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Even if one was a top-notch genius, it would take them at least several hundred years to step into the sixth level of the unity realm!

However, this guy had done it at 20 years of age.

What the f*ck

As an inner sect elder of the Nether God sect, Li Tiangang was very knowledgeable.

Even so, he had never seen such a monstrous existence before!




While Li Tiangang was lost in his thoughts, Ye Xuan clenched his fist and punched him again and again.

He had no way of resisting Ye Xuans attacks.

Not only did this guy have terrifying physical strength, but he also had a special constitution!

His limbs were torn apart again and again as he was devoured by the void power of the spatial cracks.

Li Tiangang instantly recovered each time thanks to the treatment of the divine elements in his body, but his state of mind did not recover as quickly.

He found that, within a very short time, Ye Xuans fist intent had broken through to the second level.

Moreover, he was still improving.

Every time they exchanged a punch, Ye Xuan fist intent would become stronger.

This was too abnormal!

Still, this was only to be expected.

Since entering the mystic realm till now, Ye Xuan had consumed a total of three Buddha Spirit Fruits and two Dream Nebula Spirit Fruits.

While he used them to experience epiphanies, the spirit fruits also increased his comprehension value, which made it extremely easy for him to comprehend Li Tiangangs fist intent, especially in comparison to the two supreme intents.

That being said, Ye Xuan was not satisfied.

He wanted to comprehend third-level fist intent.

Furthermore, he wanted to comprehend Li Tiangangs wind intent!

As the saying went, the more skills, the better.

Comprehending more intents would only benefit him and make him stronger.




Ye Xuan continued to pummel Li Tiangang, to the extent that he barely looked human.

The cultivators observing the fight from hundreds of miles away felt their scalps tingle when they saw the number of spatial cracks appearing around the two combatants.

If the two of them were to fight on the ground, not only would the White Moon Tower be turned into dust, but perhaps even large swathes of the Lomo Province as well.

“Stop! I-I admit defeat!”

As the beating continued, Li Tiangangs miserable shrieks could be heard.

At this moment, he no longer had any dignity left.

If Ye Xuan did not stop, he would be killed sooner or later.

However, did Ye Xuan care

To Ye Xuan, Li Tiangang was a treasure trove from which he would be able to obtain third-level fist intent, and maybe even wind intent!


As Ye Xuans fists landed on Li Tiangangs body, they started glowing golden.

His fist intent had broken through again!

The impact of this attack turned half of Li Tiangangs body to ashes.

Naturally, he recovered instantly once again.

Li Tiangang could not bear it anymore.

He gritted his teeth, and used his wind intent to charge toward Yue and the others.

Although he did not know what relationship they had with Ye Xuan, he still had to give it a shot and try to hold these people hostage to get Ye Xuan to stop.

As long as he could stall Ye Xuan that way, he would be able to contact headquarters and request help.


Seeing Li Tiangangs actions, Ye Xuan smiled.

Then, he teleported directly in front of Li Tiangang.


Such terrifying speed! Wait, had he actually comprehended spatial intent!

He noticed the spatial fluctuations when Ye Xuan teleported.

How was this possible This guy even managed to comprehend a legendary supreme intent


Li Tiangangs shock did not affect Ye Xuan.

He simply kept punching, sending him flying.


Ye Xuans figure suddenly disappeared and then reappeared directly behind Li Tiangang.


Another punch!

“I was wrong!”

“I beg of you, please dont kill me!”

“As long as you let me go, the Nether God sect will not pursue the grudge we have with you!”


In the face of death, Li Tiangang did not hesitate to admit defeat.

At this moment, he could not be bothered with the countless cultivators who were watching all of this.

He no longer cared about his dignity as an expert.

Was dignity important Yes it was! However, survival came first!

He did not want to die.

As long as he could survive, he was willing to pay any price!


Another punch!

Ye Xuan ignored him completely.

He was not a three-year-old child.

Who would fall for such lies

If he really let this guy go, he would probably return with a large number of experts from the Nether God sect.

In fact, he might end up facing the sect master himself.

The most important thing was that if news got out about his cultivation level, his enemies would become more cautious and send stronger experts after him.

Therefore, Ye Xuan would never let Li Tiangang go!

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