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“Everything Ive said is true,” the man called Lin You said as he patted his chest.

Zhao Yuyans reaction speed at the entrance of the mystic realm could not have been achieved by someone in the refinement realm.

“Very good! But we cant rush this.

Lets wait and see!”

A strange light flashed across Li Baijuns eyes.

His thoughts were almost the same as Lin Yous.

He was also greedy for the opportunity Zhao Yuyan had obtained.

What right did a person who could only bring bad luck to others have to enjoy such an opportunity

Moreover, news of Zhao Yuyan entering the mystic realm had already spread throughout the White Moon Tower.

What everyone was most curious about was how Zhao Yuyan, a second-level refinement realm weakling, had emerged from the mystic realm unscathed..

After the two of them chatted for a while, they both chose to secretly observe the situation, wanting to see if Zhao Yuyan had really reached the qi transformation realm.

However, the moment they approached the bamboo courtyard, they were discovered by Lin Qingping.

Although Lin Qingpings strength had not recovered to its peak state, she was still a bona fide purple spirit realm expert.

How could their tracks be hidden from her After being attacked from a distance of dozens of meters, the two were heavily injured in one blow.

However, Lin Qingping was still quite afraid of the second elder behind Li Baijun because that elder was the murderer who had caused Zhao Yuyans fathers death!

After that, Li Baijun turned pale with fright.

Was Lin Qingping not bedridden Why did she still have such terrifying strength Could it be that this woman had been putting on an act

However, no matter what the truth was, Li Baijun could not bear it.

She was just a b*tch, yet she actually dared to hurt him.

He had to get his teacher to teach her a good lesson!

Li Baijun hurriedly went over to the second elders residence.

White Moon Tower, South Mountain Pavilion.

There was an extremely luxurious palace on this mountain peak.

This was the residence of the second elder, Niejin!

A man with a hooked nose sat on the throne in the main hall.

His gaze was cold as he looked at Li Baijun, who was crying.

Li Baijuns face was very pale.

Blood kept flowing from the corners of his mouth.

He told Elder Niejin about how Lin Qingping had severely injured him, accusing her of disregarding Elder Niejins dignity and reputation.

Hearing this, Elder Niejins eyes turned cold.

How could he not know what his disciples intentions were It was just that he was too lazy to expose it.

The reason why Li Baijun dared to slander Lin Qingping was because he had already noticed his teachers attitude toward Lin Qingping.

Elder Niejin had always disliked Zhao Yuyans family, especially her father.

When he found out that Zhao Yuyans father had died, he was extremely happy.

“Dont worry, I will look for her to settle this score,” Elder Niejin looked at Li Baijun and said lightly.

“Thank you, Teacher!”

Li Baijun saw this and was extremely happy.

He quickly stood up.

“Teacher, I have something to tell you.”


“I think that Teacher has heard that the little jinx, Zhao Yuyan, entered the mystic realm and emerged unscathed, but Teacher might not know that this little girl might have encountered some great fortune in the mystic realm!”

Lin Qingpings sudden recovery definitely had something to do with Zhao Yuyans great fortune.

However, with his strength, he could not take it all for himself.

Instead of leaving empty-handed, he figured that he might as well inform his teacher so that he could get some of the benefits when his teacher snatched Zhao Yuyans opportunity.

“Do you have evidence”

Elder Niejin raised his eyebrows questioningly.

He had naturally heard about Zhao Yuyan sneaking into the mystic realm, but he was disappointed to hear that she had emerged safely.

A jinx who would only bring bad luck to others should die early.

“Teacher, what happened was…”

Li Baijun then told Elder Niejin about how Lin You met Zhao Yuyan at the entrance of the mystic realm and tossed in his own speculations for good measure.

“Originally, Lin Qingping was bedridden, but now she has recovered her purple spirit realm cultivation.

Its very likely that she consumed a heavenly treasure that the jinx found in the mystic realm!”

“Teacher, you said previously that Lin Qingpings life force was very weak and that she did not have much time left to live, but when she attacked me earlier, her aura was far stronger than before!”

Once he finished speaking, Li Baijun secretly glanced at his teacher.

However, what made him frown slightly was that his teachers expression did not change much.

Could it be that his teacher did not have the slightest bit of interest in this matter

“En, Ive got it! You should leave now and rest well!”

“I will definitely not forgive that b*tch for severely injuring you!”

“Thank you, Teacher!”

Since his teacher had given him his word, he just had to wait for a good show..

After Li Baijun left, Elder Niejins gaze turned dark.

If what Li Baijun said was true, then something strange must have happened to Zhao Yuyan.

Zhao Yuyan was only a second-level refinement realm cultivator.

How could she react fast enough to dodge the attack of a qi transformation realm cultivator This in itself was very unreasonable.

However, what surprised him the most was Lin Qingpings recovery.

From what he knew, there was no way to replenish such a huge amount of depleted life force.

“I didnt expect this b*tch to be so lucky.

Looks like I have to make another plan!”

At the thought of this, Elder Niejins eyes flashed with killing intent.

Previously, he had a great enmity with Zhao Yuyans father.

In the White Moon Tower, he constantly thought of ways to kill him, but because of the relationship between them, he could not find a suitable opportunity.

However, to his surprise, Zhao Yuyans father actually left the White Moon Tower and went into the mountains to search for spiritual herbs.

He decisively took out his treasured spirit beast flower and attracted many Tier 5 demonic beasts to attack Zhao Yuyans father.

This resulted in his death.

From the perspective of outsiders, his death was due to Zhao Yuyans existence, which undoubtedly brought him bad luck.

It was also because of this that Zhao Yuyan had been blaming herself all this while.

Lin Qingping had already lost a lot of her life force, so once he sent her that voice transmission, her injuries would worsen from the anger and die.

That had been his plan.

However, what surprised him was that Lin Qingping was actually so patient and persistent.

She did not seek revenge, and even hid this secret deeply.

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