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Originally, because the life source in her body was about to be exhausted, not only was her aura weakened, but her body had aged rapidly.

Now, after the pill restored her life source, not only was Lin Qingpings face ruddy, but her entire body was aglow.

Although she did not immediately recover to her previous peak condition, she was definitely able to use much more of her power now.

As long as she completely refined the medicinal effects of this pill, not only would she be able to completely recover, but her cultivation level might increase as well.

Still, the medicinal strength of the pill was not something that could be completely refined overnight.

Lin Qingping naturally knew this, so she was not in a hurry.

Moreover, compared to her own situation, she was more curious about what had happened to her precious daughter From her daughters words, it seemed that this little girl had taken someone as her teacher

“Yaner, tell Mother everything that has happened in the past few days, okay” Lin Qingping asked after bringing Zhao Yuyan back to the bamboo house.

“I… secretly went to the mystic realm…”

Zhao Yuyans small hands gripped the corners of her clothes tightly.

She lowered her head and did not dare to look at her mother.

She knew that her mother must have been extremely worried during these few days that she had disappeared.

“What You said that you went to the mystic realm to pick spiritual herbs for me”

When Lin Qingping heard these words, her lips could not stop trembling.

Her eyes instantly turned red.

She did not think that her precious daughter would be so bold.

She dared to go to the mystic realm as a mere second-level refinement realm cultivator.

Did this girl not know how dangerous the mystic realm was It was the kind of place where the slightest carelessness could lead to death.

However, when she realized that her precious daughter was doing it for her sake, Lin Qingping was very touched.

She could not blame her precious daughter and continued to hold her in her arms.

“You silly girl, even if it was for Mothers illness, you cant take such risks!”

“Do you know If something really happened to you, Mother would not be able to live on.”

“Its all my fault as a mother.

I couldnt provide my precious daughter with a good life.

Its all Mothers fault!”

At this point, Lin Qingping could not stop her tears from falling.

If Zhao Yuyan really had an accident in the mystic realm, she definitely would not have been able to live on alone.

“Mother, Im sorry.

I made you worry.

Its all my fault!”

Zhao Yuyan hugged her mother tightly, her heart filled with self-blame.

After a long time, the mother and daughter pair slowly calmed down.

“Yaner, you havent explained how you came across the teacher you mentioned just now.”

Lin Qingping looked at Zhao Yuyan.

“I met Teacher in the mystic realm.

Teacher treated me very well, and taught me many high-level martial techniques and cultivation methods.

He even helped me restrain my Demon Devourer Body!”

Thinking of Ye Xuan, Zhao Yuyan could not help but smile sweetly.

She also did not expect that other than her parents, there would be someone else who would be so good to her.

As long as her mothers injuries could be healed, she would stay by her teachers side in the future and repay her teachers kindness.

Hearing this, Lin Qingping stared blankly.

She naturally knew how many cold looks her daughter had received over the years because of her condition.

Ever since her daughter was young, she had never had a partner or a friend.

Even when she was with her mother, she rarely smiled.

Lin Qingping could tell that Zhao Yuyans smile just now was from the bottom of her heart.

This little girl really liked her teacher.

“Yaner, what was that about the Demon Devourer Body You said that your teacher taught you high-level martial techniques and cultivation methods And even raised your cultivation level”

Lin Qingping asked with a puzzled face.

“Other than mother and father, Teacher is the person who treats me the best.

This is what happened…”

At the mention of Ye Xuan, the corners of Zhao Yuyans mouth could not help but curl up.

Then, Zhao Yuyan told Lin Qingping everything about Ye Xuan.

After hearing this, Lin Qingpings eyes were filled with shock.

Although Zhao Yuyan was incapable of describing Ye Xuans strength in detail, she could roughly deduce Ye Xuans cultivation realm from these details.

Even the master of the White Moon Tower, a top-tier golden core realm expert, could not decipher what kind of constitution Zhao Yuyan had.

They had also simply thought that Zhao Yuyan was born a jinx.

However, this little girls teacher actually discovered her special constitution And even used pills to help her suppress the Demon Devourer Body

Only a unity realm expert was capable of such a feat, right

Thinking this, Lin Qingpings heart was extremely shocked.

Her precious daughter actually had a unity realm expert as her teacher

“Demon Devourer Body… Demon Devourer Body… so thats how it is!”

At the same time, Lin Qingping finally understood why all sorts of bad luck would happen to anyone who got close to her precious daughter.

It turned out that her precious daughter was not a jinx.

Instead, the special constitution awakened in her body was too overbearing, forcefully devouring the fate and life force of the people around her.

The Demon Devourer Body was an extremely unfamiliar term to her.

However, according to the little girls teachers description, this constitution was extremely terrifying.

It was actually able to forcefully devour the fate, life force, and cultivation of a cultivator.

Most importantly, the person that was being devoured would not notice it at all.

“Its all Yaners fault.

If it wasnt for me, Father wouldnt have died…”

At the thought of the Demon Devourer Body, Zhao Yuyan could not help but lower her head.

Her fingers gripped the corners of her clothes tightly, and her face was filled with self-blame.

Although she had not done it on purpose, her Demon Devourer Body was still to blame for the decline in her fathers fate and strength.

This was something that plagued her with guilt.

“Silly girl, listen to me.

This isnt your fault.

Your fathers death wasnt because of you!”

Lin Qingping looked at Zhao Yuyan and said with a serious expression.

“Mother, you dont have to comfort me… Its all my fault,” Zhao Yuyan lowered her head and said.

“I used to think that you were too weak, but now… Its time for me to tell you the truth…”

Lin Qingping looked at Zhao Yuyan and spoke quietly, but with certainty.

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