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Gongsun Batian could not help but sigh when he saw this scene.

Although he did not want to see his precious granddaughter sad, this girl was too arrogant.

It was not necessarily a bad wake up call for her.

“I am the strongest genius of the Nanzhou Region! How can there be another cultivator who is more talented than me Moreover, she is the same age as I am…”

Gongsun Yao muttered to herself, her eyes filled with disbelief.

Ever since she awakened the Empress Ice body, her level of talent had skyrocketed.

Unfortunately, Gongsun Yao was up against Li Qingyan.

Li Qingyan had awakened the dual-spirit physique, which was a rare constitution with both fire and wood attributes.

She was a natural alchemist!

Gongsun Yaos Empress Ice body was indeed rare, but unfortunately, not only did Li Qingyan awaken the dual-spirit physique, but with Ye Xuans help, her innate bone value and comprehension value had increased as well.

Adding these factors together, Li Qingyan was undoubtedly better.

Most importantly, with Ye Xuans cheat system, Gongsun Yao would never be able to catch up to Li Qingyan in her lifetime.

“Qingyun sect… Qingyun sect… What kind of faction is this”

Gongsun Yaos face was full of unwillingness!

“The Qingyun sects origin is very simple.

It is from a backward place that you looked down on previously.

It is from an empire that is ranked within the lower half of the empires in the Nanzhou Region.

The Qingyun sect is one of the top-ranked sects of the Great Qian Dynasty,” Gongsun Batian said slowly.

Hearing this, Gongsun Yao immediately fell silent and went blank.

“Look! The qualifications rankings have changed again!”

“Whats going on today Why is the list getting updated so often Is it so easy to get on the qualifications rankings”

“So far, this is the third person on the list, right”

At this moment, the crowd was in a heated discussion once again.

Gongsun Yao, who was lost in thought, suddenly woke up and looked up at the list.

Gongsun Batian and Gongsun Wans expressions changed as well.

They then raised their heads to look!

The dazzling golden light that had accompanied Gongsun Yaos ranking had yet to dissipate when an even more dazzling light suddenly flashed.

Following that, another name appeared on the qualifications rankings.

“4,622th place: Yue, Actual Age: 13, 37 levels, Nanzhou Region, Qingyun sect!”


When the crowd saw the ranking on the list, they were stunned as if they had been struck by lightning.

“Theres someone who actually ranked 4,622nd, and shes only 13 years old Isnt this too unbelievable”

“Brothers, you missed the main point.

This Yue person is also from the Qingyun sect…”

“Just what kind of sacred place is this Qingyun sect How can there be so many monstrous geniuses”

Everyones eyes were filled with disbelief.

Gongsun Yao had reached the ninth level of the purple spirit realm at the age of sixteen, and she had even awakened the Empress Ice body.

Even so, her ranking was only around 20,000th.

However, the two cultivators who had appeared out of nowhere from the Qingyun sect were ranked above Gongsun Yao on the list.

Did everyone not say that Gongsun Yao was the strongest genius in the Nanzhou Region

How could she be surpassed by other cultivators Moreover, both those cultivators belonged to the same sect.

The Qingyun sect!

These three words were deeply engraved in the minds of all the cultivators.

“How is this possible This is absolutely impossible!”

When Gongsun Yao saw this, her eyes widened in disbelief.

She had already found it hard to accept being surpassed by Li Qingyan.

Now, Yues 4,000th place ranking had dealt a heavy blow to her.

She could accept it if these two people were the descendants of a super empire or an ancient holy land.

However, these two people were both from the Great Qian Dynasty and belonged to the Qingyun sect, both of which she had never heard of.

What the hell was going on How could there be such monstrous geniuses in the Nanzhou Region Why had she not heard of them before

In fact, she was not the only clueless one.

“Who are they Who are they”

Gongsun Yao looked at the crowd in a daze, trying to find traces of Li Qingyan Li and Yue amidst the crowd.

However, this white space was filled with densely-packed cultivators.

How could she find Li Qingyan and Yue

“Her ranking is pretty good!”

Ye Xuan looked at his disciples ranking and could not help but smile.

When Yues name appeared on the list just now, he had already ended his cultivation, and his control of his power had once again recovered to 100%.

The appraisal of a cultivators aptitude by the Tower of Heaven was different from the systems appraisal.

In general, the systems appraisal of a cultivator was a little more detailed, and it could indicate the cultivators innate bone value and comprehension value in numerical figures.

As for the appraisal of a cultivators aptitude by the Tower of Heaven, it was calculated based on their performance in the Tower of Heavens trials.

In short, if the cultivators had reached the same cultivation level, the younger one would definitely be regarded as the more talented one.

In Ye Xuans view, this appraisal algorithm was fairly low-level, far inferior to the system.

At least in terms of the systems calculations, whether it was comprehension value or cultivation talent, Li Qingyan was undoubtedly stronger.

However, based on the Tower of Heavens calculations, as Yue was three years younger, her ranking on the list was far higher than Li Qingyans.

This appraisal method was indeed too lacking.

“If that little girl, Zhao Yuyan, enters the tower, although she will likely only reach the tenth level, because of her age and strength, she will definitely be ranked very high on the list!”

Zhao Yuyan was only seven years old, but she had already awakened the Demon Devourer Body.

Moreover, her cultivation had reached the tenth level of the qi transformation realm.

Even if she could not pass the tenth level, the Tower of Heaven would definitely rank her highly..

“Its my turn now! Its said that if I can reach the top of the Tower of Heaven its possible that Ill obtain the inheritance left behind by that ancient expert.

I wonder how strong that ancient expert is.”

“Forget it! Lets not think about this for now.

I just hope that Ill obtain a method to temper my spiritual sense from all of this.”

Ye Xuan looked at the Tower of Heaven.

What he needed the most now was a method to temper his spiritual sense, which he hoped that he would get from the Tower of Heaven.

Therefore, regardless of whether the inheritance left behind by the ancient powerhouse had such a method or not, he had to give it a go.

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