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“Two days from now, a member of the royal family of the Radiant Sky Empire will come to the White Moon Tower to select talented cultivators to enter the Nether God sect.

Quickly get your disciples ready!”

Dai Weibo coughed and then brought up an important matter.

“May I know which member of the royal family Tower Lord is talking about” Elder Niejin asked.

“Its the Radiant Sky Sovereign King!”

Dai Weibo glanced at Elder Niejin before turning into a streak of light and disappearing.

“Radiant Sky Sovereign King”

Elder Niejins eyes lit up when he heard this.

There was hope this time!

He was worried that Zhao Yuyan had a unity realm expert behind her, which meant that he was doomed.

However, when he heard that the Radiant Sky Sovereign King was coming, a glimmer of hope rose in his heart.

Back then, his father had once helped the Radiant Sky Sovereign King.

Now that his father had died, this favor naturally fell on him.

Originally, Elder Niejin was reluctant to use it, but now that it was a life and death situation, he had no choice in the matter.

Zhao Yuyans demonic beast could crush him, let alone the existence behind her.

In the entire Radiant Sky Empire, the Radiant Sky Sovereign King was undoubtedly the strongest!

As long as he used that favor, the Radiant Sky Sovereign King would not just sit by and watch.

He might even be able to destroy the expert behind Zhao Yuyan.

Of course, before the Radiant Sky Sovereign King arrived, he had to lay low, just in case the expert behind Zhao Yuyan suddenly appeared.

At the southern end of the region, far away from the Radiant Sky Empire, the black flame eagle was flying through the sky.

On its back sat Ye Xuan and the other two.

Suddenly, a mysterious wave of fluctuations spread out from Ye Xuans body, like ripples on a calm lake.

At the same time, the black flame eagles speed suddenly slowed down.


Yue and Li Qingyan were also startled by this mysterious wave.

Just now, they had suddenly felt that the world they were in had turned extremely strange, as if it was divided into layers, and that they themselves were isolated by this space.

However, when they came back to their senses, they realized that it was just an illusion.


At the same time, Ye Xuan slowly opened his eyes and exhaled.

Looking at the two surprised disciples in front of him, a smile hung from the corners of Ye Xuans mouth, but he did not explain.

After using two Buddha Spirit Fruits and a Dream Nebula spirit fruit, he had finally comprehended the first levelo of spatial intent.

His strength had improved by leaps and bounds.

Previously, if Ye Xuan wanted to tear space apart, it would require a lot of effort.

However, he could now do so easily, and even interfere with the natural laws that repaired spatial cracks.

In addition, within a certain area, he could teleport infinitely, allowing him to dodge his opponents attacks, unless of course the opponent had also comprehended spatial intent or had an artifact with spatial power.

Not only that, Ye Xuan could use his spatial intent to restrain his opponents movements.

Although it would not last long, in a battle between experts, it was potentially fatal.

“As expected of a legendary supreme intent.

Its truly heaven-defying!”

After comprehending spatial intent, Ye Xuans mood became relaxed.

He still had two more heavenly treasures that would allow him to experience an epiphany, the wind spirit moon and the withered leaf bodhi.

However, rather than using these himself, it was better to give them to his disciples to earn rewards from the system.

“The next few days will be spent practicing the divine forging technique and refining the power of the Void Herb!”

Ye Xuan was going to enter secluded cultivation again.

He would strive to upgrade his Sword Overlord body before he reached the White Moon Tower.

Time flew by, and soon two days had passed.

During this period, Ye Xuan had been multitasking, practicing the divine forging technique and refining the power of the Void Herb simultaneously, which increased the power of his spiritual sense, while also strengthening his soul.

Now, Ye Xuan was 100% sure that, even if he lost his physical body, his soul would still be able to survive by itself for a long time.

As long as there was sufficient spiritual energy, his soul would continue to grow stronger and stronger.

“I didnt expect the divine forging technique to strengthen my soul so significantly!”

Ye Xuans heart was full of surprise and joy.

Compared to before, his soul was more than twice as strong.

However, after that initial improvement, the speed of his progress slowed down.

Incidentally, his strengthened soul and spiritual sense also allowed him to refine the power of the Void Herb faster.

As such, in order to upgrade his Sword Overlord body as soon as possible, Ye Xuan temporarily focused his full attention on refining the power of the Void Herb.

After some time passed, Yue and Li Qingyan were startled awake again, and their eyes turned to Ye Xuan at the same time.

Teacher had become stronger again!

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