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Zhao Yuzhen was stunned.

Never in his thousands of years of cultivation had he heard of such a thing.

However, he knew how vast the Tianyuan continent was, and that there were naturally many things he did not know.

Even so…

The reincarnation of an ancient almighty expert

Was that even possible

“Do you really think so” Zhao Yuzhen asked in shock.

“This is just my conjecture,” Jun Lingtian replied.

“So, why would a person who could possibly be the reincarnation of an ancient almighty expert agree to acknowledge you as his master” Jun Lingtian asked Zhao Yuzhen teasingly.

When Zhao Yuzhen heard this, his expression darkened.

Then, he sighed deeply.

“Brother Zhao, we should also set off!”

“Depart Where to”

“The Great Qian Dynastys Qingyun sect!”


“Brother Zhao, regardless of whether or not Ye Xuan is the reincarnation of an ancient almighty expert, we cant just sit back and do nothing.”

Jun Lingtian looked up at the sky and smiled.

“We should forge a friendly relationship with him.”


Jun Lingtian flicked his sleeve, and a huge spatial crack suddenly appeared in the sky.

Moments later, Jun Lingtian took a step forward and instantly disappeared into the crack.

Seeing this, Zhao Yuzhen smiled and also walked into the crack.

Then, the crack closed behind them.

The news spread to the other major forces of the Nanzhou Region.

“This… How is this possible”

“Doesnt this mean that his strength has surpassed the unity realm”

When Jian Tiannan heard the news, he was dumbfounded.

Gongsun Yao and Gongsun Wan were also shocked.

“Sister, were both geniuses, but why is this guy so freakish”

Her sister did not reply.

There were simply no words that could describe what she was feeling and thinking at this moment.

Previously, in the Tower of Heaven, it was Ye Xuan who personally shattered her sense of superiority and pride.

He had changed her worldview… but that was then.

Now, this guy had actually done something even more shocking.

Relying on his own strength, he had killed a sixth-level unity realm elder of the Nether God sect!

Even her grandfather was only a fourth-level unity realm expert!

Even in the Gongsun family, a sixth-level unity realm expert was a top-notch expert.

This guy was only 20 years old.

How did he do it

Then, even more shocking news arrived.

The Nether God sect had lost five more elders, one of which was a ninth-level unity realm expert!

“Sister, this guys strength is too terrifying.”

“How can such an unreasonable person exist in this world Will the heavens really tolerate this”

“It seems that the Nanzhou Region is too small a stage for him,” Gongsun Yao muttered to herself.

A similar scene was taking place among the geniuses of the other major forces elsewhere.

However, Ye Xuan, who was rushing back to the Great Qian Dynasty, was unaware of this.

At this moment, he was focused on cultivating the divine forging technique to regain full control of his own power.

At the same time, he also recalled that he had yet to teach Zhao Yuyan the spiritual sense tempering technique.

As long as he passed the divine forging technique to Zhao Yuyan, he would be able to obtain a higher level of spiritual sense tempering technique.

On the back of the black flame eagle, Zhao Yuyan was practicing the martial arts techniques Ye Xuan had taught her.

With the help of Ye Xuans spiritual power infusion, Zhao Yuyan had broken through from the second level of the refinement realm to the tenth level of the qi transformation realm.

However, because of the breakthrough, Zhao Yuyans control over her own power had dropped drastically.

As such, while waiting for Ye Xuan to pick her up, Zhao Yuyan had been training her martial techniques, and had indeed improved her control over her power.

“Yaner, have you been cultivating diligently while I was away”

“Your teacher would like to test your current control over your strength.”

Ye Xuan stood up and walked over to Zhao Yuyan.

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