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Seeing Ye Xuans extremely relaxed expression, they frowned.

What puzzled them the most was that they could not sense Ye Xuans aura or figure out his cultivation level.

“Ye Xuan, youve killed our disciples and elders.

Today, well take revenge!”

An inner sect elders gaze fell on ye Xuan, and a large saber filled with a terrifying evil aura appeared in his hand.

However, before he could continue, Ye Xuan interrupted him impatiently.

“Why are you still talking If you want to fight, then just fight.

Make it quick!”

“I wanna see what martial intents you bunch have comprehended.

Dont let me down!”

“You know what, Ill get this started,” Ye Xuan said impatiently, and then his terrifying aura erupted.

Ninth level of the unity realm!

Every living being within a radius of hundreds of miles sensed his power.

It was as if an invisible hand had grabbed them by the neck, making it difficult for them to breathe.


“Hes actually a ninth-level unity realm expert”

“Run! Lets run!”

When the elders saw this scene, they were instantly scared out of their wits!

The moment Ye Xuans aura spread out, they felt stifled.

How was this possible This fellow had actually broken through to the ninth level of the unity realm!

The impossible had become reality!

As for the elder who was holding the saber, he felt his legs go soft, and he almost lost his grip on the saber.

The elders fled frantically, displaying their strongest escape techniques.

Disbelief and horror filled their hearts.

What kind of monster was this guy Who thought it was a good idea to provoke such a monster

The elders inwardly cursed.

If Elder Gongsun was here, they had a fighting chance, but them alone

It was impossible.

Ye Xuans strength was so terrifying, so why did his battle with Li Tiangang last for so long What was going on

Suddenly, a terrifying thought emerged in the minds of the elders.

“Since youre already here, why are you in such a hurry to leave”

As they were frantically trying to escape, Ye Xuans mocking voice suddenly rang out in their ears.

Moments later, the elders immediately their bodies being restrained by spatial power.

Spatial intent!

This monster had actually comprehended the legendary spatial intent!


Ye Xuans figure suddenly appeared in front of the seventh-level unity realm elder, and then he clenched his right fist and threw a punch.

The elders body was instantly blown to bits.

However, seconds later, those fragments recondensed into a complete human figure, fueled by the power of that elders divine elements.

“Not bad! A seventh-level unity realm cultivators divine elements are impressive!”

“Then, I wonder if theres a difference when it comes to an eighth-level unity realm cultivator.”

Moments later, the scene repeated itself, except with the eighth-level unity realm elder this time.

This elders body did not shatter to pieces, but was merely broken into larger chunks like a boulder.


Ye Xuan was surprised to see this.

An eighth-level unity realms physical body was actually able to withstand the power of his fist

“Oh, I understand!”

Examining the elder using the system, Ye Xuan discovered that the elder had awakened a special constitution called the granite body, which greatly strengthened his physical body.

Normally, his body would have been able to take a few blows from an ordinary ninth-level unity realm expert.

Unfortunately for him, Ye Xuan was anything but ordinary.

That being said, Ye Xuan did not want to kill them just yet.

He was very interested to see what martial intents these elders had comprehended, and also wanted to try to take them for his own.

Seeing him focus on those two, the other elders tried to take advantage of this opportunity to escape.

However, very quickly, the same spatial power descended and imprisoned them.

As long as any one of the elders made a move to escape, Ye Xuan would restrain them with his spatial intent.

Even though it only lasted for a moment, it was simply a signal that their actions had been detected and would ultimately be futile.

At that moment, their eyes were filled with despair.

Then, a hint of madness flashed across their eyes.

Since they could not leave this place alive, they would die together!

They would fight Ye Xuan with everything they had.

Even if they had no chance of winning, they would at least go down in a blaze of glory.

No matter what, at least fighting would give them a chance at survival.

The elders looked at each other and understood each others intentions.

“Form the formation!”

That elder who had reached the eighth level of the unity realm roared in anger.

His spiritual power surged out.

The rest of the elders nodded and stood in different positions.

This was a formation exclusive to the Nether God sect, which required a minimum of three people.

The principle of this formation was very simple, which was to infuse the power of the other cultivators into one person, increasing that persons strength.

Furthermore, there was no upper limit to the number of people in this formation.

In theory, one could infuse the power of countless cultivators into a single person.

Of course, this formation also had a fatal flaw.

If the cultivator in question could not withstand the power being infused into them, they would explode and die.

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