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Lin Qingpings expression changed immediately.

Her figure flashed, and she quickly came to Zhao Yuyans side, protecting her.

“Mother, what happened” Zhao Yuyan asked.

Of course, she could also sense that something was wrong.

The sudden appearance of such a large number of experts clearly indicated that they had ill intentions.

However, did Elder Niejin not just get beaten back by Little Flame

Why was he here again

This was a difficult situation.

If the Tower Master was here, Little Flames strength would be insufficient.

Zhao Yuyan blinked her eyes and looked at the experts in the sky.

However, Lin Qingpings expression was extremely serious.

She secretly used her spiritual sense to send a message to Zhao Yuyan.

“Yaner, take out the jade token that your teacher gave you!”

As soon as she finished speaking, Lin Qingping looked into the sky with a heavy heart.

She was not sure if the power contained inside the jade token would be sufficient to resist these experts.


Zhao Yuyan nodded, and four jade tokens appeared in her hands, two in each hand.

Seeing this, Lin Qingping took the jade tokens from her hands silently.

She was worried that her precious daughter would not be able to react in time, so it was safer to keep them in her hands.

How could Lin Qingpings actions be hidden from the Radiant Sky Sovereign King

However, he was not in a hurry.

After all, he was still not sure of the strength of the expert behind Zhao Yuyan.

He also did not know what kind of power was contained in the jade tokens that person had left behind.

“Yaner, what is this jade token”

The spiritual power within Lin Qingpings body swept out and wrapped around one of the jade tokens, placing it into Zhao Yuyans hands.

She knew what the other three jade tokens were for; one was a speed-boosting jade token, another was a protective jade token, and the third was an offensive jade token.

However, she was unable to identify the fourth one, which seemed to contain some sort of mysterious power.

“Teacher told Yaner that as long as she crushes this jade token, he will instantly sense my location!”

Zhao Yuyan said as she rubbed her head and tried to recall the details.

What Zhao Yuyan did not know was that this jade token contained all of Ye Xuans powers, which included sword intent, heavenly lightning intent, and fist intent.

As long as it was crushed, Ye Xuans power would instantly erupt, just like the aura that Ye Xuan had displayed on the highest floor of the Tower of Heaven.

At the same time, Ye Xuan would also be able to sense Zhao Yuyans location.

However, this jade token did not contain any offensive abilities.

It only served to deter opponents through the display of his aura.

As long as Zhao Yuyan crushed it, even a fourth-level unity realm expert would become wary and might not dare to make a move on Zhao Yuyan.

“I see.”

Hearing this, Lin Qingping nodded and immediately understood.

It seemed that she would have to rely on the remaining three jade tokens to deal with their opponents today.

At this moment, the Radiant Sky Sovereign Kings gaze fell on Zhao Yuyan, and his eyes revealed a strange gleam.

As a second-level unity realm expert, he could naturally tell that Zhao Yuyans constitution seemed to be extremely special.

However, he was unable to pinpoint what it was.

It was as if there was a fog around this girls body that prevented his spiritual sense from probing her.

‘Strange! Could it be that this girl has some sort of special constitution

Among all the people present, he was undoubtedly the strongest, as well as the most knowledgeable.

Had he encountered Zhao Yuyan before she met Ye Xuan, the Sovereign King would have easily noticed Zhao Yuyans special constitution.

However, under the suppression of the pill, the Demon Devourer body was currently dormant.

Of course, he had heard from Elder Niejin that Zhao Yuyan would bring misfortune to others.

However, he did not care too much.

Regardless of whether Zhao Yuyan was a jinx or not, she was still a weak refinement realm cultivator.

How could she possibly affect a unity realm expert like him

“Little girl, who is your teacher”

The Radiant Sky Sovereign King looked at Zhao Yuyan and asked indifferently.

“I cant say!” Zhao Yuyan shook her head decisively.

“Why cant you”

The Sovereign King frowned.

“I just cant!” Zhao Yuyan shook her head.

The Sovereign Kings eyes turned cold.

He was the Emperor of the Radiant Sky Empire.

How could he stand being disrespected by a mere refinement realm cultivator

Even his own children would not dare to be so arrogant.

Still, he remained patient and did not lose his temper immediately.

“I can sense that the aura around your body is very familiar.

Its very likely that it comes from an old friend of mine, which is why I wanted to confirm his identity,” the Sovereign King said with a serious face.

“Youre lying to me!”

Hearing this, Zhao Yuyan was a little unhappy, and her face puffed up in anger.

If the Sovereign King really knew Ye Xuan, why did he not ask Ye Xuan directly if he had taken a disciple

‘This person is really an idiot.

Does he think that I dont know anything because Im young

Hearing this, the corners of the Sovereign Kings mouth twitched, and a hint of killing intent flashed across his eyes.

As an Emperor, he hated it the most when people disobeyed him.

The Sovereign King squinted his eyes, and a huge force swept toward Zhao Yuyan.

Of course, before he could confirm the identity of her teacher, he would not kill her.

However, it was better to capture such a disobedient child first.

However, he did not expect Zhao Yuyan to be so frightened that she crushed the jade token under the pressure.

Not far away, Lin Qingping saw this and quickly crushed the protective jade token.

An energy barrier enveloped them.


A destructive aura suddenly erupted!

The terrifying aura of a second-level unity realm expert, mixed with the formidable power of sword intent, fist intent, and heavenly lightning intent, flooded the surroundings.

Everyones eyes widened in shock, and their bodies trembled uncontrollably.

Their eyes were filled with horror.

“How is this possible”

The Radiant Sky Sovereign Kings expression changed.

From this terrifying power, he could sense the aura of death!

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