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He had offended the Blood Moon Temple as well as the Nether God sect.

Was this guy in a hurry to die

Moreover, the Seventh Prince had said before dying that his master was already on the way to the White Moon Tower.

Could Ye Xuan escape in time

This guys strength was indeed terrifying, but the Radiant Sky Empire was a subordinate force of the Nether God sect.

The Seventh Princes master was an inner sect elder, and as such had the authority to mobilize the forces of the Radiant Sky Empire.

At this moment, Ye Xuan did not know what everyone was thinking, but even if he did, he would not be bothered by it at all.

There was no such word as escape in his dictionary!

He was more curious about the inner sect elders strength and whether he could fight to his hearts content and get used to his new power.

Ye Xuan was a sixth-level unity realm expert who had comprehended two supreme intents, and also possessed sixth-level sword intent.

That alone was enough for him to have the confidence to face any other cultivator of the same realm.

Other than that, he also possessed two jade tokens containing the power of a pattern condensation realm expert.

“Alright! You guys can start packing up to return with me to the Qingyun sect,” Ye Xuan said to Lin Qingping and her daughter.

To them, although the memories they had of this place were sad, it was still the place they had called home for many years.

Ye Xuan did not take them away immediately, and wanted to let them say goodbye properly.

“That isnt necessary.

We can leave immediately,” Lin Qingping said through gritted teeth.

Now that she had gotten her revenge and her daughter had found an extremely powerful teacher, why should she stay in this sad place

Moreover, the Seventh Princes teacher was about to arrive, so it was better to leave as soon as possible.

Ye Xuan could also sense Lin Qingpings worry and said with a smile, “Its just the Nether God sect.

Its nothing worth worrying about.”

When Lin Qingping heard this, she was stunned.

Was her precious daughters teacher overconfident Was he really not afraid of the Nether God sect

Seeing that Ye Xuan did not elaborate further, Lin Qingping sighed.

Truly, the thoughts of powerful experts were beyond her comprehension.

Since he was confident, then he should be able to deal with the Nether God sect, right

Even so, Lin Qingpings heart was still filled with worry.

She quickly brought Zhao Yuyan into the bamboo house to pack their belongings.

After that, Lin Qingping brought Zhao Yuyan to her fathers grave to pay her respects.

Since her father had died after being surrounded by demonic beasts, not even his bones were left.

As such, Lin Qingping could only erect a memorial monument for him without even his ashes.

Ye Xuan just watched quietly and did not speak.

Yue and Li Qingyan also remained silent.

As time slowly passed by, the cultivators who had gathered around the bamboo courtyard all left.

It did not matter whether or not the cultivators of the Nether God sect came.

In the end, this was not a fight that they could interfere in.

However, the Tower Master, Dai Weibo, frowned.

Although Ye Xuan did not attack the White Moon Tower, he still felt deeply uneasy.

Under normal circumstances, he should have felt lucky to survive.

But when he learned that ye Xuan didnt choose to leave immediately, but quietly waited for the strong cultivators of the nether spirit cult, the uneasiness in his heart grew stronger.

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