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Zhao Yuyan was still chewing on the spirit fruit.

As soon as she heard Ye Xuans words, she immediately stopped.

Her eyes stared straight at Ye Xuan, seemingly questioning him.

“Of course.

Why would I lie to you”

Ye Xuan smiled and patted Zhao Yuyans head.

This girl was so young.

If they had been back on Earth, she would be in kindergarten right now.

After receiving Ye Xuans affirmation, Zhao Yuyan could not help but heave a sigh of relief.

Ye Xuan had not lied to her.

Her Demon Devourer Body did not affect him at all.

Although it might have some effect on a core formation realm expert, he was a unity realm expert.

There was no way it could affect him.

The most crucial thing he had to do now was help Zhao Yuyan control the Demon Devourer Body and temporarily restrain the devouring ability of her special constitution so that it would not affect other cultivators.

According to Ye Xuans knowledge, there was a pill that had such an effect.

In fact, each special constitution had its own passive ability, which could also be said to be the characteristic of that special constitution.

For example, if Ye Xuan did not restrain his Sword Overlord Body, it would release the tyrannical sword qi automatically.

At that time, anyone who approached Ye Xuan would be very likely to be injured by this tyrannical sword qi.

However, Ye Xuans strength allowed him to perfectly control the tyrannical sword qi.

In comparison, Zhao Yuyan was too weak, so she could only do so with the help of pills.

Of course, Ye Xuan could also use his own power to help Zhao Yuyan suppress the Demon Devourer Body, but that would only last a short while.

It was not a long-term solution.

After Zhao Yuyan finished eating the spirit, Ye Xuan gave her a few more spirit fruits.

After completely filling Zhao Yuyans stomach, Ye Xuan used his spiritual power to temporarily suppress the Demon Devourer Body.

After doing all this, Ye Xuan called over Huang Ling, who was not far away.

He had detected the existence of the Demon Devourer Body from the beginning, so he did not allow Huang Ling to get close.

Now that he had suppressed the Demon Devourer Body, it was safe for Huang Ling to approach.

Huang Ling had witnessed the whole process of Zhao Yuyan becoming Elder Ye Xuans disciple, and her heart was full of envy.

“This senior sister is also from the Qingyun sect.

You can call her Senior Sister Huang Ling!”

Ye Xuan explained with a smile.

“Yaner greets Senior Sister Huang Ling,” Zhao Yuyan said obediently.

However, when she noticed that Huang Ling was gradually approaching her, she immediately tried to avoid her subconsciously.

Seeing this, Ye Xuan reached out and put his hand on Zhao Yuyans shoulder, pressing her down.

“Silly girl, the Demon Devourer Body in your body has already been suppressed by me.

It wont affect anyone for the time being!”

Ye Xuan said all this with a smile, but his heart was filled with emotion.

Zhao Yuyans actions just now were clearly instinctive.

This girl had indeed suffered tremendously.

It was likely that the people around her had all pushed her aside!

However, that was in the past.

Now that she is my disciple, such a thing would naturally never happen again in the future.

“Demon Devourer Body”

Hearing these words, Zhao Yuyan revealed a puzzled look.

Could it be that the reason why she kept bringing bad luck to others was due to her special constitution

“Thats right! I will naturally explain it to you in detail later.

Its better to go and take a bath first.

My disciples should not be dirty!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Ye Xuans spiritual sense swept out to check if there was a water source in the surroundings.

Soon, Ye Xuan found a spot and then flew there with Huang Ling and Zhao Yuyan in tow.

They arrived at a lake.

“Huang Ling, take the girl and give her a good bath.

Ill be refining pills for the time being.”

Ye Xuans spiritual sense scanned the surroundings.

After confirming that it was safe, he gave Huang Ling instructions.

“Yes, Elder Ye!”

Then, Huang Ling brought Zhao Yuyan behind a big rock and bathed the latter.

Ye Xuan waved his sleeve, and a pill furnace appeared in front of him.

All of the heavenly treasures of the Xuanyin sect were stored in his storage ring.

Naturally, there was no shortage of pill furnaces and medicinal herbs.

The pill he wanted to refine was a spirit concealing pill.

Although it was only an ordinary third-grade pill, it was extremely rare.

After all, very few people would use this kind of pill.

However, it would have a great effect on Zhao Yuyan.

As long as she consumed it, the Demon Devourer Body would enter a state of hibernation.

In that state, its passive ability would be deactivated.

However, this also had a time limit.

It could only last for two months.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Ye Xuan waved his sleeve, and all kinds of medicinal herbs suddenly appeared in front of him.

Then, they flashed and entered the furnace.

At the same time, the spiritual power in Ye Xuans body swept out and slowly poured into the furnace.

A scorching flame appeared.

Some time later, with the help of Huang Ling, Zhao Yuyans dirty body was washed until it was as clean as fresh snow.

Huang Ling even took out a brand-new dress and gave it to Zhao Yuyan.

She also used her true essence power to dry Zhao Yuyans hair.

Moments later, a little beauty appeared in front of Huang Ling.

Zhao Yuyans cheeks were very pink, like a porcelain doll.

People could not help but want to pinch them.

However, what made peoples eyes shine the most was Zhao Yuyans starry eyes!


At the same time, the pill furnace in front of Ye Xuan suddenly emitted wisps of pill fragrance.

Spirit concealing pill! Success!

A streak of light suddenly shot forth from the furnace and fell into Ye Xuans palm.

Seeing this scene, Zhao Yuyan could not help but blink her eyes.

“Little girl, why arent you coming over”

Ye Xuan smiled and waved.

As soon as he finished speaking, Zhao Yuyan ran over obediently.

Ye Xuan had a doting expression on his face as he looked at this little girl.

“Greetings, Teacher!”

Zhao Yuyan called out obediently, and then looked straight at the spirit concealing pill in Ye Xuans hand!

“As long as you take it, you wont bring bad luck to others in the future,” Ye Xuan said.

Then, Ye Xuan briefly explained what the Demon Devourer Body was to her.

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