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The thunderstorm cloud spat out more lightning.

Seeing this, Ye Xuan could not help but narrow his eyes.

Right below the thunderstorm cloud, there was a pool.

Rather than calling it a pool, it was more like a lake.

However, unlike an ordinary lake, the surface of the lake was crackling with heavenly lightning.

The lightning bolts that fell from the thunderstorm cloud all landed in this lake.

This was the Heavenly Lightning Pool.


The flashes of lightning, and rumble of thunder, was unceasing.

Low-level cultivators would probably suffer injuries from the sound of thunder alone.

The faces of Zhao Yuyan, Yue, and Huang Ling paled!

This was not ordinary lightning.

These lightning bolts contained the power to injure a core formation stage expert.

If all of the lightning contained within the thunderstorm cloud were to erupt at once, even a unity realm expert might not be able to survive.

After all, the lightning contained extremely terrifying destructive power, which could wreak havoc on even the divine elements within a unity realm experts body.

Only such a place could increase a cultivators chances of comprehending the embryonic form of the Heavenly Lightning intent.

There were only ten supreme intents in the world, and these supreme intents also corresponded to the incomparably terrifying supreme laws.

Among the supreme intents, the Heavenly Lightning intent was known for its destructive power.

As Ye Xuan gradually approached the Heavenly Lightning Pool, the number of cultivators in his field of vision was as numerous as sand on the beach.

By his estimation, the number of cultivators here probably exceeded 200,000.

Moreover, everyone here was an expert.

Top-notch core formation realm experts were only considered ordinary cultivators here.

These core formation realm cultivators were basically all from the Nanzhou Region, but there were also very few who came from other regions.

Even unity realm experts were not rare here.

Ye Xuans spiritual sense had detected at least thirty of them.

These supreme experts did not have much interest in the heavenly treasures of the mystic realm.

Instead, they preferred to use the Heavenly Lightning Pool to try to comprehend this supreme intent.

Of course, there were also some experts who wanted to search for heavenly treasures in the mystic realm, such as the Buddha Spirit fruit and Dream Nebula spirit fruit.

With such spiritual items, they would be able to use the epiphany to increase their probability of comprehending the embryonic form of the Heavenly Lightning intent.

However, such treasures were rare, and finding one was dependent on ones luck.

Moreover, even a rare heavenly treasure like that would not help if you had insufficient comprehension value.

Ye Xuan had already scanned the crowd and found that most of their comprehension values were lacking.

After Ye Xuan scanned the cultivators, he found that the one with the highest comprehension value had barely surpassed 300 points.

Of course, there were too many cultivators here, so Ye Xuan could not check them one by one.

There might be experts with higher comprehension value.

Ye Xuans arrival did not attract too much attention.

Everyone was focused on trying to comprehend the Heavenly Lightning intent.

At the Heavenly Lightning Pool, peaceful comprehension seemed to be the common consensus.

There were no cultivators here to cause trouble.

After all, that would easily interfere with the comprehension of other cultivators.

When that happened, they would become everyones enemies and be attacked by the crowd.

Ye Xuan was naturally happy about this.

Then, Ye Xuan raised his head and looked at the thunderstorm cloud in the sky.

Suddenly, he saw an illusion!

Why did it feel like a hole had appeared in the sky

“The destructive power of the Heavenly Lightning intent is indeed terrifying! It can actually affect the perception of a unity realm expert!”

Ye Xuan could not help but squint his eyes.

Then, he brought Zhao Yuyan, Yue and Huang Ling to cultivate.

They could choose to cultivate their own techniques, or they could try to comprehend the Heavenly Lightning concept here.

Yue and the others were also clear that they should not disturb Ye Xuan during this time.

Then, they obediently sat down and started cultivating.

Zhao Yuyan imitated Ye Xuans posture and sat cross-legged, trying to cultivate.

This little girls comprehension value was even higher than Ye Xuans, but she did not think about comprehending the Heavenly Lightning intent.

Instead, she focused on comprehending the cultivation methods and martial techniques that Ye Xuan had previously taught her.

After Ye Xuan started cultivating, the power in his dantian swept out and slowly refined the Dream Nebula spirit fruit.

Then, he carefully comprehended the power of lightning contained in the Heavenly Lightning Pool.

The power of lightning was the strongest at the center of the Heavenly Lightning Pool.

Huang Ling did not choose to comprehend the Heavenly Lightning intent either.

After all, she had not even started to comprehend the embryonic form of her own sword intent.

Something like a supreme intent was beyond her.

She carefully studied the aura concealing technique and windstorm slash that Ye Xuan had previously taught her.

Beside her, Yue tried to comprehend the power of lightning contained within the Heavenly Lightning Pool, but after some trial and error, she found that she had gained nothing.

In fact, this was very normal.

Although Yues comprehension value had increased, it had not even reached 300 points, so how could she comprehend the embryonic form of the Heavenly Lightning intent

Of course, compared to the cultivators of the Great Qian Dynasty, Yue was already extremely outstanding.

After learning that she could not comprehend the power of lightning, Yue focused on studying the techniques that Ye Xuan had previously taught her.

At the same time, she stabilized her own cultivation foundation.

With Ye Xuans help, she had broken through very quickly, which resulted in a marginal loss of her ability to control her strength, which was currently around 92%.

Therefore, Yue needed to spend some time stabilizing her own cultivation foundation properly in order to increase the degree of control over her own power.

Just like that, time slowly passed, and the number of cultivators gathered around the Heavenly Lightning Pool gradually increased.


The thunderstorm cloud would continuously emit lightning bolts containing terrifying destructive force, which struck the Heavenly Lightning Pool.

The moment when these lightning bolts struck the Heavenly Lightning Pool was the moment when the Heavenly Lightning intent manifested.

Every cultivator tried to seize this moment.

However, it was too brief and too complex, causing them to be unable to comprehend anything.

They felt that there was an insurmountable chasm between them and the Heavenly Lightning intent, and a fog that kept them from sensing the intent clearly.

Due to this, they could neither cross the chasm nor clear the fog.

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