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“Sit cross-legged and adjust your spiritual power to its peak state.

I will help you awaken the Sword Jade physique in your body!” Ye Xuan said with a smile.

“Yes, master!”

Yue nodded obediently, and then sat down cross-legged and slowly adjusted her spiritual power.

At the same time, Ye Xuan stretched out his hand and gently pointed toward the Xingjian grass.

The terrifying power of his true core state cultivation gushed out and enveloped the Xingjian grass in an instant, instantly removing all of the impurities and dregs within.


Ye Xuan already had a plan for how to deal with the Xingjian grass.

There were two methods…

By directly gifting it to Yue, Ye Xuan could simply receive a reward from the systems feedback function.

However, in this way, the item obtained would definitely be a heavenly treasure related to activating ones physique.

Although such a heavenly treasure was rare, it was not of much use to Ye Xuan.

Therefore, Ye Xuan decisively chose to use the second method.

He directly helped Yue to completely awaken her hidden Sword Jade physique!

As he had participated in the entire process of activating her Sword Jade physique, the reward that he would receive from the systems feedback function would definitely be a certain type of physique!

Of course, he was uncertain as to what kind of surprise the system would give him.

Not long after, as he refined it using that incomparably powerful energy, the Xingjian grass transformed into an extremely pure form of heaven and earth energy, which then slowly poured into Yues body.

This special energy was not particularly useful to the cultivation of a cultivator.

Similarly, it would not have a healing or detoxifying effect.

Due to the special nature of the Xingjian grass, it would only dissolve sword qi in a cultivators body or awaken a constitution related to sword qi.

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When this special power entered Yues body, her body suddenly emitted a dazzling light.

Her skin, organs, meridians, and flesh all over her body were like grass that had just sprouted from beneath the ground, greedily absorbing this special power.

At the same time, Yue fell into an inexplicable state.

She vaguely felt that something in her body was about to awaken.

Under Ye Xuans guidance, the special energy transformed into countless small streams, which merged themselves into Yues body.

Previously, Ye Xuan had infused Yue with his spiritual power, allowing her to break through to the ninth level of the qi transformation state.

However, this was not limited to a simple breakthrough.

It had also increased the strength of Yues body to a terrifying level!

As she absorbed this special energy, the Sword Jade physique that had been lying dormant in Yues body began to slowly wake up.

Her meridians were emitting strands of extremely special energy!

At the same time, Yue felt a warm current slowly strengthening her body at an extremely rapid speed!

Within a short period of time, Yues originally fair and tender skin became even more so.

However, the surface of this tender skin actually now contained astonishing defensive strength!

The cells in her body were filled with vitality; the power of life was coursing through her body endlessly!

Of course, the biggest change was in the bones in her body.

Affected by that special energy, Yues bones gradually became jade-like.

If one were to inspect it with ones spiritual sense, it would look like a perfect piece of art.


Most importantly, hidden within these jade-like bones was an extremely sharp sword qi.

“Almost done!”

15 minutes passed quickly.

Yues aura had undergone an earth-shattering change, like a divine sword that was about to awaken.

Most importantly, the awakening of the Sword Jade physique not only strengthened Yues body, but also filled her dantian with the special energy!

With a cracking sound, Yue directly stepped into the tenth level of the qi transformation state!

However, it did not end there.

The spiritual power in Yues dantian and meridians began to compress at an extremely fast speed.

Not long after, the originally abundant spiritual power in her dantian transformed into extremely pure liquid.

This was the true essence that only true essence state cultivators possessed.

The transformation of spiritual power into true essence represented a qualitative change!

At the same time, it also meant that Yue had stepped into the true essence state!

However, the surprises brought about by the awakening of the Sword Jade physique were far from over!

The liquid true essence once again surged up, transforming into a powerful force that crazily boosted her cultivation.

First level of the true essence state…

Second level of the true essence state…



And finally the fifth level of the true essence state!

After Yue stepped into the fifth level of the true essence state, the surging true essence in her body finally calmed down.

At this moment, the Sword Jade physique in her body had finally been completely activated!


In an instant, with Yue at the center, an invisible gust of wind suddenly swept out over the surroundings.

The special energy in her jade-like bones became even more dazzling, expelling the impurities in Yues body!

At the same time, Yues temperament also underwent a huge change!

If Yue had been a beautiful young girl in her prime before, then Yue was now a celestial maiden from the heavens who had descended to the mortal world, untainted by the filth of the mortal world!

Her peerless beauty, beautiful star-like eyes, jade-like skin, and a smile that moved ones heart… She could truly be said to be a beauty that could topple kingdoms and cities!


Seeing this, Ye Xuan became absent-minded.


Yues small cherry mouth opened slightly, and a pleasant voice could be heard.

Her beautiful eyes were filled with mirth.

She had already noticed the changes in her cultivation.

She was now a bona fide fifth-level true essence state cultivator.

Who would have imagined that, ten days ago, she had only been a mere fourth-level refinement state cultivator


“Ahem!” Hearing this, Ye Xuan quickly came back to his senses and then smiled in satisfaction.

“Very good!”

Of course, no one knew whether Ye Xuan was referring to Yues appearance or her cultivation.

At this moment, several lines of virtual text appeared in front of Ye Xuans eyes again, which displayed information about Yue.

Comprehension: 234

Innate bone value: 229

Sword Jade Physique: A rare physique that is naturally compatible with Sword Dao.

Its owners bones are like fine jade.

When this physique is cultivated to the great success stage, the owner can cultivate the most powerful sword qi in the world.

“I didnt expect her innate bone value to rise this much…” Seeing this, Ye Xuan was surprised.

“Ding! As the host has helped his disciple to awaken the Sword Jade physique, a random 32 times feedback critical hit has been obtained.

Congratulations, the host has obtained the Sword Overlord physique!”


At this moment, a system notification suddenly rang out in Ye Xuans mind.


At the same time, an extremely terrifying power suddenly gushed out of Ye Xuans body.

It contained an extremely tyrannical aura, as if it was trying to tear the world apart!


“Master, what happened!”

Seeing this, Yue could not help but turn pale with fright, because that incomparably tyrannical power not only tore through space, but also swept toward her!


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