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The little girl in front of him was an existence that Ye Xuan had never seen in the Tianyuan continent, which was someone whose innate bone value and comprehension value far surpassed his own!

Whether it was in the Great Qian Dynasty or the Moon Demon mystic realm, Ye Xuan habitually used the systems probing function to check the innate bone values and comprehension values of other cultivators to see if he could find a suitable disciple.

He did not expect to actually find one.

This little girls comprehension value and innate bone value had surpassed 600 points!

Ye Xuan had never encountered such a terrifying person.

It was almost impossible for a cultivators comprehension value and innate bone value to surpass 500 points, let alone 600!

If he did not have the system, it was likely that even if Ye Xuan lived his entire life, his comprehension value and innate bone value would not exceed 500 points.

However, what surprised him even more was that this little girl actually had a special constitution, which was the Demon Devourer Body.

Without the systems probing function,, he would not have been able to discover the little girls special constitutions.

Some of the more common special constitutions were recorded in ancient records.

However, Ye Xuan had never seen any records related to the Demon Devourer Body.

It was common knowledge that there were countless special constitutions in this world, and that these physiques were also divided into different grades.

However, if ones special constitution had the words “Demon”, “God”, or “Saint” in them, then that persons special constitution was not something that ordinary special constitutions could compare to.

The Demon Devourer Body the little girl possessed was extremely heaven-defying.

It had the power to devour everything.

Within the range of the devouring power, not only spiritual power, qi and blood essence, but even fate could be devoured.

The so-called fate was the fate and destiny of the cultivator.

In the Tianyuan continent, whether it was humans, demon beasts, or the various major factions, each one possessed a certain amount of fate.

Furthermore, when ones fate was about to end, it meant that ones life was about to come to an end.

Although fate itself was nebulous and vague, it did indeed exist.

It was not only reflected among cultivators, but also among the major forces, such as the empires.

Therefore, when Ye Xuan heard the little girl advise him not to approach her, he already knew in his heart that the reason why people who got close to the little girl would encounter bad luck was because their fate had been devoured by the little girls constitution.

Ye Xuan had also overheard the conversation between the seven women and the little girl.

It was obvious that her Demon Devourer Body had an effect on the people around her, which was why she was hated and feared.

However, they had mistaken her for a jinx, and had not even considered the possibility of a special constitution.

Then again, if Ye Xuan did not have the systems probing function, he would not have been able to discover the little girls special constitution either.

If he encountered this phenomenon, he too would have found it extremely strange!

In addition, although her Demon Devourer Body had already awakened, because the little girls cultivation was lacking, she was unable to use it to cultivate.

As the reason why anyone who got close to the little girl would have their power, fate and life force devoured, that was due to the Demon Devourer Bodys passive activation.

It had nothing to do with the little girl herself.

Most importantly, because the Demon Devourer Body was not under her control, the energy and fate that it had devoured would be digested automatically and would not fuse into the little girls body.

Other than that, those possessing the Demon Devourer Body also had an extremely crucial characteristic, which was they would have to expend much more energy than other cultivators in order to break through.

For example, an ordinary cultivator would need to expend 10 energy points to break through, but a cultivator with the Demon Devourer Body would need to expend at least 100 energy points.

The Demon Devourer Body was like a bottomless pit, requiring large amounts of energy.

However, at the same time, cultivators possessing this constitution were almost invincible within the same realm!

Perhaps the Demon Devourer Body was troublesome for others to deal with, but to Ye Xuan, it was undoubtedly a treasure.

As long as he could take the little girl as a disciple and perform spiritual power infusion on her, the Demon Devourer Body would absorb a huge amount of energy.

At that time, he could also obtain a larger cultivation boost through the systems reward.

Therefore, Ye Xuan had chosen to come here and see if she would accept him as her master.

“No… you shouldnt.

You should stay away from me… Im sorry!”

The little girls eyes flickered for a moment, but she still gritted her teeth and struggled free from Ye Xuans hand.

Although Ye Xuan said that she could not hurt him, once she was around him long enough, he would no longer say the same.

So, before all this happened, it would be better for her to leave!

Ye Xuan glanced at the stubborn look in the little girls eyes and could not help but sigh.

A little girl who was less than ten years old possessed such a tyrannical special constitution.

It was really both lucky and unlucky!

If the little girl had been born within those super forces, perhaps she would not have experienced such a tragedy.

Under the treatment of Ye Xuans gentle energy, the little girls condition improved a lot.

Even her steps became more sure, but her body was still so thin and frail.

Seeing this scene, Ye Xuan felt inexplicably sad.

This little girl had really suffered a lot despite her young age!

“Little girl, you probably think that once I get close to you, all kinds of bad luck will befall me, right”

Ye Xuan looked at the thin little girl and said slowly.

Hearing this, the little girl could not help but stop in her tracks, but soon she started walking forward again.

At the same time, the little girl kept murmuring, “You are a good person.

I cant drag you down.

Im sorry, I cant take you as my master…”

“Yaner will remember your kindness!”

The little girl was getting farther and farther away from Ye Xuan, but her thin figure was filled with determination.

“Little girl, I know why you keep bringing bad luck to the people around you, and I also know how to solve your problem!”

After saying this, Ye Xuan smiled.

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