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“What Seventh-level sword intent!”

When Zhao Yuzhen saw this, his expression changed, and the ancient sword on his back started to tremble.

His own sword intent was seventh-level, and he was recognized as the foremost sword cultivator in the Nanzhou Region!

It had taken him 500 years to attain seventh-level sword intent, yet a 20-year-old kid had done the same.

Was fate playing a joke on him

Zhu Tuyuan, Qian Daoliu, and Guang Liangs expressions also changed.


Ye Xuans sword qi seemed to cover heaven and earth, and it seemed like the whole world had lost its color.

Moments later, the dazzling sword qi destroyed the blood net, forcing Qian Daoliu to reappear.

However, Qian Daolius palm was slightly trembling.

Ye Xuans sword intent was wreaking havoc in his meridians.


Seeing this, Qian Daolius expression turned cold.

The endless blood qi in his body surged forth and devoured the sword intent.

Everyone had solemn expressions.

Tenth level of the unity realm!

Seventh-level sword intent!

These two elements combined allowed Ye Xuan to fight a pattern condensation realm expert head-on.

Of course, this only meant that Ye Xuan had the qualifications to fight one, but did not mean that he had the means to threaten their lives.

Still, his talent was enough cause for concern..

The strength that this fellow had displayed far exceeded that of which they had been told.

Of course, they were still very much capable of killing Ye Xuan.

After all, there were three of them here, and none of them had used their true strength.

The most crucial point was that once a cultivator reached the tenth level unity realm, the strength of their physical body would reach an extremely terrifying level.

However, this was also a bottleneck.

If the cultivator wanted to break through to the pattern condensation realm, they had to comprehend the natural laws of the world.

This required an extremely high comprehension ability.

“Ye Xuan, youre indeed very powerful!”

“However, since thats the case, I cant let you live any longer!”

Zhu Tuyuan looked at Ye Xuan with killing intent.

Normally speaking, only cultivators who had reached the core formation realm were qualified to come into contact with martial intents, and only unity realm experts would have the ability to comprehend multiple martial intents and strengthen them.

The prerequisite for breaking through to the pattern condensation realm was that the cultivator had to comprehend the natural laws contained within those martial intents.

There were a total of nine levels of intent, and the ninth level was known as the perfect level, in which one was judged to have completely mastered that intent.

It was at that level that the cultivator would gain the opportunity to comprehend a stronger martial intent related to their mastered intent.

In order to sense and comprehend the natural laws, ones intent had to have reached the sixth-level.

Ye Xuan actually possessed seventh-level sword intent, and was a tenth-level unity realm expert, which meant that he was already capable of breaking through to the pattern condensation realm.

All it would take was a tiny step or catalyst to trigger his breakthrough.

Therefore, everyone present felt a great sense of danger when it came to Ye Xuans future potential.

He had to die here and now!

Otherwise, their forces would be the ones eradicated.

“No matter what kind of genius you are, I will kill you today!”

Zhu Yuyuan looked at Ye Xuan coldly, and a power that made the world tremble suddenly surged out of his body.

“Second pattern”

Jun Lingtians expression changed.

“This guy actually broke through!”

The difference between the pattern condensation realm and the other realms before it was that it was not divided into levels, but patterns.

The more patterns one had, the stronger one would be.

Other than that, the strength of a pattern condensation realm cultivator was also related to the attribute of the pattern he or she formed, which was based on martial intents.

Therefore, pattern condensation realm experts who had comprehended supreme intents had a significant advantage.

According to the rumors, pattern condensation realm experts could at most form ten patterns.

However, most would not be able to do this and would only be able to condense four or five patterns.

However, with every additional pattern, the cultivators strength would undergo a qualitative change.

“Its time to make our move!”

Jun Lingtian slowly stood up, and a sharp glint flashed across his eyes.

He had already sensed Zhu Tuyuans killing intent.

The other party would definitely not hold back against Ye Xuan.

Moreover, this guy was now a two-pattern condensation realm expert.

Ye Xuan would not be able to help him.

Zhu Tuyuan was not the main problem though, Qian Daoliu was.

Jun Lingtian was extremely clear about Qian Daolius personality.

This guy had a strange background and preferred to torture and kill his opponents.

Therefore, even if Qian Daoliu had victory in his grasp, he would not directly kill Ye Xuan.

After all, this guy liked to see his enemies in despair!

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