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“Ye Xuan! I really know I was wrong.

Please dont kill me!”

“Were both cultivators from the Nanzhou Region.

Theres no need to go this far!”

“Ye Xuan! If you kill me, you wont die a good death!”

“Not only that, but everyone related to you will die too!”

When Li Tiangang realized that begging for mercy would not work, he started cursing Ye Xuan instead.

He felt like cursing this guys nine generations of ancestors.

What kind of f*cking pervert was this

This guy had not only comprehended his fist intent, but was comprehending his wind intent as well!

“First elder, save me!”

“Sect leader, please save me!”

As Ye Xuan continued pummeling him, Li Tiangang started babbling.

However, at that moment, Li Tiangang crushed a jade token in his storage space.

Ye Xuan had not expected this guys storage ring to be in his sea of consciousness..

The message he transmitted was very simple.

“If Ye Xuan doesnt die, the Nether God sect will be destroyed in the future!”


Ye Xuan slowly extended his right fist, which was fused with destructive power.

Third-level fist intent!

“Ye Xuan!”

Li Tiangangs angry and indignant voice resounded across the sky.

His heart was filled with regret.

If he had known earlier, he would not have come here alone.

At this moment, a mysterious state of inspiration engulfed Ye Xuans mind.


He had finally comprehended wind intent!

“How is this possible”

“Someone like you should not exist in this world!”

Li Tiangang roared in fury and disbelief.

Despair filled his face.

He knew that he was destined to die here.

Ye Xuans next fist strike was imbued with fist intent, heavenly lightning intent, and wind intent!

It smashed into Li Tiangangs body, turning him into dust.

However, Li Tiangang was not completely dead.

His blurry soul slowly emerged from his corpse.

“Ye Xuan!”

Li Tiangang looked at Ye Xuan with extreme hatred.

If looks could kill, Ye Xuan would have died a thousand times over.

Ye Xuan put two fingers together, and his sixth-level sword intent surged forth, forming a dazzling sword strike that tore space apart as it slashed toward Li Tiangangs soul.


Before his death, Li Tiangang got a taste of Ye Xuans sword intent.

Unfortunately, that was the last thing he experienced in his life.

His soul dissipated.

A sixth-level unity realm expert had fallen!

At the same time, the spatial cracks were repaired by the natural spatial laws, and the turbulent sky became peaceful again.

However, there were signs of destruction everywhere.

In the area where the White Moon Tower was located, there were many cracks and craters, and the surrounding buildings had been reduced to dust.

The shockwaves from the final attack were still wreaking havoc on the area.

The White Moon Towers guardian formation had been completely useless.

Were it not for the Tower Master and elders protecting some of the junior disciples, there would have been more serious casualties.

Fortunately, this earth-shaking battle had finally ended.

It was a one-sided beatdown.

The only reason it had dragged out for so long was because Ye Xuan was busy trying to comprehend Li Tiangangs first intent and wind intent.

Everyone witnessed what happened, and everyone heard Li Tiangang begging for mercy before finally succumbing to despair.

Even though the battle was over, it was still hard to believe that an exalted inner sect elder of the Nether God sect had perished just like that.

Furthermore, the Radiant Sky Sovereign King had perished as well.

Their emperor was dead.

What was going to happen to the Radiant Sky Empire in the future

Many thoughts flashed across the minds of the observing cultivators.

Today, too many unbelievable things had taken place.

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