners to encircle and suppress them.

However, after two years, the city lords mansion of Yunhei city had not shown any sign of activity.

They even heard that the cultivation practitioners of the Xuanyin sect had taken on the mission to suppress the bandits.

Just as they were starting to feel fearful, those mysterious cultivation practitioners appeared again.

They made it clear that they had a friendly relationship with the cultivation practitioners of the Xuanyin sect and those that worked with them would not be targeted by them.

Later on, the mountain stronghold slaughtered two more villages.

After realizing that the cultivation practitioners of the Xuanyin sect had remained silent, they finally felt relieved.

Today, they had received another mission from those mysterious cultivation practitioners, and were supposed to slaughter another village.

However, the village was close to 30 kilometers away from their mountain stronghold.

The first commander had already led most of the bandits to that village early in the morning.

Currently, there were only a few people left guarding the mountain stronghold.

Inside a simple and unadorned wooden house in the Fengxuan Stronghold.

A man dressed in cyan black robes sat cross-legged on the bed.

His gaze landed on a bloodstone in front of his chest.

Looking at the dense blood essence gushing out from the blood stone, he revealed a satisfied expression.

Phew! The mission was finally completed.

“Once Senior Brother returns, I can return to the sect to complete the mission!” The man muttered to himself.


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