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“Thats right! Its indeed Ye Xuan!”

“This is a battle between unity realm experts.

I sensed two extremely terrifying auras from the spatial cracks just now!”

A unity realm cultivator was the one who spoke up.

Everyones eyes were filled with shock.

Under normal circumstances, only fourth-level unity realm cultivators could tear space apart.

Was Ye Xuans strength that terrifying That was impossible, right

Even reaching the first level of the unity realm was utterly inconceivable!

Yet now this guy was tearing space apart as well

He was only 20 years old! How could he reach such a level

At this moment, everyones hearts were filled with a myriad of emotions.

They did not know how to describe their feelings!

They realized that they had actually underestimated Ye Xuans strength.

Even the cultivators from the Great Qian Dynasty were shocked.

Monsters like Ye Xuan were indeed different!

Not far away, Jian Tiannan was doubting life.

Why was he born in the same generation as this freak

“Grandpa Batian…”

Gongsun Yao was completely petrified.

Gongsun Batian saw this and sighed deeply.

Then, he nodded at Gongsun Yao.

In an instant, Gongsun Yao felt as if she had been struck by lightning.

This guys strength had really reached the fourth level of theunity realm

“Girl! I told you before, dont look down on others.

Your so-called pride is not worth mentioning in the eyes of others!”

“Take Ye Xuan for example.

A monstrous genius like him will eclipse even the prime descendants of the super empires and the holy lands, let alone you.”

Gongsun Batian looked at Gongsun Yao, who looked like she had suffered a great blow.

However, although Gongsun Batian was comforting his granddaughter on the surface, the shock in his heart was no weaker than Gongsun Yaos.

He had seen Ye Xuan kill Li Tianyu with one punch, but he had never imagined this guy to be so terrifying.

This power made his heart palpitate.

This 20-year-old young man was no weaker than him.

Gongsun Yao did not answer him.

Instead, her eyes fell on the Tower of Heaven.

Spatial cracks kept appearing.

The cracks were spitting out void power that could destroy everything.

If they were not so far away from the Tower of Heaven, those weak cultivators would have been swallowed by the spatial cracks a long time ago.

“Ye Xuan…”

Gongsun Yao bit her lips hard and kept repeating Ye Xuans name.

She would probably never forget this name for the rest of her life.

Right now, she only wanted to know what the legendary Ye Xuan looked like.

Ye Xuan was unaware of the commotion he had caused.

His full attention was on the red-armored man.

As expected of the existence that had refined the Tower of Heaven, this persons talent in cultivation could be said to be incomparably monstrous.

It was an arduous fight, as Ye Xuan was at a disadvantage in terms of his cultivation level..

Perfect power control, innate dual-spirit physique, Sword Overlord body, third-level sword intent…

It could be said that apart from the Heavenly Lightning intent, Ye Xuan had used almost all of his trump cards.


However, even so, not only did Ye Xuan not gain an advantage over the red-armored man, he was gradually being suppressed by the other party.

Ye Xuan finally did something he had never done before.

He used a defensive technique.

The divine sword in his hand blossomed with blood-red tyrannical sword qi.

The Endless Sword technique and Nihility Sword technique were suddenly unleashed, as the force collided with his opponents.

The shockwaves released by each collision were not weaker than the full-strength attack of a fourth-level unity realm expert.


“You are indeed very strong! Even I, back then, was not as strong!”

“But what I said holds true! No cultivator will be able to pass the final test of the Tower of Heaven!”

The red-armored mans gaze fell on Ye Xuan.

His gaze contained his admiration, and his excitement at meeting a worthy opponent.

It was also mixed with a hint of pride for the trump card he had left behind!

Back then, when he had finished refining the Tower of Heaven, he had used his own strength to condense the final guardian of the Tower of Heaven.

Among the cultivators of the younger generation, no one could pass this test.

Even the Holy Son of the Moon Demon Holy Land after him could not do it.

“Oh Then Id like to give it a go!”

Ye Xuan grinned.

Originally, he wanted to end the fight as possible, but he realized that if he did not use the Heavenly Lightning intent, their strength could be said to be on par.

Ye Xuan rarely met opponents on par with him, so he was in high spirits and wanted to fight a few more rounds.

However, if the red-armored man thought that he could stop him, then he had another thing coming!

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