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White Moon Tower, Tower Masters Palace.

“The existence behind this girl wont take it out on me, right”

Thinking of this, Dai Weibo felt uneasy.

“No! I have to ask that guy in detail.

He should have more information regarding this matter!”

“Yaner, was… was that big bird given to you by your teacher”

Lin Qingping landed on the ground and looked at Zhao Yuyan in shock.

Tier 5 demonic beast!

It was comparable to a mid-stage golden core realm cultivator, yet this powerful creature was her precious daughters mount

Was this not too ridiculous

Zhao Yuyan had told Lin Qingping everything that happened in the mystic realm, including the gift of the contractual mount.

However, Lin Qingping did not pay too much attention to it at that time.

She thought that it was at most a demonic beast that had reached the true essence realm at most.

Never in her wildest dreams had she imagined that the Firewing would be so terrifying that it could overpower Elder Niejin.

If Elder Niejin had not used his protective jade token just now, he would probably have already died to those green flames.

“Yes, yes! Teacher treated Yaner very well.

He even gave me a special jade token as a trump card!”

Zhao Yuyan blinked, and then raised the jade token in her hand.


Seeing this, Lin Qingpings pupils suddenly constricted.

Although she could not sense the power contained in the jade token, going by how powerful the Firewing was, the trump card that Ye Xuan left for Zhao Yuyan was definitely extraordinary.

She did not expect that this teacher of hers would treat her so well.

She had never seen a teacher treat their disciple so well! Not only did he leave her with all kinds of trump cards, but he also performed spiritual power infusion on her.

Of course, because Ye Xuan had concealed Zhao Yuyans aura, Lin Qingping had not initially noticed that her precious daughter had already reached the tenth level of the qi transformation realm.

However, after observing her for the past few days, Lin Qingping also noticed that something was not right.

Her daughters skills were far better than before, and there were even quite a few moves that only qi transformation realm cultivators could achieve.


Lin Qingping took a deep breath and became even more curious about her daughters teacher.

On a mountain peak not far away, Yin Susu was still in shock.

This girl actually contracted such a huge demonic beast How did she get it

Had it been given to her by an expert

High-level flying demonic beasts were unruly and untamable.

Under normal circumstances, only unity realm experts could subdue them.

There was actually a unity realm expert behind this girl

Yin Susus mind was filled with doubt.

However, because she was also afraid of Zhao Yuyans bad luck, she did not go over to inquire about it.

After looking around for a while, she left.

South Pavilion, Elder Niejins palace.

“Vile creature! You almost killed me!”

Thinking of Li Baijun, Elder Niejin was furious.

He originally thought that he could reap some benefits from the matter while resolving some old grudges.

He did not expect Zhao Yuyan to have such a terrifying mount..

Even now, Elder Niejin was still afraid.

He did not know how Zhao Yuyan obtained such a terrifying demonic beast.

At the very least, before this girl entered the mystic realm, she definitely did not have such a trump card.

Could it be that this girl met a terrifying existence in the mystic realm, and the other party had given her this demonic beast


While Elder Niejin was deep in thought, a bright streak of light flashed by, and Dai Weibos figure appeared.

“Tower Master”

“Elder Niejin, do you know the origin of Zhao Yuyans mount”

Dai Weibo did not beat around the bush and got straight to the point.

“Im not sure either, but its very likely that she obtained it in the Moon Demon mystic realm!”

Elder Niejin did not dare to hide anything from Dai Weibo and repeated everything that Li Baijun had told him.

“Moon Demon mystic realm”

Dai Weibo squinted his eyes when he heard this.

He did not expect Elder Niejin to lack the specific details.

How could he avoid that experts anger now

“Forget it!”


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