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While Ye Xuan and the others were teleporting short distances as they headed toward the Radiant Sky Empire, the White Moon Tower was welcoming a special occasion.

The reason was simple.

The Radiant Sky Sovereign King was coming to the White Moon Tower to personally select talented young cultivators for the Nether God sect.

The Nether God sect was a super faction in the Nanzhou Region, and the Radiant Sky Empire was one of their subordinate forces.

In the eyes of the cultivators of the Radiant Sky Empire, joining the Nether God sect was a prestigious opportunity.

Everyone hoped that they would be selected at this time, even if it was only as an outer sect disciple.

After all, even as an outer sect disciple, they would receive more cultivation resources than as an inner sect disciple in even the strongest sects of the Radiant Sky Empire.

This was their route to success.

Even the weakest outer sect disciple of the Nether God sect would be regarded as a peerless genius within the Radiant Sky Empire.

The Nether God sect would not only choose disciples from the White Moon Tower, but also the talented cultivators from the other sects within the Radiant Sky Empire, as well as the other forces under them.

It was also because of the endless stream of new blood and talent that the Nether God sects position was unshakeable.

Of course, these sects would also feel heartache seeing their young talents snatched by the Nether God sect.

However, they had no recourse.

Strength was everything in this world!

At this moment, countless cultivators were gathered in the White Moon Towers training ground.

A golden-armored middle-aged man was seated on a regal throne overlooking the training ground.

He had a dignified aura and the demeanor of someone with power and influence.

The Tower Master and the other elders were all seated to his right and left, watching the competition between the cultivators below.

This man was the Radiant Sky Sovereign King, who was a second-level unity realm expert.

“As expected of the Seventh Prince.

He has such a terrifying cultivation level at such a young age.

His future is limitless!”

“There are similarities between the Seventh Prince and the Sovereign King when he was younger.

Not only is he talented, but he also has an extraordinary temperament.

Even in the Nanzhou Region, he can be considered a genius!”

The eyes of the elders of the White Moon Tower were on a young cultivator in purple armor.

Of course, all of this was said just to please the Radiant Sky Sovereign King.

“Although this kid is talented, thats only from the perspective of our Radiant Sky Empire.

How can he compare with the top Heavens Blessed of the Nanzhou Region He is far inferior to them!!”

Although he said that, the Radiant Sky Sovereign King still smiled.

It was obvious that he was quite satisfied with the Seventh Princes performance.

At the age of eighteen, the Seventh Prince had reached the purple spirit realm.

Now, he had become the personal disciple of the Nether God sects inner sect elder.

His future achievements would definitely surpass his own.

The reason why he had chosen to bring the Seventh Prince here was to show the cultivators of the White Moon Tower what a Heavens Blessed was like.

Therefore, although the Radiant Sky Sovereign King knew that those elders were flattering him, he was still happy.

“The Sovereign King is too modest!”

The elders all knew that the Seventh Prince had failed to enter the Nanzhou Region Genius Rankings because he was still young.

The Seventh Princes talent was extremely monstrous, and his presence on the rankings in the future was certain.

Within the Nanzhou Region, only Jian Tiannan of the Myriad Swords Palace and Gongsun Yao of the Gongsun family could be called peerless Heavens blessed.

“Oh right! And that Ye Xuan who shook the entire Nanzhou Region.”

When he mentioned Ye Xuan, a strange light flashed across the Radiant Sky Sovereign Kings eyes.

During this period of time, the cultivators of the Nanzhou Region had been abuzz with discussion regarding Ye Xuan, saying that he was a peerless genius who had surpassed the master of the Divine Gate.

Although the Radiant Sky Sovereign King was satisfied with the Seventh Princes talent, the truth was right in front of him.

Compared to the top ten geniuses on the rankings, the Seventh Prince was still lacking, especially in comparison to someone like Ye Xuan, who had finished the final trial of the Tower of Heaven.

What shocked the Radiant Sky Sovereign King was that, at the age of 20, Ye Xuan even had the strength to kill him!

“Ye Xuan, ye Xuan, ye Xuan!”

When the Tower Master and elders heard the Radiant Sky Sovereign King mention Ye Xuan, they too were dumbfounded.

His achievements were something they had never witnessed in their lifetime.

Who knew how far ye Xuan could go!

“Xiuer, come here!”

The Radiant Sky Sovereign King did not dwell on the topic, but called out to the Seventh Prince.

Hearing this, the Seventh Prince took a step forward and flew over to the high platform above the training ground, taking a seat next to the elders of the White Moon Tower.

The selection competition had ended.

The method was simple and brutal, which was to have the cultivators of the White Moon Tower challenge the Seventh Prince.

Of course, none of them could defeat them, but the evaluation was done based on how they performed against him.

If they could gain the recognition of the Radiant Sky Sovereign King, they would naturally be selected to join the Nether God sect.

“Mm! Youll follow me to the Nether God sect later!”

The Radiant Sky Sovereign King pointed toward a young man.

“Ah Me Its really me”

The chosen one trembled, and his eyes were filled with disbelief.

When the cultivators around saw this, their faces were full of envy and jealousy.

Why could it not have been them instead

“Yes, come over!”

The Radiant Sky Sovereign King nodded with a smile.

After the youth received the Sovereign Kings confirmation, he revealed an ecstatic expression.

He had been a talented personal disciple of the fifth elder of the White Moon Tower.

However, things were now different.

He had qualified! He could join the Nether God sect!

What was the status of a personal disciple of the White Moon Tower in comparison It was nothing!

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