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Immediately, the young man ran over to the high platform, stumbling all over the place in his haste.

Seeing this, the Seventh Prince displayed a look of disgust and moved away from the other party.

Just now, he had single-handedly dealt with the cultivators of the White Moon Tower, and their strength had indeed disappointed him.

They were just a motley crew.

Only one lucky soul had been selected.

Getting so happy over his qualification was embarrassing…

How could such a good-for-nothing be compared to those peerless geniuses on the Nanzhou Region Genius Rankings

How could he be compared to Jian Tiannan

How could he compare to Gongsun Yao

Not to mention Ye Xuan!

That guy was an inhuman monster who far surpassed even the master of the Divine Gate.

However, it was a pity that this peerless Heavens Blessed was destined to fall.

Not only did the Blood Moon Temple want to kill him, but the Nether God sect did too.

As a personal disciple of the Nether God sect, the Seventh Prince learned that Ye Xuan had killed a personal disciple of the Nether God sect.

Apart from that, the news of Ye Xuan killing the Blood Moon Temples outer sect elder in the mystic realm had also spread among the public.

As such, it did not matter if his talent was monstrous.

Now that this fellow was being hunted down by two super factions, it would most likely be very difficult for him to survive, much less develop.

When he thought of this, the Seventh Prince felt both emotional and happy.

Although he felt that it was a pity that such a monstrous genius was doomed, he did not want to be compared to Ye Xuan or live in his shadow.

“Alright! Its your turn now.”

After the selection ended, the Radiant Sky Sovereign King turned his attention to Elder Niejin.

When he had arrived at the White Moon Tower earlier, Elder Niejin had immediately sought him out.

As he owed the latters father a favor, the Radiant Sky Sovereign King immediately agreed to Elder Niejins request.

“Many thanks, Sovereign King!”

Elder Niejin was ecstatic.

“This person is in the bamboo courtyard outside the White Moon Tower.

Sovereign King, please help me deal with them,” Elder Niejin said with a respectful expression.

“Alright! Ive got it!”

The Radiant Sky Sovereign King looked at Elder Niejin indifferently.

Just now, Elder Niejin had already told him everything.

He had asked him to take action personally and test the expert behind Zhao Yuyan.

If the other party was not as powerful as the Radiant Sky Sovereign King, not only would Zhao Yuyan have to die, but her teacher would as well.

However, if the other partys strength was equal to or stronger than the Radiant Sky Sovereign King, then he would take the initiative to negotiate.

Presumably, the other party would do the Radiant Sky Sovereign King a favor and let Elder Niejin go.

Of course, if it was just an ordinary favor, the Radiant Sky Sovereign King would not have gone to such an extent for Elder Niejin.

However, Elder Niejins father had saved the Radiant Sky Sovereign Kings life three times back then.

How could he not repay such a great favor

“Alright! Lets go!”

With a wave of his sleeve, the Sovereign King turned into a streak of light and disappeared.

Seeing this, Elder Niejin was overjoyed and quickly followed.

Dai Weibos expression changed drastically when he saw this.

He had not expected Elder Niejin to seek the Sovereign Kings help.

He was worried that this would affect the future of the White Moon Tower!

Dai Weibo was an extremely cautious person.

If he was not clear about the strength of the person behind Zhao Yuyan, he would definitely not interfere.

If the other party was weaker than the Sovereign King, that would be fine.

However, if the other party was too powerful, it would only bring a huge disaster to the White Moon Tower.

Dai Weibos expression was filled with uncertainty.

He thought for a while before finally choosing to follow.

Yin Susus face turned extremely ugly when she saw this.

She had not expected Elder Niejin to have a contingency plan.

Furthermore, it involved the Radiant Sky Sovereign King!

All she could do was hope that the expert behind the little girl was stronger than the Sovereign King! Otherwise, no one would be able to save Zhao Yuyan and Lin Qingping.

Although Yin Susu knew that she could not stop this catastrophe, she still followed them.

Seeing this, the other elders looked at each other and followed.

When the Seventh Prince saw this, a ray of light suddenly lit up between his brows, and then a huge flying demonic beast appeared.

Moments later, the Seventh Prince sat on his flying demonic beast and also followed the group.

“Could it be that they are heading towards the bamboo courtyard”

“Are they targeting that jinx”

“That seems to be the case.

I wonder what kind of trump card Elder Niejin used to convince the Sovereign King to act on his behalf!”

“What are they doing Dont tell me they want to kill that jinx”

“Could it be that a unity realm expert can resist her bad luck”

“Why are you still standing there Lets go and take a look!”

Li Baijun, who was in the crowd, could not help but laugh when he saw this scene.

‘B*tch! You dared to injure me This time youre dead!”

Soon after, Li Baijun secretly called Lin You over and hurried over to the bamboo courtyard.

The Sovereign King was very fast.

WIthin a few short moments, he had reached the bamboo courtyard.

In front of a unity realm expert, the formation around the bamboo courtyard was like an eggshell.

He only needed to lightly tap it to crush everything.

He narrowed his eyes and looked at Lin Qingping, who was refining the pills medical efficacy in the courtyard.

Then, he looked at Zhao Yuyan, who was practicing her swordplay not far away.

Although Zhao Yuyans swordsmanship was a little awkward, she was extremely serious.

Even though her forehead was covered in sweat, she did not give up.

In order to avoid destroying the bamboo plants in the courtyard, Zhao Yuyan was using a bamboo stick as a longsword.

The spiritual power in her body slowly flowed through her meridians and into her limbs.

What Zhao Yuyan was practicing was the martial arts techniques that Ye Xuan had taught her.

However, the two of them did not realize that there was a unity realm expert watching them from up above.

Then, the bamboo courtyards formation was activated, startling them.

Only then did the two of them realize that something big had happened.

Lin Qingping was instantly jolted awake.

Her gaze fell on the figures outside the bamboo courtyard, and her expression changed drastically.

What had happened Why were the experts of the White Moon Tower gathered outside the courtyard

Also, who was that golden-armored middle-aged man in the sky Why was he emitting such terrifying pressure

Not good!

Was that the Radiant Sky Sovereign King

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