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“Shes already here.

Should we bring her along”

“Fourth Junior Sister, you are too kind and have just entered the White Moon Tower.

Havent you heard of her”

“If we really bring the jinx along, Im afraid that we will all end up dead!”

“Thats right.

Let the jinx fend for itself! I dont care what anyone thinks.

I will never agree to bring her along!”

“But what should we do if she really dies in the mystic realm”


Whats so bad about that If she really dies, the White Moon Tower will celebrate her death, and her mother will be relieved!”

The female cultivators ignored the little girls feelings.

“Its all my fault.

Its all my fault…”

The little girl kept crying, and then she revealed a determined expression.

“Senior sisters, dont make things difficult for me.

Ill just leave…”

From the beginning to the end, the little girls head had always been lowered, because once she raised her head, the little girl would see the extremely disgusted expressions on her senior sisters faces.

Just like that, those female cultivators looked at the sobbing little girl as she walked into the depths of the forest.

Looking at the little girls extremely thin figure and tattered clothes, two of the female cultivators suddenly felt guilty.

However, before they could say anything, they were immediately stopped by their senior sister.


The two women could only sigh deeply, their hearts filled with helplessness.

Immediately after, the female cultivators figures flashed, and with mysterious steps, they left in another direction.

Just like that, the little girl in tattered clothes sobbed as she walked aimlessly into the depths of the forest.

She did not know where she should go.

After all, she did not know much about the mystic realm, only that there were plenty of heavenly treasures in the mystic realm.

It was said that medicinal herbs that were hard to find in the outside world were commonplace in the mystic realm.

Therefore, when she found the entrance to the mystic realm, she was overjoyed.

However, in order to prevent others from discovering her, the little girl waited for all of the cultivators to enter the mystic realm before sneaking in.

After being randomly teleported, the little girl arrived at this dense forest.

However, with her refinement realm cultivation, it was impossible for her to leave this forest.

When she thought of her mother, who was bedridden, and that all of this was her fault, the little girl could not help but blame herself.

She hoped to find some rare medicinal herbs in the mystic realm to see if her mothers illness could be treated.

However, the little girl neglected one thing.

Not only was she a weak refinement realm cultivator, but she was also only seven years old.

What could she achieve in this vast and boundless mystic realm

Moreover, this mystic realm was completely different from what the little girl had imagined.

Those medicinal herbs were not everywhere.

Also, even if she had really encountered some heavenly treasures, she would not be able to recognize them.

Not only had the little girl not found any medicinal herbs, but she accidentally fell while climbing the cliff and almost suffered heavy injuries.

All she had found during these four days of exploration were some ordinary fruits to satisfy her hunger.

Now, her physical strength had already been exhausted, which made her already thin and frail body even weaker.

Just like that, the little girl moved forward aimlessly until her physical strength was exhausted.

Then, she stumbled over to a huge rock and sat down.

The little girls body slowly curled up, her thin and small arms tightly clutching her legs.

Her dirty face was buried deep in her knees, and her face was filled with exhaustion.

“Father, mother…”

Exhausted, the little girls eyes slowly closed.

The corners of her mouth twitched, uttering two words.

Those were the two people she was closest to in the world.

However, because of her, her father died, and her mother was now bedridden.

Every time she thought of this, the little girl would blame herself and shed lonely tears.

However, just as the little girl was about to fall unconscious, she saw a pair of feet appear.

When she raised her head and looked up, she saw a handsome face with a warm smile greeting her.

“Little girl, are you willing to acknowledge me as your master”

The little girl was stunned.

Besides her parents, no one else had ever treated her kindly.

“Am I dreaming”

The little girls originally dim eyes suddenly lit up, but it quickly disappeared.

In this world, other than her parents, how could anyone else treat her so kindly

This warm smile and handsome face was definitely part of a dream!

In real life, the way others looked at her was only filled with disgust and disdain.

Everyone thought that she was a jinx and would only bring bad luck to others.

Therefore, while everyone hated her, they also felt some fear at the same time.

Wherever the little girl went, people would take the long route around her, isolating her, afraid that they would be entangled by her bad luck.

Moreover, there were also some people secretly praying that the little girl would die early so that she would not stay in the world and harm others and the sect.

If her mother did not exist, perhaps she would have died long ago.

However, her mother was now also bedridden.

The only person who could protect her was about to die.

Since she was born, she had been ostracized and loathed by everyone.

A child who had just come into the world had already suffered so much malice and hate, so naturally, she would feel endless loneliness and fear.

Fortunately, her parents did not abandon her, and had given her love and attention.

When she grew up, she finally understood why those people looked at her as if she was a jinx.

It turned out that she would constantly bring bad luck to those around her.

It was also because of her that her parents cultivation levels inexplicably decreased.

Even her own life force was rapidly declining.

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