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Zhao Yuyan looked at the firewing in front of her in shock.

Compared to the size of this big bird, she was miniscule.

While Zhao Yuyan was in a daze, Ye Xuan reached out and grabbed the firewing.

Then, a drop of blood essence that was emitting a bright light suddenly appeared.

Moments later, Ye Xuans index finger gently pointed toward Zhao Yuyan.

The firewings summoning pattern suddenly appeared on the latters forehead.

A bright blue light flashed, following which the huge flaming bird suddenly turned into a streak of light and disappeared into the space between Zhao Yuyans brows.

“Is… Is this my demon beast companion”

Zhao Yuyan was stunned.

She actually had a demon beast companion with such terrifying strength.

Was she dreaming

“Thats right! He will protect you while Im away,” Ye Xuan said with a smile.

“Thank you, Teacher.

Teacher is too good to me!”

Seeing this, Zhao Yuyan could not help but reveal a sweet smile.

Her delicate little hand tugged on Ye Xuans arm.

“Ding! As the host has given his disciple a firewing (Mid-grade Tier 5), the host has received a randomized 98x critical reward.

Congratulations! The host has obtained the Black Flaming Eagle (Low-grade Tier 6)!”

As soon as the notification ended, an enormous eagle suddenly appeared in Ye Xuans system storage.

Its feathers were pitch-black, and its beak was like dazzling gold.

Other than that, there was a black flame on the crown of the bird.

The Black Flame Eagle was as strong as a first-level unity realm cultivator!

After examining it, Ye Xuan felt that ordinary first-level unity realm cultivators would not be a match for the Black Flame Eagle.

Honestly, he had not even used the firewing once before changing mounts.

It was somewhat of a waste.

He had to use his mount more in the future, otherwise it would just end up becoming an endless cycle of giving and receiving.

Moreover, he was also very curious as to how fast a unity realm mount would be.

Flying demon beasts were known for being faster than humans at the same cultivation level.

If he had the Black Flaming Eagle back then, the monk would probably have not been able to escape.

Then, Ye Xuan carefully selected some pills and gave them to Zhao Yuyan.

He also received the corresponding rewards from the system.

Of course, compared to the high reward multipliers from earlier, these ones were more normal.

“Oh right! I havent given you a storage ring yet!”

Ye Xuan realized this when he saw Zhao Yuyans small hands frantically trying to hold all of the pills.

He laughed.

He picked a few storage rings, but found that her fingers were too tiny for the rings.

Then, Ye Xuan carefully rummaged through his storage ring.

After searching for a while, he finally found a suitable storage bracelet!

The size of this storage bracelet was just right for Zhao Yuyan, and it could also store things.

While storage rings were the predominant accessory used for storage, there were also storage bracelets and belts.

There were also rarer ones, like the fat monks bowl.

This bracelet had been obtained from looting the Xuanyin sect back then.

Unfortunately, compared to the storage ring, the storage space within was much smaller, less than 20 cubic meters.

Of course, this was sufficient for Zhao Yuyan to use for the time being.

In any case, he did not lack spatial storage equipment.

He had nearly thirty of them.

Therefore, he was not bothered about getting a good system reward for this.

In addition, the system had its own storage space, which was immense.

Some of the things that Ye Xuan had thrown inside had only occupied a tiny bit of space inside it!

After simply teaching Zhao Yuyan how to use the storage bracelet, Ye Xuan thought of another matter.

He reached out and gently tapped the storage bracelet, concealing the spatial fluctuations of the bracelet.

As such, as long as Zhao Yuyan did not use the storage bracelet in front of other cultivators, those below the unity realm would not be able to discover the bracelets spatial fluctuations.

As the saying goes, even an innocent man could be convicted out of greed.

This little girl was only seven years old, and she was still weak.

If other cultivators found out that she had a storage bracelet, they would definitely try to snatch it from her.

Although Ye Xuan did not fancy this little storage bracelet, in the eyes of ordinary cultivators, it could be said to be an extremely rare spatial storage treasure.

Even ordinary purple spirit realm cultivators might not have a storage ring.

“This pill is a life recovery pill.

When you return, you can feed it to your mother, and she will recover!”

At this moment, Ye Xuan waved his sleeve, and a pill filled with a strong aura of vitality suddenly appeared.

“Teacher, is what you said true Can this pill really heal my mother”

Hearing this, Zhao Yuyan could not help but grip the corners of her clothes tightly, and her voice began to tremble.

“Of course.

After the mystic realm closes, you can get your mother to consume it.

Once the medicinal power inside the pill is refined, she will be healed,” Ye Xuan said.

He had already learned from Zhao Yuyan that her mothers situation was not very optimistic.

Of course, this was not a normal illness; because she had been with Zhao Yuyan for a long time, her luck and vitality had been devoured by the Demon Devourer Body.

In addition, after learning the news of her fathers death, her mother had suffered a great blow, and was currently bedridden.

This life recovery pill was a third-grade pill that was refined by Ye Xuan before he entered the mystic realm.

The pill contained powerful vitality so, as long as the girls mother consumed it, she would recover quickly!

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