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Seeing this, Ye Xuan did not stop them.

This was exactly what he wanted to see.

Although he had revealed that he could crush them, he did not show that he could kill them easily, otherwise, they would have given up on resisting completely.

If they did that, he would not be able to figure out their martial intents, much less comprehend them.

It was common knowledge that a martial intent had a terrifying effect on a cultivators strength.

Furthermore, if a cultivator wanted to reach the pattern condensation realm,, they had to comprehend a wide variety of intents.

Which one of these elders was not a genius with outstanding talent


Terrifying power erupted from the elders bodies, encompassing the space around them.

Even though they were hundreds of miles away, Yue and the others could still sense how powerful those spiritual power fluctuations were.

“How powerful are the enemies that Teacher is facing They seem incredibly strong!”

Yue and Li Qingyan looked at each other in shock.

However, they were not worried.


When Zhao Yuyan felt the fluctuations, she was frightened.

She had no concept of the unity realm, so she had no idea how to gauge the strength of these enemies.

Thus, even though she knew that her teacher was very strong, she did not know if he could win.

After all, there were four of them, and only one of him!

“Little Junior Sister, you dont have to worry.

Although those enemies are very strong, they definitely cant defeat Teacher!”

Yue noticed Zhao Yuyans worried expression and comforted her with a smile.

Li Qingyan also nodded at Zhao Yuyan.

No matter how powerful the enemies might be, in their hearts, Ye Xuan was an invincible existence.

It was impossible for him to lose.


Hearing this, Zhao Yuyan let out a sigh of relief, and then cheered Ye Xuan on in her heart.

Other than Zhao Yuyan, who had the Demon Devourer Body, everyone else felt immense pressure due to the terrifying spiritual power fluctuations.

The one who had the biggest reaction was Zhao Yuyans mother, Lin Qingping.

“What terrifying power!”

“Even though Im hundreds of miles away, I still feel suffocated.

If I was right next to them, these spiritual power fluctuations would have killed me.”

Yue and the others were currently in a province of the Golden Empire, which was ranked among the top ten empires of the Nanzhou Region!

As such, the battle between Ye Xuan and the Nether God sects inner sect elders attracted the attention of countless experts.


Within the formation, the power of the other three elders were all channeled into the eight-level unity realm elder.

This white-haired elders body exuded terrifying pressure, as he gathered his strength, and then he threw a destructive punch.

Spatial cracks started appearing in the sky, which erupted with void power, and even spit out sharp spatial blades.

These spatial blades sliced the bodies of the three elders, leaving cuts and wounds on their bodies.

However, these wounds were soon healed by their divine elements.

Only the white-haired elder and Ye Xuan were not affected by the spatial blades.


Ye Xuan slowly raised his right fist and punched as well.

When the two fists collided, it seemed like a section of the sky had collapsed, creating an enormous spatial crack.

Those watching from down below even felt like the sky was falling.

At that moment, many peoples eyes were filled with shock and fear.

Was the Golden Empire facing destruction

“He has actually comprehended fourth-level fist intent.

Very good!”

Ye Xuans eyes lit up as they continued exchanging punches.

It seemed that his fist intent would advance again today.


Ye Xuan roared, and his fist shone brightly as he fought with the white-haired elder.

The scale of this battle exceeded the one he had with Li Tiangang.

Sections of the sky continued collapsing, creating large spatial cracks that even the natural spatial laws took some time to repair.

The clouds in the sky were sucked in by the resulting void power.

It seemed that their four-man formation had given the white-haired elder the strength to fight with Ye Xuan.

However, they were not excited at all.

Instead, they wore despondent expressions.

The reason was simple.

Ye Xuan was a sword cultivator, and this sword cultivator was currently only using his fists.

Despite the infusion of their power, and the white-haired elders special constitution, they were barely able to fight Ye Xuan to a standstill.

It was obvious that if Ye Xuan unsheathed his sword, they would be utterly defeated.

Of course, Ye Xuan did not want to fight the white-haired elder alone.

He also wanted to see what other martial intents the other elders had comprehended.

Therefore, Ye Xuan moved as fast as lightning and fought with all four elders.

Those elders were not as fast as Ye Xuan, so they were beaten up badly.

In response, and in order to prevent the formation from being destroyed, they tried their best to transfer the power of the formation to whoever was under attack.

“Saber intent! Nice!”

“Sword intent But its too weak!”

“Axe intent Just what the doctor ordered!”

“Fire intent Ooh, fancy!”


“I didnt expect you old dogs to have learned so many things!”

Ye Xuan kept up his commentary as he fought the elders.

The elders looked gloomy.

They no longer cared about his name-calling.

For now, they simply hoped that he would keep dragging things out.

That way, they would be able to hold on until the sect master arrived.

Therefore, even though they were being beaten to a pulp by Ye Xuan, they still held on with all their might.

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