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The white-haired old man arrived in the sky above the Qingyun sect, and an extremely powerful aura swept out.

In the Nether God sect, he was just an outer sect elder with a tiny bit of status.

However, in a backward place like the Great Qian Dynasty, he was an invincible existence!

Just a sliver of his aura would terrify the locals.

He wanted to destroy the entire Qingyun sect after killing Ye Xuan.

He wanted to make a big commotion so that these locals would forever remember this lesson.

If anyone dared to violate the dignity of the Nether God sect, they would end up just like the Qingyun sect.

“Ye Xuan of the Qingyun sect, why dont you quickly come out and commit suicide to atone for your sins”

“If you choose to commit suicide, I can consider leaving your corpse intact! Otherwise…”

The white-haired old mans voice was as loud as thunder as it resounded throughout the entire Qingyun Mountain.

Even cultivators tens of miles away could hear his voice very clearly.

However, just as the white-haired old man was feeling full of himself, an incomparably resplendent sword qi suddenly burst forth from the Qingyun Mountain.

It was as fast as lightning, tearing through the sky in the blink of an eye.

It contained a terrifying aura as it slashed toward the white-haired old man.

Wherever that terrifying sword qi passed through, spatial cracks appeared.

When the white-haired old man saw this, his pupils constricted.

He was so frightened that his heart almost stopped.

He hurriedly fled frantically.

However, the speed of the sword qi was not something the white-haired old man could dodge.

Moreover, after practicing the divine forging technique, Ye Xuans spiritual sense had a significant breakthrough.

He could perfectly control his own power and track his opponent.

Seeing this, the white-haired old man could not help but tremble.

His arrogant attitude from before was completely gone.

Then, he hurriedly took out a protective jade token.

This jade token would create an energy barrier that even a fourth-level unity realm could not penetrate.


As the resplendent sword qi hit the energy barrier, cracks appeared all over it, after which it shattered.

“Ah… no…”

The white-haired old man only had time to let out a brief cry before being engulfed by the sword qi and dying.

In an instant, everything became extremely quiet.

One could hear a pin drop.

“F*ck… is this for real It ended so quickly”

“Am I dreaming Ye… Ye Xuan killed a unity realm expert in an instant”

Not far away, some cultivators who were watching from the summit of the giant mountain could not help but look at each other.

Their eyes were filled with disbelief.

Just now, the white-haired old mans aura had given them a fright, making them feel like they were at the gates of hell.

However, such a terrifying expert had been killed in an instant by a single sword strike

The most ridiculous thing was that Ye Xuan had not even shown his face!

“The Nether God sect… did you hear that just now That white-haired old man is a cultivator from the Nether God sect!”

“Are you sure Why is a cultivator from the Nether God sect so weak”

“Eh… how is he weak Ye Xuan is clearly too freakish, okay”

Even though they were hundreds of miles away, they could still sense the terrifying power of that sword strike.

It could even tear apart space!

The white-haired old man probably did not expect to encounter such a freakish cultivator in a backward place like this, and had died a disgraceful death.

A monster was indeed a monster! His actions and feats were always beyond everyones imagination.

The news about Ye Xuan summiting the Tower of Heaven had not completely spread, yet now there was the matter of Ye Xuan killing a unity realm expert without even showing his face.

If this news spread, what kind of sensation would it cause

Then again, the cultivators of the Great Qian Dynasty were already numb to it.

Whenever Ye Xuan was involved, it would no longer be about whether he would win, but rather how long his opponent could last.

No matter how strong you were, you should not have shown off in front of Ye Xuan.

All that would achieve would be you being put in your place.

At this moment, everyones eyes suddenly fell on a certain spot above the Qingyun sect.

The place where the white-haired old man died seemed to still have lingering sword intent!

“It seems that the Nether God sect has not heard the news about me from the Tower of Heaven.”

Qingyun sect.

Lingjiu peak!

Ye Xuan stood in the hall with his hands behind his back, his gaze calmly staring at the place where the white-haired old man died.

Although they were both second-level unity realm cultivators, the difference in strength between them was like an endless chasm.

Ye Xuan had too many trump cards thanks to his opportunities and the systems help.

After all, he had even defeated the red-armored man, who was a peak fourth-level unity realm expert.

The reason why Ye Xuan was able to attack with such power from that distance was because he had perfect control over his own power, coupled with his vast spiritual sense, which could track down his target.

It was like a radar with a tracking system, able to accurately lock onto his opponent.

“The real crisis is about to begin…”

Ye Xuan looked into the sky in the distance.

The white-haired old man had come to the Qingyun sect because of the feud of him killing the personal disciple and elder of the Nether God sect.

Now that he had killed the white-haired old man, the relevant soul jade token would definitely be shattered, which would inform the Nether God sect of his death.

They would surely investigate this matter more thoroughly and send stronger experts after Ye Xuan.

Furthermore, news of his feats in the Tower of Heaven would be found easily, so anyone they sent after this would definitely be stronger than the red-armored man, perhaps even sixth or seventh-level unity realm experts.

It was said that once ones cultivation reached the tenth level of the unity realm, they would become truly undying.

Even if their physical body was turned into countless fragments, as long as the cultivators soul still existed, they would be able to recondense their physical body and revive in an instant.

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