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“Theres no rush.

Im rather curious about the inheritance you mentioned!”

Ye Xuan looked at the red-armored man with curiosity written all over his face.

If the system did not exist, he would definitely avoid refining the Tower of Heaven.

However, that was not the case, was it

The Tower of Heaven contained two legendary supreme intents.

How could he pass up this chance

As for that existence who had destroyed the Moon Demon Holy Land… What was there to be afraid of

If the day really came when they met, who would be the victor was still uncertain.

“My inheritance Ahem…”

Hearing this, the red-armored man looked embarrassed.


Seeing this, Ye Xuan could not help but frown.

Could it be that the red-armored man had lied to him earlier and did not have an inheritance at all

“Although I left behind an inheritance, its just an incomplete one.

I never thought that someone would be able to pass the last trial,” the red-armored man said awkwardly.

“Of course, although its an incomplete one, it also contains martial techniques and cultivation methods.

There are also the cultivation methods you need to temper your spiritual sense!”

“However, I dont have any artifacts or pills!”

The red-armored man said.

“Oh right! I left three offensive jade tokens behind from back then!”

The red-armored man waved his sleeve, and three offensive jade tokens suddenly appeared.

“I refined these when I was in the Pattern Condensation realm.

Its more than enough for you at this point!”

The red-armored man stretched out his hand, and with a gentle flick, the three jade tokens fell into Ye Xuans hands.

The Pattern Condensation realm was the realm beyond the unity realm!

Seeing this, Ye Xuan smiled.

These would indeed be a good trump card!

He did not care too much about the artifacts and pills.

What he needed most at the moment was a method to temper his spiritual sense.

As long as he had this, he would be able to greatly reduce the side effects of breaking through too quickly.

Otherwise, his bodys strength would surpass his souls strength, and he would not be able to perfectly control his power.

Seeing this, the red-armored man was also quite surprised.

This guy was really a weirdo.

He did not care about artifacts and pills at all!

However, the red-armored man did not think too much about it.

He then used a special method to teach Ye Xuan the Moon Demon Holy Lands martial techniques and techniques to temper spiritual sense.

In an instant, large amounts of information flooded Ye Xuans mind.

This information basically included all of the Moon Demon Holy Lands martial techniques and cultivation methods.

Some were yellow-rank, and some were even heaven-rank.

Of course, even the powerful Moon Demon Holy Land only had one heaven-rank martial technique, which was the Moon Demon Holy Lands strongest martial technique, the Moon Demon Art!

Ye Xuan did not care too much about the other martial techniques and cultivation methods.

After all, these low-level cultivation methods were of no use to him at all.

Moreover, his own power was filled with overbearing and destructive attributes, which did not match the attributes of most of the Moon Demon Holy Lands cultivation methods.

After a while, Ye Xuans mind focused on a cultivation method!

This was a cultivation method that could temper his spiritual sense, the soul condensation technique!

Although its grade was not particularly outstanding, it was still an extremely precious existence even in the Moon Demon Holy Land.

Moreover, throughout the entire Holy Land, other than the soul condensation technique, there were no other cultivation methods that could temper ones spiritual sense.

Throughout the entire Tianyuan continent, cultivation methods that could temper spiritual sense were extremely rare and, even then, not every cultivator could cultivate them.

“I finally got one!”

Seeing this, Ye Xuan could not help but smile.

He then carefully comprehended all of the essentials of the soul condensation technique.

A moment later, Ye Xuan slowly opened his tightly shut eyes, and then let out a breath of turbid air.

Although the grade of this technique was quite low, it had an extremely harsh threshold for cultivators.

Based on Ye Xuans judgment, cultivators whose comprehension value was less than 250 points would not be able to learn the soul condensation technique at all!

“Now its time to refine the Tower of Heaven,” Ye Xuan said as he looked at the red-armored man.

“Are you really going to refine it”

The red-armored man looked at Ye Xuan and asked in a low voice.

“Yes,” Ye Xuan said with certainty.


The red-armored man looked at Ye Xuan and did not say anything further.

The next second, he reached out and made a grabbing gesture, and an extremely mysterious mark suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

This was the core mark of the Tower of Heaven.

As long as he refined it, he could perfectly control the Tower of Heaven.

At that time, Ye Xuan would only need a thought to appear anywhere in the Tower of Heaven.

“After 200,000 years, my mission has finally been completed!”

The red-armored man looked at Ye Xuan, who was refining the mark, with a gratified expression.

There could only be one master of the Tower of Heaven, and it was also only thanks to the support of the power of the Tower of Heaven that his remnant will managed to last 200,000 years.

As Ye Xuan gradually refined the mark, the red-armored mans body started to turn illusory.

He was only a remnant will of the master of the Moon Demon Holy Land back then.

He survived in the Tower of Heaven on his last breath.

Before any cultivator entered the final level of the Tower of Heaven, he was in a state of slumber.

After all, in his state, he could not sustain the consumption of too much spiritual power.

It was not until Ye Xuan reached the 99th floor that he woke up.

The red-armored man was extremely surprised by Ye Xuans arrival.

After a little probing, he knew very well that this challenger was a rare monster in the outside world, even more so than he was back then.

Among all the cultivators he knew, only that almighty expert was comparable to Ye Xuan when he was young.

Because of this, the red-armored man did not hide the secret of the mystic realm and the power of karma of the Tower of Heaven from Ye Xuan.

No matter what, the Moon Demon Holy Land had become part of history, and his original body had already fallen.

It was rare to meet such a monstrous genius.

Rather than bury the Tower of Heaven, why not give it to Ye Xuan

I hope this little guy can restore the past glory of the Moon Demon Holy Land in the future.

The red-armored man looked at Ye Xuan as his body dissipated.

‘Ye Xuan! Ill remember this name!

‘In the future, the heavens will tremble at your name!

Those were the red-armored mans final thoughts.

Other than Ye Xuan, no one else knew that the master of the Moon Demon Holy Land had slumbered in the Tower of Heaven for 200,000 years.

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