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Originally, due to his Sword Overlord body, Ye Xuans sword qi was overbearing.

Now, this overbearing feeling had seeped into his aura, becoming evident to those around him.

Even the black flame eagles body began to tremble.

It could sense the overbearing power of its masters Sword Dao.

As time passed, the black flame eagles speed gradually decreased.

In the end, it helplessly stopped in mid-air, unable to proceed due to how overbearing Ye Xuans aura was.

Yue and Li Qingyans gazes were also filled with shock.

The overbearing aura was starting to feel stifling.

Every cell in Ye Xuans body was shining brightly as they merged with the overbearing sword qi, causing his cultivation to skyrocket.

In addition, the Sword Overlord body erupted with a terrifying and overbearing sword intent that seemed to want to tear the world apart!

Third level of the unity realm!

Fourth level of the unity realm!

Fifth level of the unity realm!

Sixth level of the unity realm!


Theg ground shook and the mountains trembled!


The black flame eagle was no longer able to withstand this terrifying aura, and it fell from the sky.


Yue and Li Qingyans expressions changed when they saw this.


The black flame eagles massive body transformed into a black streak of light that hurtled toward the ground.

However, moments later, its rapidly descending body was suddenly enveloped by a gentle invisible force, which wrapped itself around everyones bodies.

Ye Xuan stood in mid-air, his entire body emitting dazzling golden light.

However, his eyes were still closed, and at the same time, his aura was still rising.

However, it was not his cultivation level that was rising now, but the level of his sword intent.

Third-level sword intent!

Fourth-level sword intent!

Fifth-level sword intent!

Sixth-level sword intent!

Not far away, Yue and Li Qingyan knelt on the back of the black flame eagle.

If Ye Xuan had not protected them in time, they would have already fainted from the overbearing aura he was exuding.

Sixth level of the unity realm!

Sixth-level sword intent!

Overbearing sword qi filled the air, spatial cracks started to appear around him.


Ye Xuans tightly shut eyes suddenly opened and, in that second, Yue and Li Qingyan seemed to see an extremely mysterious chaotic light.

Moments later, divine sword qi suddenly tore space apart.

Ye Xuan stood in mid-air with his hands behind his back.

Even though his body remained motionless, the overbearing sword qi ravaged his surroundings.

In the forest below, countless demonic beasts trembled madly as they looked at Ye Xuan with fear.

“So terrifying!”

In the Great Qian Dynasty, the old king, who had the most terrifying strength, suddenly ended his secluded cultivation.

His gaze turned in Ye Xuans direction, but all he could sense was the destructive and overbearing sword qi in the distance.

Suddenly, the domineering sword qi that shot into the sky suddenly dissipated.

Such terrifying sword intent was not only detected by the old king, but many other top experts in the Nanzhou Region.

“When did our Nanzhou Region have such a terrifying sword cultivator”

“Could it be that the master of the Myriad Swords Palace was passing by”

“Could it really be him”

10,000 meters above the ground, Ye Xuan retracted the domineering aura that had been gushing out of his body.

Now, he seemed no different from an ordinary mortal.

Ye Xuan slowly stretched out his hand, putting two fingers together as he made a swiping motion.


Overbearing sword qi wreaked havoc in front of him, creating a deep spatial crack, from which void power burst forth.

Huge trees and giant rocks were sucked into the spatial crack, and were reduced to dust.

The demonic beasts below were naturally not spared.

The larger the spatial crack, the more terrifying the void power it possessed.

However, under Ye Xuans protection, the black flame eagle, Yue, and Li Qingyan were unaffected.

Then, Ye Xuan waved his sleeve, and the huge spatial crack slowly closed up, taking the void power with it.


The black flame eagle turned into a black streak of light and disappeared into Ye Xuans forehead.

Now that he had broken through to the sixth level of the unity realm, his own speed was faster than the black flame eagles.

Then, he walked over to his two disciples and placed his hand on their shoulders.

“Lets go!”

Ye Xuan immediately started teleporting.

This would undoubtedly save a lot of time.

When his disciples witnessed Ye Xuans spatial intent at work, they were stunned and amazed.

Teacher could teleport

What level had Teachers strength reached

There were two reasons why Ye Xuan had chosen to use spatial intent.

First, it would save time, and second, it would give his disciples the opportunity to comprehend spatial intent.

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