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“Blood Moon Temple, Yunjin Temple”

After hearing Elder Chens words, Zhu Tuyuans eyes narrowed.

This fellow was truly reckless.

Not only did he become enemies with the Nether God sect, but he had also provoked the Blood Moon Temple and the Yunjin Temple, both of which were no weaker than the Nether God sect.

Based on the current situation, both forces would definitely send their strongest experts to prevent Ye Xuan from growing strong enough to destroy their forces.

If they did not, this fellow would most likely reach the pattern condensation realm fairly quickly, perhaps even within a year or two.

The Nether God sect had failed to do this, which had resulted in their current losses.

He needed to act personally.

Furthermore, he had to join forces with the experts sent by the other two forces.

“Its time to put an end to this matter!”

Killing intent flashed across his eyes.

He did not know the exact location of the Qingyun sect, but he knew the general direction of the Great Qian dynasty.

With his strength, he could tear space apart and reach the Great Qian Dynasty within a short period of time.

“Ill head to the Great Qian dynasty to kill Ye Xuan now.

Guard the sect well!

Zhu Tuyuan waved his hand, and a huge spatial crack suddenly appeared.

He then turned into a streak of light and disappeared into it.

Pattern condensation realm experts could create spatial passageways to travel quickly.

However, they were still unable to teleport.

“Thats great! Now that Sect Master is personally taking action, Ye Xuan is doomed for sure!”

“But I have to admit that Ye Xuans talent is indeed monstrous.

If hes given enough time, hell definitely be able to surpass the current master of the Divine Gate and become the most powerful person in the Nanzhou Region!”

“If that is allowed to happen, then our sect will be destroyed.”

“Luckily, the Blood Moon Temple and the Yunjin Temple are also taking action, so Ye Xuan will definitely die!”

After Zhu Tuyuan left, the inner sect elders of the Nether God sect began to discuss among themselves.

“We just need to wait patiently!”

“Sect Master will definitely return with Ye Xuans head!”

Elsewhere in the Nanzhou Region, a red-robed man and a kind-looking monk with a Buddhist staff also disappeared into spatial cracks.

Lingjiu peak, Qingyun sect.

Ye Xuan was still in secluded cultivation in the cultivation room.

With the help of the withered leaf bodhis state of epiphany, he had reached the second level of the Heavenly Soul Nine Revolutions technique.

Even so, his state of epiphany had not ended.

The withered leaf bodhis state of epiphany would last three days.

Ye Xuan stopped cultivating the Heavenly Soul Nine Revolutions technique and began to comprehend his martial intents.

After half a day, Ye Xuan comprehended first-level wood intent.

After that, the state of epiphany ended.

Therefore, Ye Xuan changed his target.

Rather than trying to comprehend higher-level intents, he planned to try and see if he could fuse the martial intents together.

After all, there were similar elements between certain intents.

Of course, there were also many martial intents that rejected each other.

For example, the five core elements, which either reinforced or restrained each other.

However, if the power of the five core elements could be fused together, it would definitely be able to erupt with incredible power.

Previously, when Ye Xuan was in the Tower of Heaven, he had combined heavenly lightning intent with sword intent, which allowed him, as a second-level unity realm expert back then, to unleash power equivalent to a fourth-level unity realm expert.

However, he was able to fuse these two intents because they did not repel each other.

However, it was different now.

If it was just two martial intents, it would be relatively simple, but if he wanted to fuse three or more martial intents, the difficulty would increase exponentially.

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