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Therefore, Ye Xuan planned to explore and see if there was a point at which he could balance the martial intents, which would become the basis for the fusion.


For Ye Xuan, this was the fastest way to improve his strength.

In order to fuse multiple martial intents, a cultivator had to have a strong soul and spiritual sense, which was to Ye Xuans advantage.

The most powerful experts of the three forces soon arrived in the Great Qian dynasty.

It would not be long before they located the Qingyun sect.

At the same time, Jun Lingtian and Zhao Yuzhen had arrived at the peak of a mountain nearby the Qingyun sect.

“It seems that those old monsters are still on their way.”

“Ye Xuan shouldve guessed that they are sending their strongest experts.

But why would he choose to wait here”

Zhao Yuzhens gaze fell upon the Qingyun sect and frowned.

He saw that the Qingyun sect disciples were still peacefully going about their own matters, without the slightest inkling of fear.

Were they not aware of the impending danger, or were they not afraid at all

Who or what were they relying on

Even if Ye Xuan was the reincarnation of an ancient almighty expert, things would still be dicey.

After all, when one reincarnated, nothing else would be transferred over other than memories and knowledge.

It was impossible that he still had any trump cards from his original body.

Of course, these were things that Jun Lingtian had told Zhao Yuzhen.

“Its not a good idea to fight in the Qingyun sects territory” Zhao Yuzhen said while shaking the wine pot in his hand.

“This is indeed a calamity!” Jun Lingtian smiled.

“Otherwise, why would Brother Zhao and I be here”

Zhao Yuzhen looked at Jun Lingtian and said, “You should protect Ye Xuan.

Ill protect the Qingyun sect.”


“Those were my exact intentions,” Jun Lingtian said.

In the entire Nanzhou Region, only Jun Lingtian was capable of resisting three pattern condensation realm experts simultaneously.

The most important thing was that although everyone knew that Jun Lingtian was the strongest person in the Nanzhou Region, even his best friend, Zhao Yuzhen, did not know exactly how powerful he was.

However, what he did know was that Jun Lingtian was far more powerful than he let on.

This guy was definitely related to the Divine Gate holy land in the Yunqing Region, which was a super force that had existed for ages.

Although Jun Lingtian had never confirmed it, he had never denied it either.

“Should we make a move immediately”

“Theres no hurry!”

“Ye Xuan isnt an ordinary person.

Besides, Im very curious about what his trump card is!”

“If he really cant resist them, Ill still be able to intervene in time.”

Zhao Yu was silent.

He naturally understood Jun Lingtians intentions.

Only by acting at the crucial moment would he be able to earn the other partys sincere gratitude.

After all, they had come all the way here because of Ye Xuans cultivation talent.

As long as this fellow did not die here, his future achievements would be limitless.

Even they would find it difficult to catch up to him in the future.

Therefore, this crisis was a good chance to earn his friendship.

If Ye Xuan was really the reincarnation of an ancient almighty expert, it would probably be of great benefit to them.

Thinking of this, Zhao Yu looked at Jun Lingtian deeply.

The term ancient almighty did not refer to a particular cultivation realm, but was rather a title for the terrifying existences of the Tianyuan continent.

Even if Zhao Yuzhen was one of the strongest experts of the Nanzhou Region and a powerful pattern condensation expert,, he might not have the chance to come into contact with such an existence in his entire lifetime.

If Ye Xuan was the reincarnation of such an existence, then this opportunity was priceless.

The two of them quietly stayed on the peak of the mountain.

As time slowly passed, night fell.

The full moon hung high in the sky, and the wind howled.

“Theyre here.”

Suddenly, Jun Lingtian looked up into the sky with narrowed eyes.

Moments later, Jun Lingtian waved his sleeve, and a ray of light entered his and Zhao Yuzhens body, concealing their auras completely.

At this moment, the space above the Qingyun sect suddenly twisted, and a huge spatial crack appeared.

Seconds later, thousands of blood-red qi strands emerged from the spatial crack and slowly wriggled together, condensing into a red-robed man.

“Qian Daoliu!”

Qian Daoliu was the most powerful person in the Blood Moon Temple and also their Grand Elder.

In the Nanzhou Region, he was the second strongest expert after Jun Lingtian.

Hundreds of years ago, the Blood Moon Temple had been attacked by many major forces.

At that critical moment, Qian Daoliu suddenly appeared and massacred all the forces that besieged the Blood Moon Temple using absolute strength.

From then on, his name became famous and no one else dared to provoke the Blood Moon Temple.

Furthermore, no one knew which era Qian Daoliu had come from, nor how old he was.

However, due to Qian Daolius existence, the Blood Moon Temple became one of the super forces of the Nanzhou Region.

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