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“This wont do! Looks like Ill have to personally make a move to determine the authenticity of this matter!”

Immediately after, Elder Niejins figure transformed into a streak of light and suddenly disappeared.

After which, he headed towards the bamboo courtyard.


However, at this moment, a red streak of light suddenly descended and blocked Elder Niejin.

“I wonder what Elder Niejin is so anxious about”

As the red streak of light slowly dissipated, an old womans figure was revealed.

“Yin Susu, what do you mean by this”

Hearing this, Elder Niejins gaze turned slightly cold.

This old womans name was Yin Susu, and she was the third elder of the sect.

She was also the one who was secretly taking care of Lin Qingping and her daughter.

If it was not for this old woman secretly interfering, Lin Qingping and her daughter would have long died by his hands.

“Im just asking, why are you so nervous, Elder Niejin”

“Elder Niejin, go where you need to go.”

Yin Susu looked at Elder Niejin indifferently, and then got out of the way.


Elder Niejin snorted coldly, then turned into a streak of light and disappeared.

Yin Susu looked in the direction where Elder Niejin was headed, and her eyes turned cold.

Yin Susu and Lin Qingpings mother were good friends, and before she passed away, she had asked her to take good care of Lin Qingping.

It was because of this that Yin Susu had repeatedly stopped Elder Niejin.

However, Elder Niejin was stronger than she was, so she could only secretly watch over them.

“She is indeed only at the second level of the refinement realm!”

Elder Niejin hovered in the air above the bamboo courtyard.

His spiritual sense inspected Zhao Yuyans cultivation level.

He frowned at this discovery.

Ye Xuan had long since disguised Zhao Yuyans aura.

Unless ones strength was much higher than Ye Xuans, it was impossible for them to probe Zhoa Yuyans actual cultivation level.

“Could it be that Li Baijun was lying to me”

Thinking this, Elder Niejins eyes immediately turned cold, but his expression quickly changed.

Lin Qingpings aura was very strange.

It was indeed as Li Baijun had said.

This b*tch had already recovered her former strength.

Sixth level of the purple spirit realm!

Most importantly, the aura around her body was no longer erratic.

This meant that this womans life force had been completely replenished.

“How is this possible” Elder Niejin frowned.

Could it be that the jinx had really obtained a great opportunity in the mystic realm Furthermore, it was a heavenly treasure that could replenish ones life force

Thinking this, Elder Niejin was filled with doubt.

However, he did not dare to approach Zhao Yuyan.

After all, he was worried that he would be affected by her bad luck.

“Lin Qingping, why did you injure my disciple”

After not getting the answer he wanted, Elder Niejin proceeded with his plan.

Hearing his voice, Lin Qingpings expression changed.

She did not expect Elder Niejin to arrive here so quickly.

“Since your disciple dares to covet my bamboo courtyard, I naturally had to teach him a lesson!”

Lin Qingping looked at Elder Niejin with a grave expression, and hurriedly pushed Zhao Yuyan behind her.

“Hmph! Thats utter rubbish! Li Baijun merely passed by here, but you attacked him and severely injured him.

Now, you still dare to argue with me regarding this matter”

“How about this Whatever you did, Ill return it to you!”

Elder Niejin then reached out his hand and made a grabbing gesture.

He easily lifted Lin Qingping up from where he was.

However, Zhao Yuyan, who was behind Lin Qingping, was safe and sound.

No matter what, Elder Niejin was still quite afraid of Zhao Yuyans bad luck, so he naturally did not want to get too close to her.

Since he could not deal with that jinx, he might as well cripple this b*tch.

Previously, he did not have a suitable reason to attack Lin Qingping, but now it was different.

Because of Li Baijun, he now had a legitimate reason.

Of course, he could not kill Lin Qingping, but he could still cripple her meridians.

“Elder Niejin!”

Yin Susus expression changed when she saw this.

She had not expected Elder Niejin to really attack Lin Qingping.

“Let go of my mother! You bad person, dont touch my mother!”

Seeing this, Zhao Yuyan shouted anxiously.

“Yaner, run, look for Granny Yin!”

Lin Qingping was controlled by a terrifying force and could not move at all.

All she could do was shout.

There was nothing she could do.

The distance between a sixth-level purple spirit realm cultivator and an early-stage golden core realm cultivator was an unbridgeable chasm.

If the other party wanted to kill her, it would be as easy as squashing an ant!

Elder Niejin ignored Zhao Yuyans shouts.


Yin Susu, who was not far away, turned into a streak of light and flew toward Elder Niejin.

When Elder Niejin saw this, he snorted coldly.

‘Old Woman, youre too slow!

As long as he moved his hand slightly, Lin Qingpings meridians would be crippled.

However, moments later, the premonition of death suddenly engulfed him!

This did not originate from Lin Qingping, nor did it come from Yin Susu, but from the unremarkable Zhao Yuyan below.

This was impossible! How could it be this jinx

Elder Niejins expression changed drastically.

Zhao Yuyans body suddenly released a powerful aura as she soared into the air.

An extremely terrifying hurricane appeared around her, and a bright mark suddenly appeared on her forehead.

As the mark turned into a streak of light and burst forth, a huge bird suddenly appeared out of nowhere.


A Tier 5 demonic beast, with strength comparable to a golden core realm cultivator!


The firewing released a loud screech as it flapped its large wings.


Regardless of whether it was Elder Niejin, Yin Susu, or Lin Qingping, their eyes were filled with disbelief at this moment.

This demonic beast exuded an extremely terrifying aura, which was even stronger than Elder Niejins.

Apart from Zhao Yuyan, everyone elses eyes were filled with shock.

However, Elder Niejin was still a bona fide golden core realm expert.

He quickly recovered his senses and turned into a streak of light as he fled in the direction of the White Moon Tower.

However, how could the firewing allow him to leave It had clearly sensed its masters anger just now.

That person had to die!

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