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Thanks to the existence of Li Qingyan and Yue, the name “Qingyun sect” had already given everyone a huge shock.

Now, when they saw Ye Xuans terrifying speed of ascent, their hearts could not help but beat wildly, and their eyes were filled with shock.

Not to mention that Ye Xuan was only 20 years old!

How was this possible

“Has there been a mistake in the Tower of Heaven This is absolutely impossible!”

Gongsun Yao stared at Ye Xuans name, feeling a sense of urgency in her heart.

She really wanted to see who this cultivator was, and whether he had three heads and six arms.


Otherwise, how could this guy rank on the combat power list as a 20-year-old Furthermore, his young age guaranteed him a spot on the qualifications rankings which, unlike the combat power list, was not updated in real-time.

“Qingyun sect, Ye Xuan…”

The name “Ye Xuan” replayed itself countless times in her mind.

“This guy cant possibly maintain this speed all the way up, right At most, he can only keep this up until the 60th level.

He will definitely slow down.

Yes, it must be like this!”

Gongsun Yao kept comforting herself, trying to find some evidence that Ye Xuan was not so terrifying.

However, reality would prove her wrong quickly.

“60th level! And its still so fast!”

“Just how terrifying is this guys strength Isnt this too abnormal”

Everyone saw Ye Xuan passing the 60th level in the blink of an eye and exclaimed in shock.

Gongsun Yaos eyes were wide open, and her body was trembling.

How could this be possible Did they not say that the illusory phantom on the 60th level was very terrifying

What exactly was this guys limit

Even a golden core realm expert could not pass that level in an instant, right


Moreover, there were many early-stage golden core realm cultivators who were stuck at the 60th level.

In that case, was Ye Xuan at the middle-stage of the golden core realm Perhaps the advanced-stage of the golden core realm

Gongsun Yao did not know.

She only wanted to try her best to suppress the waves in her heart caused by this matter.

She had awakened the Empress Ice body, but she could not guarantee that she would be able to break through to the golden core realm at the age of 20!

Throughout the entire Nanzhou Region, there were only a handful of peerless geniuses who could break through to the core formation realm at the age of 20.

Only the master of the Divine Gate had broken through to the unity realm at the age of 20.

Did this mean that Ye Xuan could stand shoulder to shoulder with the master of the Divine Gate


Gongsun Yao quickly denied this thought.

The master of the Divine Gate was her idol, whom she admired the most.

She regarded him as the object of her lifetime pursuit.

Although Ye Xuan was very strong, and the talent he displayed was also very abnormal, it was absolutely impossible for him to have reached the unity realm at the age of 20.

It was absolutely impossible!

Of course, this kind of thinking was not only shared by Gongsun Yao.

Beside her, Jian Tiannan and those top-notch experts from the Nanzhou Region Genius Rankings also did not think that Ye Xuan could be compared to the master of the Divine Gate.

They could not deny Ye Xuans strength, but it was unrealistic to expect him to emulate the master of the Divine Gate.

Among the people present, only the unity realm experts who had witnessed Ye Xuans terrifying strength at the Heavenly Lightning Pool were aware of how terrifying Ye Xuan was.

This guy was likely not only on par with the master of the Divine Gate, but also far surpassed him, okay

Even Li Tianyu, a unity realm expert of the Blood Moon Temple, was instantly killed by him.

Moreover, no one could sense Ye Xuans actual cultivation level, but they all knew that he had at least reached the second level of the unity realm.

However, they could not say anything about whether Ye Xuan could challenge the peerless genius who held first place on the combat power list.

First place: Ye Tian

He was only 22 years old and had reached the 88th level of the Tower of Heaven.

Since the appearance of the Moon Demon mystic realm, this guy had occupied the first place on the combat power list and had never been dethroned.

No one knew how strong Ye Tian was when he challenged the Tower of Heaven.

The 65th level of the Tower of Heaven!

In front of Ye Xuan was a gray space filled with chaotic qi.

From that space, two figures slowly walked out.

One of them had blurry facial features, while the other was an illusory phantom condensed from extremely pure energy.

These were the opponents that Ye Xuan had to challenge.

As long as he could defeat these two, he would advance to the next floor.

The figure with blurry facial features was condensed from the most powerful cultivator who had challenged this level in the past.

In other words, the Tower of Heaven perfectly copied that cultivators strength.

Before the 60th level, the challenger only had one opponent, which was the illusory phantom condensed by the Tower of Heaven.

However, after the 60th level, there was one more opponent, and that was the illusory phantom of the strongest cultivator of this level.


Ye Xuan hurled a simple punch.

The terrifying power of his punch instantly engulfed the two illusory phantoms.

From the beginning till now, he had only been using this same, simple punch.

He did not need to use his sword for this at all.

Moreover, Ye Xuan had 100% control over his own strength.

In addition, he had reached the first level of fist intent, which further strengthened his punches.

“It seems that I have to be faster!”

Thinking of the inheritance up above, Ye Xuan immediately sped up.

“F*ck! This guy can even go faster Thats nuts!”

Seeing this scene, everyone felt like swearing.

“So it seems that Ye Xuan was just playing around just now and is only starting to get serious now…”

The War God Hall was filled with exclamations when they realized that Ye Xuan had not used his full strength at all before this.

Holy sh*t!

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