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It was not only the little girls parents, but anyone who got close to her would have their cultivation levels decreased inexplicably.

Moreover, the longer anyone stayed by her side, the more tired they felt.

It was as if an invisible power was stealing their life force.

In addition, the people around her would have bad luck.

When they cultivated, they would go mad, or they would encounter enemies when they were out adventuring.

In short, no one could get close to her.

Once they got close to her, all kinds of bad luck would befall them.

The little girls father was like that.

While her father was searching for medicinal herbs in a ruin, he was attacked by extremely powerful demon beasts.

The area her father had been searchin in was the periphery of the ruin.

Logically speaking, there should not have been such powerful demon beasts there.

However, they had appeared there anyway.

From that moment on, the little girl finally understood that she could not get close to anyone, or she would bring endless misfortune to the other party.

‘Senior Sister and the others were right.

Everything was brought about by her.

If she hadnt come into this world, then so many misfortunes and disasters could have been averted.

‘She should have disappeared from this world.

However, she was only a few years old at that time, and had no understanding of life and death.

That changed that day.

When the little girl learned of her fathers death, her heart was filled with sadness and she almost could not breathe.

The kind man who loved her dearly would never come back.

“You are a jinx.

You should not have come into this world.”

“Why are you still alive Hurry up and die!”

She had long gotten used to hearing such things.

Moreover, she understood clearly that the people around her would be happy if she died.

If she died, they would no longer curse her and scold her, right

Back then, she had climbed up a steep cliff.

She originally wanted to jump down and end this once and for all, but her mother had appeared in time and stopped her.

As her mother consoled her, she gave up on the idea of committing suicide.

Moreover, in order to prevent others from cursing and scolding her in the White Moon Tower, her mother had kicked up a fuss.

Due to her mothers identity and strength, the others stopped bullying her.

However, the good times did not last long.

Her mother quickly fell ill.

How could a purple spirit realm expert fall ill

There was only one reason, and that was her bad luck.

After that, she learned from her senior sisters that the Moon Demon mystic realm contained extremely rare heavenly treasures.

There were also many medicinal herbs that could heal broken bones and bring the dead to life.

Hence, the little girl quietly snuck into the mystic realm.

She wanted to find some medicinal herbs in the mystic realm to treat her mothers illness.

However, not only did she not find any medicinal herbs, she even almost died,

Just now, she even met her senior sisters from the White Moon Tower, and was immediately reprimanded on the spot.

At that moment, the little girl only felt that her eyelids were incomparably heavy, and that her vision was growing dimmer.

Very soon, the little girl fell weakly onto her knees, and her consciousness started to fade.

However, at this moment, a broad and warm hand was suddenly gently placed on her shoulder, and gentle spiritual power slowly flowed into her body.

After just a few seconds, the tiredness in the little girls body vanished.

The little girl slowly raised her face and, once again, the face filled with a warm smile appeared in her field of vision.

Moments later, the little girl was like a frightened bird, hurriedly taking a few steps back.

She stared at Ye Xuan, her face filled with nervousness.

“You… Dont come near me…”

The little girl said nervously, her small hands tightly clutching the corners of her clothes.

“Do I look scary” Ye Xuan smiled and said gently.

“No… No, youre the most handsome person Ive ever seen!”

“But… I dont want to bring you bad luck… Please stay away from me…”

“Anyone who comes near me will encounter bad luck!”

“I shouldnt have appeared in this world.

Im a jinx.

I cant take you as my master.

I dont want to hurt someone as kind as you…”

“I… Im sorry!”

The little girl lowered her head, feeling both inferior and afraid.

Her little hands were clenched tightly.

“Thank you… For just now!”

Suddenly, the little girl raised her crying little face and thanked Ye Xuan sincerely.

As soon as she finished speaking, the little girl wiped away the tears on her cheeks and turned around to walk deeper into the forest.

Other than her parents, Ye Xuan was the first person to treat her so kindly.

The little girl did not want to bring bad luck to Ye Xuan.

‘He probably didnt know about me being a jinx, otherwise he definitely wouldnt have thought of taking me in as a disciple.

Now that he knows, that gentleness from just now will disappear, right

‘Forget it! At least this rare gentleness will exist in my heart for a moment!

‘All of this is my fault, I should leave.

After that, the little girl dragged her thin and frail body and slowly walked towards the depths of the forest, but her vision soon became blurry again.


The little girl did not walk far before she could no longer support herself.

She twisted her feet and fell to the ground.

Her blurry eyes seemed to have become clearer due to the pain.

The little girl struggled to get up.

She wanted to walk further away.

The further away she walked, the safer Ye Xuan would be from her bad luck.

Her senior sisters and the others were right.

She had already caused harm to many people in the outside world.

She did not want to not cause harm to others in the mystic realm.

Her eyes were filled with tenacity as she dragged her tired body and walked away with difficulty.

“Sigh! You are quite stubborn!”

At this moment, a soft sigh suddenly rang out in the little girls ear.

“Please… stay away from me, okay I really dont want to bring you bad luck…”

“Youre a good person.

Please stay away from me…”

The little girl looked at Ye Xuans approaching figure and almost cried.

She sensed a gentleness she had not felt in a long time from Ye Xuan.

“Little girl, your special constitution cant affect me!”

Ye Xuan smiled.

Then, he placed his palm on the little girls shoulder.

Gentle power slowly poured into her body, dispelling her fatigue.

At the same time, a virtual line of text that only Ye Xuan could see appeared above the little girls head.

Comprehension value: 601

Innate bone value: 621

Demon Devourer Body: Awakened

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