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Immediately, everyone left Zhao Yuyan.

A large empty area was formed around Zhao Yuyan, just like all those times in the past.

“Im sorry… I… I didnt mean to…”

Zhao Yuyan subconsciously lowered her head, her small hands clutching the corners of her clothes.

“I… I dont have the same aura anymore.

I wont bring bad luck to others now…”

Zhao Yuyans voice became less and less confident.

Her voice was as soft as a mosquito.

No one could hear her other than herself.

“Hehe! You were born to be a jinx.

In the past, you even knew how to admit your mistakes.

Who would have thought that after only a few days, you would actually dare to lie in front of everyone Do you think that you have caused too few deaths”

“Others might not know, but I am different.

Everyone who gets close to you will either end up dead or injured.”

Seeing this, Li Xueyan revealed a cold smile.

Previously, she had accidentally gotten close to Zhao Yuyan.

After that, she had been unlucky for a very long time, and had even seen the person she liked fall in love with another person.

One had to know that the two of them were in an intimate relationship back then.

However, later on, Li Xueyan also understood the real reason.

That senior was just a scumbag who just wanted to play with her feelings.

Even so, Li Xueyan still resented Zhao Yuyan.

She thought that if it was not for Zhao Yuyan, none of this would have happened.

If it was not for this jinx, how could she have such a tragic fate

“I… I have a teacher now.

My teacher told me that… I will never bring bad luck to anyone else anymore…”

Zhao Yuyans small hands gripped the corners of her clothes tightly as she uttered those words with some grievance.

Her teacher had already helped her suppress the Demonic Devourer Body.

Why would these people still misunderstand her

“Teacher Hehe, this is really laughable.

How could someone accept a jinx like you as a disciple”

“I guess your teacher didnt see your true colors.

You shouldnt kill your teacher!”

“A jinx like you should die alone.

Why did you come out and harm others”

Li Xueyan said sarcastically.

“Shut up! Dont you dare talk about my teacher like that!”

Hearing Li Xueyan Insult Ye Xuan, Zhao Yuyan suddenly became angry.

Seeing this, Li Xueyan was shocked.

She had never seen Zhao Yuyan put up a fight.

Previously, no matter how they cursed or insulted Zhao Yuyan, this little girl would only bear it.

She did not dare to retort and would even take the initiative to leave.

However, this jinx was now angry

She actually saw monstrous anger in Zhao Yuyans eyes.

Hehe, so what if she was angry She was just a jinx and a weak cultivator.

There was nothing to fear.

If she had not been afraid of being contaminated by this jinxs bad luck again, she would have gone over and slapped her.

She was not the only one who wanted to teach Zhao Yuyan a good lesson.

There were even many in the White Moon Tower who wished that Zhao Yuyan would die an early death.

However, no one dared to make a move because anyone who got close to Zhao Yuyan would be contaminated by her bad luck.

If they were to personally kill her, who knew what the consequences would be.

This was also the reason why Zhao Yuyan was still able to survive despite being hated by everyone.

After all, how could her purple spirit realm mother protect her

“Hmph! You have the confidence to fight back after obtaining a teacher, huh You actually dare to act arrogantly in front of me”

“Didnt I just say a few words to you Whats there to be unhappy about A jinx is a jinx.

Even if you become someones disciple, you will bring all kinds of bad luck to your teacher.

You will personally cause his death!”

“In my opinion, your teacher is really blind to actually accept a jinx like you as his disciple!”

A cold smile hung on her lips.

“Dont speak ill of my teacher!”

The anger in Zhao Yuyans eyes grew stronger as the mark of a large bird slowly lit up between her brows.

Just as the firewing in Zhao Yuyans body was about to come out, a warm and gentle palm was slowly placed on Zhao Yuyans shoulder.

“My Teachers disciple and my junior sister… Is she someone you can bully”

At the same time, a cold voice rang out.

Li Xueyans expression changed when she saw this.

A bright light flashed past, and a peerless beauty suddenly appeared behind Zhao Yuyan.

“Senior Sister Yue!”

Zhao Yuyan looked at Yue behind her and could no longer suppress her emotions.

“Who are you”

Seeing this, Li Xueyan could not help but frown and stared at Yue.

“That isnt important.

Whats important is that you actually dared to insult my teacher and my junior sister.

You… will definitely pay the price!”

Yue held the Qingyun sword and slowly walked forward while keeping Zhao Yuyan behind her.

“You said that this jinx is your junior sister”

Hearing this, Li Xueyan was stunned, and then a cold smile appeared on her face.

“Hehe, I didnt expect that you two actually came from the same sect.

You might not know this, but this b*tch in front of you is…”

However, before she could finish her words, Yues figure suddenly disappeared.


Moments, a loud sound suddenly resounded across the sky.

A huge force suddenly slammed onto Li Xueyans face, causing the latter to spin several times in the air before ruthlessly smashing into the ground.

At the same time, a bright red palm print appeared on Li Xueyans face, and a few broken teeth also appeared on the ground.

“You… you actually dared to attack me”

Li Xueyan was completely dumbfounded.

This was the War God Hall! Was she not worried about the punishment from the War God Hall

“Hehe, so what if I attacked you If it werent for the rules of the War God Hall, you would be dead right now!”

Someone actually insulted her teacher and junior sister in public.

How could Yue stand for that

She could tolerate others insulting her, but she would never allow others to insult her teacher.

That was an absolute taboo in her heart!


When Li Xueyan heard this, she was furious.

She naturally knew the rules of the War God Hall, and she also knew that Yue definitely would not dare to kill her.

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