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“Yue, Qingyan, although I often perform spiritual power infusion, and your strength far surpasses that of ordinary cultivators, if this goes on, it will cause problems in the future.”

“After all, I can only help you improve your physical strength, but not your soul.

In order to avoid the aftereffects of breaking through too quickly in the future, I will teach you a method to temper your spiritual sense!”

Ye Xuan looked at his two disciples and said with a smile.

“What A method to temper spiritual sense”

Hearing this, the two girls were shocked.

They had not even heard, or even imagined that there was such a thing.

“Thats right! But comprehending the method is difficult.

Even though your comprehension values are not low, it will still take a lot of effort!”

“Therefore, I plan to teach you the appropriate technique based on your aptitude.

Your comprehension value will determine the techniques you learn,” Ye Xuan said.

Of course, he only had one technique that tempered spiritual sense, and that was the soul condensation technique.

“The first one I will teach is Yue.

You have to comprehend it well!”

“Yes, Teacher!”

Yue nodded seriously.

Then, Ye Xuan reached out and gently tapped Yues forehead.

The information regarding the soul condensation technique entered her mind.

“Ding! As the host has given his disciple the soul condensation technique, the host has received a randomized 78x critical reward.

Congratulations! The host has obtained the divine refining technique.”

At the same time, information regarding the divine refining technique suddenly appeared in Ye Xuans mind.

Compared to the soul condensation technique, the divine refining technique was undoubtedly more powerful.

After examining it briefly, Ye Xuan revealed a satisfied expression.

His gaze naturally fell on Li Qingyan.

“Qingyan, its your turn!”

“Okay, Teacher!”

Ye Xuan slowly extended his index finger and then tapped Li Qingyans forehead.

Information regarding the divine refining technique suddenly entered her mind.

“Ding! As the host has given his disciple the divine refining technique, the host has received a randomized 60x critical reward.

Congratulations! The host has obtained the divine forging technique!”

Divine forging technique!

High-level techniques that could temper ones spiritual sense were extremely precious and rare.

Even the low-level soul condensation technique that Ye Xuan had obtained in the Tower of Heaven had a very high requirement for the cultivators comprehension value, which had to be at least 250 points.

It was because of this that Ye Xuan had imparted the soul condensation technique to Yue.

Li Qingyans comprehension value surpassed 300 points, so she could comprehend a higher-level technique.

“Divine forging technique!”

“Even though my comprehension value has surpassed 600 points, it will still take a lot of effort to comprehend a higher-level technique!”

Ye Xuans heart was filled with emotion.

Throughout the entire Tianyuan continent, less than 1% of the cultivators could cultivate a technique that could temper their spiritual sense.

Most cultivators simply improved their spiritual sense by breaking through.

If they encountered profound opportunities, they might be able to get their hands on rare heavenly treasures like the Mi Luo flower or the Buddha Spirit Fruit.

However, such opportunities mostly existed in their wildest fantasies.

As such, most cultivators could not perfectly control their own power.

Unless the cultivator was stuck at a certain realm for a long time, they would not be able to perfectly control their own power.

Ye Xuan had an extremely powerful spiritual sense, meaning that he had long surpassed other cultivators in that regard.

Coupled with this technique of tempering his spiritual sense, even if his strength suddenly increased by a large margin in the future, he would be able to quickly stabilize things and regain full control of his own strength.

‘Its time to leave some trump cards for the Qingyun sect!

‘After that, Ill go to the Radiant Sky Empire to pick up that little girl!

Ye Xuan thought to himself.

Seven days ago, he had killed a personal disciple and elder of the Nether God sect.

Quite some time had passed since then, so the other party had likely investigated his background, and had probably dispatched experts.

However, the Nether God sect definitely did not know what had happened in the mystic realm, nor did they know that Ye Xuans strength was comparable to a fourth-level unity realm expert.

Given those circumstances, the experts they sent out were probably not their strongest.

As for the Blood Moon Temple and the Yunjin Temple, it would take longer for them to figure things out and make their way to the Great Qian Dynasty since the information about his feats would only start spreading after they left the mystic realm.

Of course, the super factions in the Nanzhou Region would definitely receive information related to Ye Xuan quickly.

By the time the Nether God sect learned of Ye Xuans true strength and dispatched even more terrifying cultivators, Ye Xuan would have already brought Zhao Yuyan back from the Radiant Sky Empire.

However, Ye Xuan had three offensive jade tokens that contained the power of a Pattern Condensation realm expert, so why should he be afraid of the Nether God sect

Moreover, rather than killing the cultivators sent by his enemies one by one, it was better to directly attack the enemy and their headquarters!

Of course, before that, Ye Xuan had to be sure that the other party did not have a Pattern Condensation realm expert at the helm.

“I gave Yaner many trump cards, and she did not reveal her talent during the Tower of Heaven trials.

Presumably, no one knows that she is my disciple.”

“In that case, that little girl is actually the safest.

She can wait until I properly handle the matters of the Qingyun sect and cultivate the divine forging technique!”

The enemy he was facing now was not weak, so he naturally had to take extra precautions.

“Yue, I will help you refine the Sword Orchid Valley Lord.

After that, you can study the soul condensation technique on your own,” Ye Xuan said to Yue.

“I will heed Teachers instructions,” Yue nodded obediently.

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