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Therefore, Ye Xuan wanted to stabilize his cultivation foundation before the War God Hall opened.

With his current comprehension value, half a day would be enough.

Moreover, with his strength, he might be able to fight for the peak position when the War God Hall opened.

It was said that the War God Hall contained a ranking board.

Any cultivator who was ranked on the board would receive extremely generous rewards, especially the cultivator who took first place.

The first-ranked cultivator could even obtain a huge inheritance from a super faction!

Therefore, Ye Xuan planned to try and see if the inheritance contained the heavenly treasures that he needed, as well as a cultivation method that could temper his spiritual sense.

Once the War God Hall closed, the mystic realm would also close.

At that time, it was time for him to travel to the Radiant Sky Empire to search for Zhao Yuyan.

Then, Ye Xuan calmed his heart and slowly examined the power coursing through his body.

After performing spiritual power infusion on Zhao Yuyan, he had already reached the second level of the unity realm, and was even close to reaching the third level.

At that point, his level of control of his strength had hovered around 95% .

However, because he had used the power of lightning to temper his body and improve his control over his power, the figure had increased to 98% .

As long as he stabilized his cultivation foundation now, he would be able to further increase the level of control he had.

However, as ones level of control over ones power gradually approached 100%, every tiny increase would become as difficult as ascending to the heavens.

Therefore, Ye Xuan was very eager to find a cultivation method that could temper his spiritual sense.

He hoped that the War God Hall would not let him down.

As time slowly passed, the discussions among the crowd gradually stopped.

Some cultivators once again sat cross-legged, wanting to make a final struggle to see if a miracle could happen.


The entire mystic realm suddenly shook, and mysterious fluctuations rippled in the space around the mystic realm.

All the cultivators in the mystic realm, whether they were fighting or cultivating, were instantly forcefully awakened by these mysterious fluctuations.

“The War God Hall is about to open!”

Some cultivators shouted excitedly.

Other than those cultivators who were in life-or-death battles, the rest stopped what they were doing and waited for the mystic realm to send them to the War God Hall.

The War God Hall was the biggest opportunity in the Moon Demon mystic realm, and they naturally would not miss it.

“Teacher, what is the War God Hall”

Looking at the surprised expressions of the cultivators around her, Zhao Yuyan could not help but blink her eyes and look at Ye Xuan curiously.

She had only entered the mystic realm to pick spiritual herbs for her mother, so she had no clue about the opportunities in the mystic realm, much less the War God Hall.

“The War God Hall is an independent space in the mystic realm.

There are great opportunities inside…”

Ye Xuan looked at Zhao Yuyan and explained with a smile.

War God Hall!

It was the greatest opportunity in the Moon Demon mystic realm, and a space independent of the mystic realm.

Its territory was vast and boundless.

Although many cultivators had entered the War God Hall, they had yet to fully explore and map it out.

However, they didknow that the Tower of Heaven was inside it.

The Tower of Heaven was divided into 99 floors.

Any cultivator who entered the War God Hall and passed the test was qualified to enter the Tower of Heaven.

Any cultivator who passed the trials of ten floors would receive a reward from the Tower of Heaven.

It was said that if a cultivator could reach the 90th floor, they would receive a huge reward from the Tower of Heaven for each trial they passed.

Of course, this was only a legend!

Since the opening of the mystic realm, no cultivator had ever been able to reach the 90th floor Moreover, there was a legend that if a cultivator could reach the top of the Tower of Heaven, they would be able to learn the true secrets behind the Moon Demon mystic realm, and also obtain the true inheritance of the mystic realm.

However, in order to obtain a good ranking in the Tower of Babel, one required not only strength, but also talent.

The Tower of Heaven assessed and determined talent based on the cultivators age and cultivation level.

Of course, the Tower of Heaven lacked the objective and accurate measurement of the system, which could accurately calculate a cultivators innate bone value and comprehension value.

“Once the War God Hall opens, the cultivators in the mystic realm will be instantly transported inside, but they will be randomly teleported around the War God Hall.”

“Therefore, after the War God Hall opens, I may be separated from you,” Ye Xuan.

Of course, the War God Hall also had an extremely crucial rule, which was that cultivators were not allowed to kill each other.

If anyone dared to violate the rule, they would be forcefully wiped out by the power of the War God Halls rules.

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