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At this moment, under the tempering of the lightning bolts, Ye Xuans body was being strengthened rapidly.

Of course, Ye Xuans ultimate goal was not to temper his body.

He could sense the endless power of lightning tempering every cell within his body, and he could feel it coursing through his veins.

What Ye Xuan really wanted to do was comprehend the Heavenly Lightning intent itself, and not just its embryonic form.

At this moment, the epiphany experience was still ongoing, which was why he had charged directly into the thunderstorm cloud.

With the help of the embryonic form of the Heavenly Lightning intent, he started to comprehend the essence of the power of lightning.

When the endless power of lightning coursed through his veins, he gained many insights.

As time passed, Ye Xuans comprehension of the Heavenly Lightning intent became deeper and deeper.

Suddenly, the epiphany ended, and the endless lightning bolts from the thunderstorm cloud also ceased.

Ye Xuan slowly stretched out his hand, and the countless thunder snakes wriggled along his fingertips, exuding destructive power.

Moments later, these lightning snakes transformed into birds, beasts, and all kinds of lifeforms.

“Ive finally succeeded in comprehending the Heaven;y Lightning intent!”

Ye Xuan was overjoyed.

He had successfully comprehended the first level of the Heavenly Lightning intent.

The endless power of lightning in the thunderstorm was extremely terrifying, but could not harm Ye Xuan at this point.

Lightning was now his friend.

Sparks of lightning flew from his fingertips, like a mini fireworks display.


Ye Xuan exhaled deeply, and then seemed to have thought of something.

He took out a piece of clothing from his storage ring and put it on.

“What happened”

“Why did the power of lightning suddenly disappear”

“Uh… Im not too sure either…”

Countless cultivators looked at each other and saw the confusion in each others eyes.

However, they suddenly had an inexplicable thought.

It seemed that an extremely extraordinary thing had just happened.

Of course, they never thought that Ye Xuan could comprehend the actual Heavenly Lightning intent.

After all, comprehending the embryonic form of the Heavenly Lightning intent was already shocking enough.

Still, the disappearance of the power of lightning might be related to that fellow.

What on Earth did he do

Could it be that by comprehending the embryonic form of the Heavenly Lightning intent, he could control the endless power of lightning in thethunderstorm cloud

Everyones minds were full of questions.


At this moment, Ye Xuan turned into a streak of light and slowly landed on the Heavenly Lightning Pool, catching everyones attention.

Their eyes were filled with jealousy, eagerness, shock, confusion, and so on.


Once Ye Xuan left the Heavenly Lightning Pool, the lightning bolts started descending again.

When everyone saw this, their pupils constricted.

For tens of thousands of years, the power of lightning here had never once stopped, yet it had dones so today.

Once Ye Xuan left the Heavenly Lightning Pool, the people around him could see his face clearly,

“Its him!”

“Ye Xuan! Its Ye Xuan!”

“This is too unbelievable… How did this guy do it”

“Still, its understandable if its this guy.

After all, everything that happens around this guy is absolutely ridiculous.”

The cultivators from the Great Qian Dynasty were shocked and almost scared out of their wits.

After all, the distance between him and them was akin to the distance between heaven and earth.

However, others were unable to determine his identity.

“Ye Xuan, you said that this guys name is Ye Xuan”

“Judging from the tone of your voice, it seems that you come from the same place”

The cultivators of the Nanzhou Region asked around curiously.

“Of course.

This guy is the strongest genius of our Great Qian Dynasty!”

“You may not know this, but Ye Xuan reached the unity realm at the age of 20!”

When the cultivators of the Great Qian Dynasty heard those around them enquiring about Ye Xuan, they began to introduce Ye Xuan proudly.

Although their own strength was very weak, it was a blessing to be in the same empire as such a prodigy.

“How… How is that possible Are you telling the truth He reached the unity realm at the age of 20”

“Brother, arent you going overboard There should be some limit to your bragging!”

“If you say that this guy entered the Xudan realm at the age of 20, then I can at least believe it.

If he entered the true core realm at the age of 20, I can barely believe it! However, if you say that this guy reached the unity realm at the age of 20, then your bragging realm is simply out of this world!”

“I know that you find it hard to believe.

My initial reaction was exactly the same as yours, but theres nothing that can be done about it.

Its the truth.”

“Didnt you see him successfully comprehend the embryonic form of the Heavenly lightning intent now What are his previous achievements compared to what he accomplished earlier

“Ah, this…”

“The Great Qian Dynasty… I seem to have a little impression of it.

Ists to be a faction at the bottom ranks of the Nanzhou Region, right”

“Such a trash faction actually managed toproduce such a peerless genius”

“Donrt lie to use.

That guy must be from a super dynasty or holy land.

Otherwise, how could he comprehend the embryonic form of the heavenly lightning intent within such a short time”

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