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“The Xuanyin sect again”

Hearing this, a cold light flashed across Ye Xuans eyes.

Huang Ling and Xue Min had said earlier that the cultivation practitioners of the Xuanyin sect had taken over most of the cities of the Great Qian dynasty under the banner of suppressing bandits.

It now truly seemed to be the case!

However, it was impossible for those fellows from the Xuanyin sect to be so benevolent.

What exactly were they plotting

“I dont need specific information.

As the city lord of Yunhei city, you should at least be aware of the number of bandits in Yunheis city vicinity, right”

“You just need to tell me their general locations!” Ye Xuan said.

“Yes, sir.”

Lin Yuan nodded, and then ordered his servants to retrieve the information about the bandits from the city lords mansion.

After Lin Yuan handed over the information, Ye Xuan used his spiritual sense to scan and memorize all of the information.

Ye Xuan then waved his sleeve and turned into a ray of light, leaving with Yue and the others.

Looking at the direction where Ye Xuan disappeared, Lin Yuans eyes flickered.

He also had some doubts in his heart.

As the second-best sect in the Great Qian dynasty, the strength of the Xuanyin sect was undeniable.

Under normal circumstances, the other party should have wiped out all the bandits around Yunhei city easily after taking over the task of suppressing the bandits.

However, for some reason, as time passed, the bandits around Yunhei city became more and more rampant.

Previously, they had only gone after the wealth of the surrounding villages, but now they were starting massacres.

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At that moment, Lin Yuan felt an inexplicable sense of foreboding.

However, whenever he sent people to observe the behavior of the cultivation practitioners of the Xuanyin sect, he found that the other party had indeed been suppressing the bandits.

Especially those bandits who were brutal and massacred the villages, they were all killed mercilessly by the practitioners of the Xuanyin sect.

However, the strange thing was that the number of the bandits around Yunhei city did not decrease, but increased instead, despite more and more bandits being killed.

Lin Yuan had once suspected those practitioners of the Xuanyin sect, but he did not dare to interfere in the affairs of the Xuanyin sect after the leader of the other party exerted pressure on him.

He knew very well that he was only a small city lord of Yunhei city.

Even if the Xuanyin sect was plotting something, it was not something a small figure like him could interfere with.


The spiritual power in Ye Xuans body gushed out, bringing Yue and the others along with him at an extremely fast speed, tearing through the sky and heading toward the direction of the mountain.

It was clear from the information just now that there were a total of 23 bandit strongholds around the Yunhei city.

Of course, this was after excluding those bandits who had already been eliminated.

He headed toward the east of Yunhei city.

If those bandits who massacred Lin Shi village were still alive, then they were most likely hiding in this area.

A vast and boundless mountain in the east of Yunhei city.

This place was only 20 kilometers away from the Netherworld Forest.

On this steep mountain, one could see some stone houses.

There were many caves on the mountain, and these houses were connected to these caves in an ingenious way.

Looking at it from afar, it was indeed quite marvelous.

Many people lived in these caves or stone houses.

This was a mountain bandit stronghold near Yunhei city.

They called themselves the Mountain Wonder Stronghold!

The composition of this group of bandits was extremely complicated.

Many of them were cultivators who were wanted by the Great Qian Dynastys officials, and there were also some desperate people.

Other than that, there were also many abandoned disciples from the various sects.

However, at this moment, they had all gathered in this mountain stronghold.

All their old identities had been thrown away, and now everyone here was just a bandit.

Three days ago, they had gathered their numbers and completely robbed a village nine miles away from here.

Not only did they take away all the wealth and food of the villagers, but they also took with them all of the young and beautiful women in the village.

Of course, there were many villagers who chose to resist, but only death awaited them.

After all, the bandit leader of the mountain stronghold had reached the third level of the true essence state, and the strongest one in the village they had killed had only reached the seventh level of the refinement state, so how could they possibly resist the invasion of these bandits

The whole village was plunged into a sea of blood and despair!

The strong villagers who resisted the bandits had all been killed, and the young and beautiful women had been taken away.

Even the newborn babies had been mercilessly killed by these bandits.

These bandits were like merciless killing machines.

They brought the loot they had stolen back to the village and held a celebration party.

“Why dont you scream”

“If I scream, do you dare not to scream”

“Are you dead Cant you hear what Im saying”

At this moment, a mans impatient voice could be heard from inside one of the caves.

The man mercilessly slapped the womans face.

The broad and thick palm was imbued with a strong force.

The womans face was slightly deformed from the slap.

A red palm print suddenly appeared on her face, and streams of blood flowed out from the corner of her mouth.

However, the woman did not seem to feel anything.

Her eyes were empty, and no screams emerged from her mouth.

Her eyes were filled with despair.

She had given up on life in this world.

She could not even commit suicide in the hands of these brutal and shameless bandits.

“F * ck, this is boring!”

The man slapped the womans face again, and then pulled up his pants.

He spat on the womans face and left the cave with an unhappy expression.

“How boring.

If this b*tch doesnt cooperate in a few days, then Ill kill her!”

After leaving the cave, the man walked outside and took a deep breath.

His expression was still vicious.

However, the next second, his expression changed.


Four figures suddenly appeared in his field of vision; a man and three women.

Most importantly, they did not rely on any magic treasures and just stood there in mid-air.

“How is this possible Who… Who are you”

When the man saw this scene, his pupils shrank and his body trembled.

They were able to stand in the air without relying on any magic treasures, which could only mean one thing.

This could only be achieved by core formation state cultivators, who were far above the true essence state.

Ye Xuan looked at the man indifferently but, beside him, Huang Ling and Xue Mins eyes were filled with monstrous rage.

Yues fingernails were digging into her palm.

Her eyes seemed as if they were about to spit fire, and her small body trembled with anger.

This mountain housed one of the bandit strongholds in Lin Yuans information.

“What happened”

The bandits in the cave seemed to have sensed the movement outside and hurried out.

When their eyes caught sight of Ye Xuan and the others floating in the air, their expressions also changed.

“My lords…”

One of the bandits was about to speak, but he was directly cut in half by Huang Lings sword.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

A few sharp sword lights flashed, and the robbers who came out of the cave were all killed by Huang Lings sword!

Ye Xuan also narrowed his eyes, and then indifferently said, “Kill!”

Huang Ling and the others acknowledged the order.

The spiritual power fluctuations gushed out.

Holding their weapons, they charged at the bandits.

At that moment, countless bandits revealed panicked expressions as they frantically fled in all directions.

At the same time, they frantically shouted, “Were being attacked! Were being attacked!”


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