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Even without the pattern condensation offensive jade token, Ye Xuan still had the Tower of Heaven, which was a supreme treasure that contained spatial intent, and had its own separate space within it that was independent of the outside world.

Even a pattern condensation realm expert might not be able to break through the defense of the Tower of Heaven, so he could simply hide within it.

In other words, even if he was no match for the three forces, Ye Xuan could still run away.

Furthermore, he could take the entire Qingyun sect with him and hide them in the Tower of Heaven.

Still, that was a last resort.

As a sword cultivator, he had to be domineering and heaven-defying!

He should face every challenge head-on.

In any case, once his strength improved, he would be able to deal with these ruffians and send them packing.

His spiritual sense was now capable of splitting the power of the Void Herb into many strands and processing each one simultaneously, which had allowed him to refine it rapidly.

In this case, he could help Yue refine the power of the Sword Orchid Valley Lord.

This way, he would be able to reap the systems reward once more to become stronger.

With his help,Yue would only need a few hours to completely refine it.

It was common knowledge that special constitutions were divided into minor mastery, major mastery, and perfection!

Although his Sword Overlord body would not be able to advance to the perfection stage after helping Yue to improve her Sword Jade body, it would at the very least strengthen it, thereby improving his physical strength and cultivation level.

He might even be able to advance his sword intent.

After that, he would help Li Qingyan refine the red jade spirit fruit and the spirit of life, which would improve her dual-spirit body, which would in turn improve his own innate dual-spirit body.

At that time, his strength would definitely increase by leaps and bounds.

Ye Xuan did not hesitate any longer.

He ordered the Black Flame Eagle to rush back to the Qingyun sect at full speed, and then he appeared beside Yue.

“Yue, given your strength, it will take a lot of time to completely refine the power of the Sword Orchid Valley Lord in your body!”

“Master will help you with this,” Ye Xuan said.


Yue was both surprised and stunned by this, but quickly came back to her senses.

“Many thanks, Teacher!”

“En!” Ye Xuan nodded, and then his spiritual sense swept out, transforming into strands that helped Yue split up and process the medicinal power of the Sword Orchid Valley Lord.

The rate at which Yues Sword Jade body absorbed the medicinal power increased frantically.

In addition, Yues comprehension of sword intent had a great breakthrough, and she was only half a step away from comprehending the embryonic form of sword intent.

As her Sword Jade body reached the major mastery stage, knowledge and comprehension regarding sword intent flooded her mind.


Seeing this, Ye Xuan could not help but reveal a look of surprise.

He had naturally sensed that Yue was about to comprehend the embryonic form of sword intent.

Perhaps after completely refining the medicinal power of this heavenly treasure, his disciple should be able to comprehend the true form of sword intent.

Although this should be credited to Yues Sword Jade body, he had at least given her a helping hand, so he wondered if the system would recognize and reward him for this.

His eyes lit up with anticipation.

His sword intent was only half a step away from the seventh level, so if he received a system reward for this, even if the multiplier was not high, he would be able to increase his strength yet again.

Time passed by slowly as the black flame eagle flew back to the Qingyun sect as fast as it could.

However, what Ye Xuan and the others did not know was that there were four experts from the Nether God sect in hot pursuit of them.

Their goal was simple, to catch up with Ye Xuan and then kill him together with Elder Gongsun.

Although the black flame eagle was very fast, its cultivation was several minor realms lower than these four experts.

As such, they were gaining on Ye Xuan and, soon enough, they would catch up with him.

However, Ye Xuan was blissfully unaware of this, and was fully focused on helping Yue refine the medicinal power of the Sword Orchid Valley Lord.

As time passed, the aura around Yues body became more turbulent.

Once her Sword Jade body reached the major mastery stage, she would be able to condense incredibly fierce sword qi, which would greatly enhance her strength.

At this moment, Yues breakthrough slowly came to a halt.


Yue slowly opened her eyes and exhaled.

“What powerful strength!” Yue exclaimed in surprise.

Although her Sword Jade body had yet to reach the major mastery stage, her strength had still increased significantly.

Tenth level of the purple spirit realm!

Not bad!

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