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It was also because of this that when Qian Daoliu made his move earlier, Jun Lingtian did not do anything.

Qian Daoliu would not attack to kill, but Zhu Tuyuan would.


Ye Xuan took a deep breath.

This was the first time he fought with a pattern condensation realm expert.

The pressure that the other party was exuding was extremely terrifying, and it even contained the power of the natural laws.

If he had not resisted this terrifying pressure head-on, most of the Qingyun sects cultivators would have been wiped out by it.

“If thats the case, then Ill get serious! I want to see how powerful the pattern formation realm is.”

Ye Xuan looked at Zhu Tuyuan and slowly raised his right hand.

A miniature tower suddenly appeared in his palm.


Ye Xuan growled in a low voice, and the Tower of Heaven in his palm suddenly enlarged rapidly.

In an instant, it enveloped the entirety of Qingyun Mountain.


The words “Tower of Heaven” were carved on the tower, causing their pupils to constrict.

At the same time, Qingyun Mountain disappeared.

Ye Xuan had moved it into the Tower of Heaven.

Everything turned deathly silent due to the shock of this scene.

The Tower of Heaven!

Was this not supposed to be inside the Moon Demon mystic realm

How did it end up in Ye Xuans hands

Their eyes were filled with doubt and disbelief.

“How is this possible You actually took the Tower of Heaven out of the Moon Demon mystic realm”

Zhu Tuyuan voiced his doubts.

The appearance of the Tower of Heaven had changed things.

This thing was not only the biggest opportunity in the mystic realm, but also the most powerful artifact he had ever seen.

It was at least a black-grade artifact, and might even be a saint-grade artifact.

Ye Xuan! An unparalleled talent!

It would be good if they had fostered a good relationship with Ye Xuan instead of becoming mortal enemies.

However, the time for regret had passed, and they had to focus on killing Ye Xuan before he grew any stronger.

Otherwise, their sects would be destroyed in the near future.

“Is this his trump card”

At the peak of the mountain, Jun Lingtians eyes were also filled with shock.

He finally understood why Ye Xuan did not exhibit any signs of panic when facing three pattern condensation realm experts.

It turned out that this guys trump card was the Tower of Heaven.

Zhao Yuzhen was right.

Jun Lingtian was indeed from the Divine Gate Holy Land of the Yunqing Region, which was why he was so much more knowledgeable than Zhao Yuzhen.

This was why he was aware of how terrifying the Tower of Heaven was.

Even those existences from the Divine Gate Holy Land were interested in the Tower of Heaven.

Based on the clues from their investigation, the Moon Demon mystic realm had most likely belonged to a superpower Holy Land from the ancient era.

However, that Holy Land had suffered a destructive blow, causing the Moon Demon mystic realm to be lost in the turbulence of space.

In order to obtain the generous rewards from the Tower of Heaven trials, the Divine Gate Holy Land sent out many talented cultivators under the age of 50 to challenge the trials.

Although they successfully entered both lists, none of them had been able to reach the 90th level.

After many years, the Divine Gate Holy Land determined that it was absolutely impossible to pass the Tower of Heavens trials.

Moreover, the Tower of Heavens defensive power was extremely high, and even contained spatial intent.

Even if the master of the Divine Gate Holy Land took action personally, he might not be able to obtain the Tower of Heaven.

Therefore, Jun Lingtian never entered the Tower of Heaven again after challenging it once.

Other than Ye Xuan, no one could have achieved this.

“You sure have a lot of secrets! But is this your only trump card”

Jun Lingtians gaze focused on Ye Xuan.

Underneath the huge Tower of Heaven, Ye Xuan and the others seemed extremely small.

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