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Jun Lingtian, if you had chosen to challenge the Tower of Heaven again back then, which level would you have reached”

Zhao Yuzhen asked.

“If I had challenged it again when I was 49 years old, I should have been able to reach the 85th floor,” Jun Lingtian replied

“Do you think we still need to make a move” Zhao Yuzhen asked after a while.

“Naturally!” Jun Lingtian nodded.

Although the Tower of Heaven would protect Ye Xuan, it would not help him kill those three.

As long as he left the protection of the Tower of Heaven, he would definitely die.

“Hehe, Ye Xuan, youre really making me more and more curious!”

After some time, Qian Daoliu came back to his senses and looked at Ye Xuan with interest.


At this moment, a golden fist came hurtling toward Ye Xuan.

Zhu Tuyuan had made his move!

The more terrifying Ye Xuans talent and trump cards were, the more afraid he was!

If he did not take this chance to kill him now, there would be endless trouble.

Thus, Zhu Tuyuan went all out.


Jun Lingtian and Zhao Yuzhen, who were at the peak of the nearby mountain, suddenly disappeared.

At the same time, Ye Xuan also slowly raised the azure divine sword in his hand.


The next second, sword intent that made the world tremble suddenly swept out.

“What a terrifying sword intent!”

Everyones expression changed when they sensed this.

Zhu Tuyuans body trembled as an ominous feeling arose in his heart.

“Impossible! How could you have comprehended eighth-level sword intent”


The two voices that spoke up at this time did not belong to those three, but Jun Lingtian and Zhao Yuzhen.

They had planned to make a move to rescue Ye Xuan, but were stunned the moment they sensed that swords intent.

Eighth-level sword intent!

Ye Xuan was only one step away from reaching the perfect level of sword intent.

They had been shocked earlier, but now they realized that Ye Xuan had been holding back.

Zhao Yuzhens body could not stop trembling.

As a sword cultivator, especially an expert who had cultivated Sword Dao for hundreds of years, he was extremely sensitive to sword intent.

He had been known as the most powerful sword cultivator in the Nanzhou Region, but now

Compared to Ye Xuan, he was simply a joke!


The sword intent collided with Zhu Tuyuans fist, creating countless spatial cracks in the sky.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Guang Liangs body exuded resplendent golden Buddhist light.

The terrifying shockwaves from the collision of those two destructive powers slammed into his body, and cracks appeared on his tough body.

Guang Liangs expression changed.

He did not expect to be the weakest among them.

He was a terrifying pattern condensation realm expert, but he was currently inferior to a mere tenth-level unity realm expert.

Ye Xuans sword intent was actually capable of causing him serious damage.

In this round, Zhu Tuyuan and Ye Xuan were evenly matched.

As ones intent realm increased, the difficulty of breaking through also increased.

A single sword strike had blocked Zhu Tuyuans all-out attack.

Furthermore, it seemed that this was not Ye Xuans limit.

“Jun Lingtian!”

“Zhao Yuzhen!”

When Zhu Tuyuan and Guang Liang sensed Jun Lingtian and Zhao Yuzhens arrival, their expressions changed.

They had never thought that these two people would come to the Great Qian dynasty.

However, Qian Daoliu was not surprised at all.

When he had arrived at the Qingyun sect, he had already noticed something strange.

“Jun Lingtian, Zhao Yuzhen, what are you guys doing here” Zhu Tuyuan glared at them coldly, his heart filled with frustration.

Jun Lingtian did not answer Zhu Tuyuan.

Instead, he was pondering something else entirely.

Was this guy really the reincarnation of an ancient almighty expert

Even if he was, how was he so monstrous He seemed to defy all logic!

Could it be that this fellow had already awakened the memories of his previous life Otherwise, how could he have achieved all of this

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