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“Sir, I was wrong.

Please dont kill me.”

“Im a core formation realm cultivator.

I can be your servant and Ill never betray you.

Please dont kill me!”

When Lin Qingpings finger reached Elder Niejin, he used the last of his strength to beg for mercy.

His teeth chattered as he spoke, reflecting just how terrified he was.

The feeling of awaiting ones death helplessly was truly unbearable!

“Its him! It was this scum that schemed to kill my husband!”

Lin Qingpings eyes were filled with hatred as she looked at Elder Niejin.

“Not only did he cause my husbands death, but he also pushed the blame to Yaner, making everyone think that my precious daughter caused her fathers death!”

Lin Qingpings eyes were red, and tears clouded her eyes.

“Mother, is second elder the murderer”

“Is Elder Niejin really the one who killed my father”

Zhao Yuyans tears fell when she heard that.

Hearing this, Ye Xuan narrowed his eyes.

Then he slowly reached out with his hand and made a grabbing motion.

As Elder Niejin watched, horrified, an invisible force descended turned his body into a bloody mist.

Elder Niejin was no more!

When Lin Qingping saw this, she could no longer hold back the sadness in her heart and started wailing.

“Husband, Ive finally avenged you!”

“All those people who harmed our precious daughter have all received their retribution!”

Apart from the Radiant Sky Sovereign King and the Seventh Prince, everyone else felt the invisible force restraining them disappear.

At this moment, Ye Xuan raised his eyes slightly and looked at the Radiant Sky Sovereign King and the Seventh Prince expressionlessly.

Moments later, Ye Xuans figure suddenly appeared in front of the two.

When the Sovereign King saw this, he was shocked.

He had not noticed Ye Xuans movement at all just now.

It was as if this guy had teleported.

Spatial teleportation How was that possible

“Wait, what are you doing”

Seeing Ye Xuan suddenly appear in front of him, the Seventh Prince was terrified.

Ye Xuan did not say anything, but slowly raised his hand.

“You cant attack me!”

“Im a direct disciple of the Nether God sect.

My teacher, Elder Li, is extremely powerful! If you attack me, the Nether God sect will never let you go!”

Out of fear, the Seventh Prince brought up the Nether God sect.

“Oh I didnt expect you to be a personal disciple of the Nether God sect.

Very good! Youve given me another reason to kill you!”


Hearing this, a smile appeared on Ye Xuans face.

“Are you crazy Arent you afraid of the Nether God sects revenge”

When the Seventh Prince heard this, he was stunned.

He even momentarily forgot his fear.

The Nether God sect was a super force with terrifying strength in the Nanzhou Region.

No one in the Radiant Sky Empire dared to provoke it.

Ye Xuan was indeed very powerful.

In terms of talent, he had surpassed all of the cultivators in the Nanzhou Region.

However, how could a single cultivator stand up against an entire sect

Could he afford to enrage the Nether God sect further

Furthermore, the Radiant Sky Empire was a subordinate force of the Nether God sect.

Killing them here would be akin to slapping the Nether God sects face!

Was this guy really not afraid of death

“Ive already sent a message with my spiritual sense.

My teacher is already on his way to the Radiant Sky Empire!”

“If you let me go immediately, youll have enough time to escape! Once my teacher arrives, you will be doomed!”

The seventh Prince looked at Ye Xuan and said fiercely.

He had just witnessed Elder Niejins fate.

It was useless to beg for mercy.

It was better to threaten him directly.

“My sons teacher is a sixth-level unity realm expert! Ye Xuan, dont be impulsive!”

The Radiant Sky Sovereign King chimed in.

“Hehe, as expected of scum from the same pool! The members of the Nether God sect are all the same,” Ye Xuan sneered.

Not only did they try to hurt his disciple just now, but now they were threatening him using the Nether God sects name

Did they take him for a pushover

“Well, its time for you to die.”

Ye Xuans eyes narrowed slightly, and a terrifying force swept out, suddenly enveloping both of them.

“No! Ye Xuan, what are you doing!”

The Seventh Prince screamed in horror when he realized what was going to happen.

The Radiant Sky Sovereign King was also terrified, his eyes full of despair.

Was this guy crazy

Did he really think that he could fight the Nether God sect by himself

However, their questions were destined to go unanswered, as the destructive power turned them to ashes.

When everyone saw this, their eyes widened in shock.

Ye Xuan had really killed the Radiant Sky Sovereign King!

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