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After hearing Ye Xuans explanation, Zhao Yuyan finally understood that her special constitution was the reason why she was called a jinx.

“Wu wu wu…”

“In the end, it was because of me that Father died…!”

Zhao Yuyans eyes immediately turned red.

Were it not for the Demon Devourer Body, her father would not have been attacked by those terrifying demon beasts.

Given her fathers intelligence, it was impossible that he had not noticed anything unusual.

However, her father had never blamed her.

Instead, he doted on her and tried to think of ways to make her happy.

Thinking this, Zhao Yuyan became even sadder.

Seeing this, Ye Xuan quickly went forward to comfort his little disciple, and then asked about her past.

Zhao Yuyan did not hide it and told him everything that had happened to her.

Hearing this, Huang Ling, who was beside her, could not help but sigh deeply.

She did not expect that her little junior sister would have encountered such tragic things at such a young age.

It was also fortunate that she had met Elder Ye Xuan.

Otherwise, who knew what her future would have been.

“Silly girl, you didnt do it on purpose.”

“But dont worry.

With me around, nothing like this will ever happen again!”

Ye Xuan smiled and patted Zhao Yuyans head to comfort her.

“Even if you take this pill, there will still be others who will blame you for their misfortune when you go back.

Keep that in mind, but I will settle the score for you in the future!”

Ye Xuans words were domineering and confident.

Seeing this, Huang Ling felt her heart pounding wildly.

This little girl was really lucky to have gotten such a good teacher.


Hearing this, Zhao Yuyan could not help but be moved.

Other than her father, there had never been a second man who treated her so well.

“Okay, silly girl, hurry up and take the pill!”

Then, Ye Xuan handed her the pill.


Zhao Yuyan nodded obediently and then swallowed the pill.

“Ding! As the host has given his disciple the Spirit Concealing pill (third-grade) , the host has received a randomized 103x critical reward.

Congratulations! The host has obtained the Nihility pill (fourth-grade pill)!”

The system notification rang out in Ye Xuans mind.

Immediately, Ye Xuan read the Nihility pills description.

As expected!

The effects of the Nihility pill and the Spirit Concealing pill were not much different.

They were both pills that suppressed the passive abilities ofspecial constitution for a short period of time.

However, the effects of the Nihility pill were undoubtedly better and lasted longer.

After Zhao Yuyan swallowed the pill, the medicinal effects of the pill flowed into her limbs and bones!

A moment later, Ye Xuans spiritual sense swept through Zhao Yuyans body and examined her carefully.

The devouring power had indeed disappeared! According to what his spiritual sense detected, this medicinal power would only last a month.

Although it was not a long time, Ye Xuan did not panic.

After all, he still had a Nihility pill, and its effect was better than the Spirit Concealing pill, so there was no problem on that front.

Still, Ye Xuan did not choose to give her the Nihility pill immediately.

He had to plan carefully to ensure the girls safety.

After all, after the mystic realm closed, Zhao Yuyan would be teleported back the same way she entered.

The girl was only seven years old.

She only had a vague understanding of the place she was from.

Radiant Sky Empire, White Moon Tower!

This was all she knew.

Ye Xuan knew very well that after leaving the mystic realm, it would probably take a long time to find her.

In the meantime, he had to teach Zhao Yuyan well so that she could protect herself.

After all, even those within the White Moon Tower hated her.

At least from the information Zhao Yuyan provided, the reason she had managed to survive until now was because she had a powerful mother protecting her.

Therefore, Ye Xuan planned to arrange everything properly so that he could be at ease once she left his side.

Since this little girl was a new disciple, he would also be able to get a lot of system rewards this way.

Still, the most important thing at the moment was to increase her strength.

Zhao Yuyans current cultivation level had reached the second level of the refinement realm.

Due to the Demon Devourer Body, this little girls strength far surpassed that of an ordinary second-level refinement realm cultivator!

However, no matter what, it did not change the fact that she was just a refinement realm cultivator.

In the Tianyuan continent, ordinary people started cultivating when they were 10 years old.

Once they reached that age, the meridians in their bodies would be strong enough to contain spiritual power.

Then, they would only need to guide the surrounding spiritual energy around them by using their cultivation techniques and slowly absorb it into their meridians.

However, this was limited to ordinary folk.

In those powerful super empires or factions, once a child was born, they would use all sorts of rare medicinal pills and heavenly treasures to cleanse the childs meridians!

Not only would it strengthen the childs body, but it would also temper the childs meridians, which made it possible for them to start cultivating from a younger age.

Thus, these children would have an advantage over others who started out later.

When Zhao Yuyan was first born, her parents also planned to do this, however, they did not have sufficient resources.

Moreover, the Demon Devourer Body was like a bottomless pit.

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