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As soon as the words left his mouth, the entire hall fell into a state of deathly silence.

One could even hear a pin drop!

Everyones pupils constricted abruptly.

Their eyes were filled with shock, as if a bolt of lightning had exploded in their minds!

After all, not only was that person who responded the owner of the auction, he was also one of the three strongest experts in Jiaohei city, a peerless expert whose cultivation had reached the early stage of the empty core state!

Yet he had actually called that young man “Sir” It even seemed like he was trying to curry favor with him!

Did that not mean that this young mans cultivation had already reached an extremely terrifying stage At the very least, he was at the late stage of the empty core state!

Or… could it be that this fellows strength had reached the true core state

When he thought of this, Feng Yitais expression changed greatly.

His heart was filled with despair, and his body could not help but tremble.

If the young man had just been a middle-stage empty core state cultivator, that persons attitude would not have been so ingratiating, and would not have allowed the young man to break the rules he set!


He had to run quickly!

Presently, escaping was the only thought running through Feng Yitais mind.

If the young mans cultivation had made the owner of the auction house so fearful, would it not be an easy matter for him to annihilate the Evil Blood sect

Instantly, a small sword suddenly appeared in Feng Yitais right hand.

This small sword was the treasure he had obtained in the sword tomb back then.

It was also his strongest trump card.

As long as he crushed the small sword, he would be able to fuse with the mysterious sword qi in his dantian and transform into a sharp longsword.

His speed would increase several-fold in that state.

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This was also his most precious item and trump card.

Were it not for this moment of life and death, he would not have been willing to use it.

Whether it was the Violet Orchid, the soul-returning pill, or the Xingjian grass or this small sword, they were all insignificant compared to his life.

He had to survive!


Feng Yitais body suddenly emitted a resplendent light, and then transformed into an incomparably sharp longsword, flying out of the auction house.

Thanks to the augmentation of the mysterious sword qi, Feng Yitais speed surpassed the limits of a purple spirit state cultivator, and had almost reached the speed of a middle-stage empty core state cultivator.

The sword qi contained a terrifying power, and it immediately alarmed the other two core formation state cultivators in Jiaohei city.

Within two splendid courtyards of Jiaohei city, two middle-aged men simultaneously raised their heads to look at the sharp sword qi that had burst forth from the auction house.

“This persons cultivation is only at the peak of the purple spirit state.

He must have used some kind of trump card to have gained the speed of the middle-stage of the empty core state cultivator, right”

“Such a trump card is quite rare.

Even I might not be able to catch up to him!”

The two middle-aged men could not help but narrow their eyes slightly when they saw this scene.

However, what made them quite puzzled was that the source of these power fluctuations was the auction house.

From the looks of it, he seemed to be running away.

Could it be that the fellow from the auction house had targeted him

Throughout the entire Jiaohei city, the only person who could force a peak purple spirit state cultivator to use his trump card to run away was the one in charge of the auction house.

However, by the time countless experts were shocked by Feng Yitais trump card, he had already passed through the entire city in an instant and arrived at the edge of Jiaohei city.

The sharp sword qi on his body was tearing through the sky and rushing towards the dangerous mountain range.

However, at this moment, a scene that shocked countless cultivators suddenly occurred!

An incomparably resplendent divine sword suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

In an instant, it pierced through countless layers of clouds.

It contained terrifying lightning energy.

It suddenly appeared above Feng Yitai!

That divine sword was suffused with an incomparably terrifying amount of energy.

The mere fluctuations from the sword almost tore Feng Yitai apart!

Feng Yitais expression changed drastically when he saw this, and a sense of impending doom arose in his heart.

Following that, under the gaze of countless cultivators, the divine sword released a terrifying lightning energy.

In an instant, it slashed toward Feng Yi Tai!

“Im unwilling to die like this!”

Accompanied by an incomparably desperate scream, Feng Yitai was instantly submerged by the surging lightning energy!


At the same time, a deep pit that was dozens of meters deep appeared on the ground.

The deep pit was still filled with sparks from the terrifying lightning energy.

However, Feng Yitais figure had long been disintegrated.

“How is this possible…”

When the other two empty core state cultivators saw this, their expressions changed drastically.

Their gazes landed on the deep pit, and their eyes were filled with shock!

Such terrifying power! This was beyond the power of an empty core state cultivator!

Not only that, if it had been them who faced such a terrifying attack, even if they were lucky enough to survive, they would still be heavily injured.

Most importantly, the lightning energy within the divine sword was extremely terrifying, yet the opponent had forcibly controlled the destructive power within an extremely small range.

What did this mean It meant that the opponents control over his own strength had already reached an extremely terrifying level!

Just where did this expert come from His strength had probably reached the true core state, right

Of course, Jiaohei city had also seen true core realm cultivators before, but it had already been five or six years since one had appeared here.

“This… This lord is actually a true core state expert…”

Not only were the two middle-aged men shocked, but the one in the auction house was even more shocked!

Previously, he only had some speculation about this, but now he could finally confirm that the seemingly nondescript young mans strength had already reached the terrifying true core state!

Thinking othis, he could not help but look at Ye Xuan with respect.

That handsome face, coupled with the fact that he was only 20 years old and had such terrifying strength… Could it be that person!

That did not seem quite right.

The cultivation of that person from the Qingyun sect was only at the middle stage of the empty core state.

No matter how monstrous his talent was, it was impossible for him to break through to the true core state at the age of 20, right

The auction house owner rubbed his chin in deep thought.

At the same time, Lin You, who was not too far away, revealed an expression of lingering fear.

Fortunately, he had not been as impulsive as Feng Yitai earlier.

Otherwise, he would have been the one who would have died instead.

The commander of the Evil Blood sect had already been heavily injured.

Now that their deputy commander had fallen, it was basically over for them.

How would they have the strength to continue fighting with the Shadow Tower

“Power! This is the absolute power that I have always desired!”

“Only absolute power can make all my enemies yield.”

Seeing this scene, Li Qingyan could not help but look at Ye Xuan with bright eyes.

This guy looked so young.

He was probably only a few years older than her, right However, this guys strength was so terrifying.

How did he do it

One had to know that the person in charge of the auction house had reached the empty core state, but when facing Ye Xuan, he personally broke the rules that he had set.

As expected, the strongest fist in the world reigned supreme.

For a moment, many thoughts appeared in Li Qingyans mind.

If she also had such terrifying strength, would the Li family still need to worry about their enemies

No, it should be said, would those people even dare to be enemies with the Li family

Ye Xuans senses were very sharp, so he naturally noticed the change in Li Qingyans expression.

However, when his gaze fell on Li Qingyans face, she lowered her head in extreme panic.


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