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“Yue, your strength has improved quite a bit, so your current weapon is lacking.”

“I will give you a mid-grade magic weapon.

It also contains my sword intent.

As long as you activate it with your sword qi, even a top-notch Xudan realm cultivator will not be able to resist your attack!”

“Ah Teacher, this is your weapon.

How can I take it”

Yue was stunned.

Previously, Ye Xuan had used the divine sword to destroy the Xuanyin sect.

“I dont lack weapons, so just take it.”

Hearing this, Yue accepted it.

“Ding! As the host has given his disciple a divine sword (mid-grade magic weapon), the host has received a randomized 30x critical reward.

Congratulations! The host has obtained the azure divine sword (high-grade magic weapon)!”

At the same time, inside Ye Xuans storage space, a cyan longsword suddenly appeared.

Ye Xuan took it out.

“The sword does not contain any sword intent…”

Ye Xuan frowned.

This bug really did not exist in the system.

It seemed that he would not be able to give the Tower of Heaven away for the time being.

He had to comprehend the supreme intents within it first.

Then, Ye Xuan instructed Yue to continue comprehending the soul condensation technique, and walked over to Li Qingyan.


Seeing Ye Xuans expression, Li Qingyans eyes lit up.

Did her teacher have something good for her

“This weapon of mine contains some of my sword intent.

As long as you activate it, even a Xudan realm cultivator will not be able to resist your attack.”

“You can also study the sword intent to hasten your comprehension of the embryonic form of sword intent.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Ye Xuan gave the azure divine sword to Li Qingyan.

“Ding! As the host has given his disciple the azure divine sword (high-grade magic artifact), the host has received a randomized 28x critical reward.

Congratulations! The host has obtained the white jade sword (top-grade magic artifact)!”

A longsword exuding an ancient aura appeared in Ye Xuans storage space.

It was like white jade, pure and flawless.

In addition, the sword was engraved with extremely mysterious patterns.

Vaguely, it seemed to depict the scene of a free and unrestrained cultivator, wielding a sword to the ends of the earth, drinking and having fun.

“White jade sword…”

Ye Xuan murmured.

With this white jade sword, his strength had increased greatly.

If he had the white jade sword before, he could easily defeat the red-armored man without even using the heavenly lightning intent.

“Ill leave a few more offensive jade tokens for the Qingyun sect.

Its time to go to the Radiant Sky Empire!”

Then, Ye Xuan slowly withdrew his spiritual sense from the white jade sword.


Suddenly, Ye Xuan narrowed his eyes.

His spiritual sense suddenly crossed hundreds of miles and focused on a spot in the sky not far away from the Qingyun sect.

“I didnt expect the Nether God sect to move so quickly!”

Seeing this, a smile hung from the corners of Ye Xuans mouth.

However, this cultivator was quite weak.

It seemed that the Nether God sect had dispatched this cultivator much earlier, before they received an update on his strength.

This cultivator was only a second-level unity realm cultivator.


In an instant! A destructive aura suddenly swept across the entire Qingyun sect.

The expressions of the cultivators of the Qingyun sect changed drastically, and their bodies trembled.

“What terrifying power.

Who is this expert”

“Is this person targeting our Qingyun sect”

“This guy is too arrogant.

The Qingyun sect still has Elder Ye!”

“Whats so strange about this If my strength was also this terrifying, I would also act this arrogantly!”

At the same time, the other experts of the Great Qian Dynasty seemed to have sensed something.

“This expert seems to be a unity realm cultivator…”

“Hes heading toward the Qingyun sect…”

“Oh my God, is this expert going to cause trouble for the Qingyun sect Throughout the entire Great Qian Dynasty, no one has the guts to do that!”

“You dont understand, do you No one in the Great Qian Dynasty has the guts, but that doesnt mean that outsiders wouldnt dare!”

“The other party isnt hiding anything.

Im afraid that he has come with ill intentions!”

“Is he a cultivator from the Nether God sect I remember that before the mystic realm opened, Ye Xuan killed a personal disciple and elder of the Nether God sect!”

Everyone had their own guesses as to this experts identity.

This cultivator did not hide his aura at all.

It was obvious that he was here to cause trouble.

Although everyone was terrified, they still could not suppress their curiosity and secretly flew over to the territory surrounding the Qingyun sect to observe.

A streak of light suddenly flashed through the sky, and then a white-haired old man appeared.

He was a cultivator from the Nether God sect and an outer sect elder.

His strength was a peak second-level unity realm cultivator.

Once they learned that Ye Xuan had killed their personal disciple and elder, they investigated the matter quickly.

The Nether God sect was powerful, so they quickly identified Ye Xuans identity as the murderer.

At the same time, they dug out Ye Xuans life history.

He was only 20 years old, and he had reached the unity realm!

This news shocked many elders of the Nether God sect.

Such monstrous talent was comparable to the master of the Divine Gate.

At that time, they even suspected that the intelligence they had received was wrong.

However, after repeated confirmation of the fact that the other party was an extremely monstrous genius, the Nether God sect decided to send a peak second-level unity realm expert to deal with him, believing that it would be easy for him to deal with Ye Xuan, who was merely a first-level unity realm expert.

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