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The battle just now had shocked everyone.

The final boss of the 99th floor was so powerful that no cultivator under the age of 50 should have been able to prevail.

The terrifying power of the battle between the two tore through space.

Only cultivators who had reached the fourth-level of the unity realm and above could do this!

“Ye Xuan!”

Looking at the dazzling name on the two lists, the cultivators from the Great Qian Dynasty were so excited that they almost jumped up.

This was Ye Xuan, the strongest genius from their Great Qian Dynasty.

Even within the Nanzhou Region, he was still the strongest genius of this era.

Seeing the Great Qian Dynasty cultivators excitement, most of the other cultivators were silent.

Before this, they had never thought that such a weak empire would produce such a monstrous genius.

Ye Xuans talent was already monstrous to begin with.

Even if he did not have the system, he would still be able to rank within the top 50 of the Nanzhou Region Genius Rankings before the age of 50.

However, thanks to the cheat-like system, Ye Xuan became one of the best, leaving all the other geniuses present behind.


At this moment, the Tower of Heaven suddenly trembled.

The cultivators who were undergoing their trials in the Tower of Heaven were forcefully teleported out.

“Whats going on Why did I suddenly come out”

“Damn it! I almost cleared the level!”

“I havent crushed the jade token yet, whats going on”

The cultivators who had been suddenly teleported out were confused.

After being filled in on the situation by the surrounding cultivators, they suddenly realized.

There were actually people who had all cleared the Tower of Heaven!

“Ye Xuan!”

Everyone stared straight at the name on the rankings that was shining with bright golden light, and they were all stunned.

“That guys strength is so terrifying that he can even tear space apart”

At the thought of this, the cultivators who had just left the Tower of Heaven were shocked.

What kind of terrifying monster was this


At this moment, the Tower of Heaven rippled mysteriously.

Following that, countless rays of strange-colored light descended, enveloping the many cultivators.


“Its the Tower of Heavens rewards!”

Many people shouted excitedly.

Anyone who could complete 10 trials in the Tower of Heaven or leave their name on the two lists would receive a reward from the Tower of Heaven.

“I broke through! This reward actually increased my cultivation level by one minor realm!”

“Oh my God! I obtained the Snake Forest Herb! This is an extremely precious heavenly treasure!”

“Hahaha! I didnt expect to obtain the third-grade medicinal pill, the soul returning pill!”

“I obtained the inheritance of a Xudan realm expert.

This is amazing!”

The area surrounding the Tower of Heaven echoed with the surprised voices of the cultivators.

Some rewards directly allowed cultivators to advance a minor realm, while others were in the form of heavenly treasures or inheritances.

Some cultivators were too excited and directly revealed what they had received.

Others were more cautious and chose to hide the rewards they had obtained.


In an instant, many battles broke out around the Tower of Heaven.

After all, there were countless cultivators who did not receive any rewards.

Although one could not kill in the War God Hall, it did not mean that one could not snatch the treasure or hurt others.

On the 99th floor of the Tower of Heaven, Ye Xuans gaze fell on the incomparably huge tree in front of him.

The stone table and stone stools that had been broken had actually been reformed again.

Soon, a red figure condensed under the tree again.

It was the red-armored man from before.

“Young man, you… you have successfully passed!”

The moment the red-armored man appeared, he wore a complicated expression.

Under normal circumstances, this should never have happened.

However, Ye Xuan was an exception.

This guy had actually comprehended the full Heavenly Lightning intent, and not the embryonic form.

Although it was only the first-level of the Heavenly Lightning intent, the power of a supreme intent was not something his energy body could resist.

“So, what about your inheritance And the cultivation method that can temper spiritual sense”

Ye Xuan asked.

In truth, he did not care about the inheritance at all.

He only cared about whether the other party had a cultivation method that could temper spiritual sense.

“You seem to care a lot about obtaining a cultivation method that can temper spiritual sense Is there anything else that can tempt you Also, dont you have any other questions you want to ask me”

Hearing this, the red-armored man was extremely surprised.


Seeing this, Ye Xuan could not help but raise his eyebrows.

There were some things that he was confused about.

Perhaps this red-armored man would be able to clarify these things.

“Do these jade tokens contain the spatial intent”

“Thats right! If one hadnt successfully comprehended spatial intent, one would not have been able to give out this many spatial jade tokens simultaneously!”

“Wait… could it be that youve already comprehended the ninth-level of spatial intent Or perhaps you have already perfected your comprehension of spatial intent”

Hearing this, Ye Xuans eyes could not help but light up.

“Ahem! Thats not it!”

Hearing this, the red-armored man immediately felt extremely awkward.

“Although this Tower of Heaven was personally refined by me, the spatial elements in it were not added by me, but by an extremely powerful almighty expert!”

“If not for that almighty expert personally adding the finishing touches, the Tower of Heaven that I refined would only be a defective product.

The space it encompassed would definitely not have reached such a level either,” the red-armored man said slowly.

“Then how did the Tower of Heaven identify the identity and origin of the participating cultivators” Ye Xuan asked another question.

Whether it was the combat power list or the qualifications rankings, both clearly displayed the identity and origin of each challenger.

“This is the power of karmic intent!”

The red-armored man looked at Ye Xuan and said in a low voice.

“Karmic intent”

Hearing this, Ye Xuan could not help but raise his eyebrows.

Karmic intent, heavenly lightning intent, and spatial intent were all legendary supreme intents.

Furthermore, karmic intent contained the power of karma, which could judge a persons fate.

It was the strongest and most mysterious intent among the supreme intents.

Supreme intents were extremely difficult to comprehend, but even among them, karmic intent was considered the most difficult!

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