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Ye Xuans figure suddenly disappeared and reappeared next to Yue and the others.

“We should leave now!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Ye Xuan waved his sleeve and released the black flame eagle.

With the addition of Lin Qingping and Zhao Yuyan, he would no longer be able to use teleportation as their means of travel.

His first-level spatial intent was insufficient to teleport this many people at the same time.

As such, the black flame eagle was the only alternative.

Lin Qingping was still in a daze.

She had been worried that once the Seventh Princes master arrived, they would not be able to leave.

However, Ye Xuan had proved her worries unfounded.

Ye Xuans strength had completely exceeded her imagination.

Her precious daughters teacher was actually a terrifying existence that could tear space apart!

However, after this incident, Lin Qingping became a little awkward around Ye Xuan.

Lin Qingping knew very well that if it were not for her daughter, she would not have the qualifications to even meet Ye Xuan.

It was only after Zhao Yuyan called her a few times that Lin Qingping finally came back to her senses.

Everyone quickly climbed onto the black flame eagles huge back, and the latter turned into a streak of light and disappeared.

Even after Ye Xuan and the others had left, the bamboo courtyard was still very peaceful.

No cultivator dared to probe what was happening inside there, for fear of angering Ye Xuan.

As for Dai Weibo, he was hiding in his palace, his body trembling with fear.

Li Tiangangs terrified screams before he died kept echoing in his mind.

Such a terrifying expert had been beaten up like a dog by Ye Xuan, and forced to beg for mercy.

It seemed that even if he reached the unity realm in the future, he would still have to tread carefully, lest he provoke a freak like Ye Xuan.

Just like that, the whole area fell silent.

It was only when night fell that the situation changed.

Several figures suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

Although they did not release their auras, the very demeanor terrified onlookers.

Even the weakest one within this group was as strong as Li Tiangang.

They were all inner sect elders from the Nether God sect.

“Is the master of the White Moon Tower here”

At this moment, an emotionless voice suddenly rang out.

Dai Weibo, who had been hiding in his palace and trembling non-stop, was shocked and ran out quickly.

When his gaze fell upon the five terrifying figures hovering in the air, he hurriedly took a deep breath and bowed to them respectfully.

“I am the master of the White Moon Tower!”

“Tell me everything that happened today in detail.

If you hide anything, Ill kill you!”

Behind the five powerful figures, five full moons instantly appeared behind each of them.


When Dai Weibo heard this, his heart trembled.

Then, he quickly described everything that had happened, beginning from the selection assessment with the Radiant Sky Sovereign King, all the way up to Li Tiangangs demise.

He had even repeated the words that Li Tiangang had said before he died.

As soon as he finished speaking, deathly silence ensued, and the air was filled with an uneasy atmosphere.

“Tell us everything about Zhao Yuyan!”

One of them spoke up.

Dai Weibo did not dare to hide anything, and told them everything he knew about Zhao Yuyan.

From Zhao Yuyans birth to her status as a jinx, to her entering the mystic realm and acknowledging Ye Xuan as her teacher, as well as the grudge between her and Elder Niejin.

As soon as he finished speaking, everything went strangely silent again.

When Dai Weibo saw this, he could not help but sweat profusely.

He was so scared that his heart almost stopped beating.

“What do you think Ye Xuans cultivation level is”

“Its hard to say! That guys actual cultivation level has never been exposed.

Given the strength he has now displayed, we can confirm that he is stronger than a sixth-level unity realm expert.

As such, temporarily, we should assume that he has reached the seventh level of the unity realm.”

The five experts began to discuss things among themselves.

Beside them, Dai Weibo was like a statue, motionless and not daring to move at all.

However, when he heard their discussion, he was dumbfounded.

Seventh level of the unity realm

These experts actually said that Ye Xuans cultivation had reached the seventh level of the unity realm

How was that even possible

Not too long ago, everyone had believed Ye Xuan to be a fourth-level unity realm expert after his performance in the Tower of Heaven.

Barely any time had passed since then, and now these experts were saying that he had reached the seventh level of the unity realm

How heaven-defying was this guy

Zhao Yuyan was definitely extraordinary as well.

Perhaps the bad luck around her was a manifestation of some sort of special constitution.

Otherwise, why would Ye Xuan accept her as his disciple

“He reached the seventh level of the unity realm at the age of 20.

Li Tiangang was right.

This guy is an anomaly!”

“If we dont get rid of him as soon as possible, he will definitely threaten the existence of the Nether God sect society in the future!”

“Ye Xuan is probably returning to the Qingyun sect in the Great Qian Dynasty.

But Elder Gongsun is on his way there as well, so the two will definitely meet!”

The eyes of the five people were filled with monstrous killing intent, and even their surroundings seemed to tremble and shake.

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