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Although Ye Xuan had already comprehended the embryonic form of his own fist intent, he did not choose to leave.

Instead, he continued to study the pillar.

“He… could it be that he wants to comprehend fist intent”

“How is this possible He just comprehended the embryonic form of fist intent and already wants to comprehend fist intent.

It is impossible unless he experiences an epiphany!”

“Maybe he just wants to stabilize the embryonic form of his fist intent.

Were probably overthinking it!”

“That makes sense!”

When the crowd noticed that Ye Xuan had comprehended the embryonic form of fist intent, they were instantly thrown into an uproar.

However, they soon calmed down.

Ye Xuans talent was so monstrous that it was only natural that he would be able to comprehend the embryonic form of fist intent.

After the crowd calmed down, everyone began to slowly and carefully comprehend the fist intent on the stone pillar.

Time slowly passed and, suddenly, extremely mysterious energy fluctuations swept out!

Everyones pupils suddenly widened, and their eyes were filled with shock.

“Wait… This seems to be actual fist intent”

“Thats right! This is not the embryonic form of fist intent, but actual fist intent!”

“Who was it”

After sensing the mysterious power, everyones gaze fell on Ye Xuan at the same time.

“How is this possible How could this guy have comprehended fist intent as well”

“How did he do it Didnt he just comprehend the embryonic form of fist intent”

“Is this guys talent too monstrous Or are we too weak”

If they had been surprised that Ye Xuan had comprehended the embryonic form of fist intent, then they were absolutely dumbfounded right now.

Most of them did not know Ye Xuans identity.

They had initially speculated that Ye Xuan might have come into contact with the rudiments of fist intent in advance, which was why he could use the fist intent marks on the stone pillar to comprehend the embryonic form of his own fist intent!

It had only been a few hours, yet this guy had actually comprehended actual fist intent as well.

What did this mean It meant that this guys comprehension value had reached an extremely terrifying level.

“My God…”

The cultivators of the Great Qian Dynasty looked at each other and saw the shock in each others eyes.

The others might not know, but they knew very well in their hearts that Ye Xuan was an eminent sword cultivator who had comprehended sword intent.

What kind of talent was this

Could it be that peerless prodigies had a unique advantage in every field This guy could not be thinking of comprehending all of the different intents, right

“Hes really a monster!”

Everyone looked at each other and could not help but sigh deeply.


At the same time, Ye Xuan slowly opened his tightly shut eyes and got up.

Although the fist intent on the stone pillar was powerful, it was only second-level fist intent.

Moreover, the reason why Ye Xuan could comprehend fist intent so quickly was not only because of his terrifying comprehension value, which exceeded 500 points, but also because of his comprehension of sword intent.

Although fist intent and sword intent were completely different intents, different paths led to the same destination.

With the support of his third-level sword intent, the difficulty of comprehending fist intent was greatly reduced.

However, his fist intent had only reached the first level.

If he wanted to advance it to the second level, it would take a lot of time.

Of course, if Ye Xuan continued to study the stone pillar, it was only a matter of time before he achieved second-level fist intent.

If he met the monk who had escaped earlier, he would only need one punch to defeat the Demon Subjugation Vajra Body.

“Lets go!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Ye Xuan and Huang Ling disappeared.

After consuming the healing pills just now, Huang Lings internal injuries had healed.

Seeing Ye Xuans disappearing figure, everyones eyes were filled with amazement.

They had been comprehending here for several days, but had not gained much.

How many hours had Ye Xuan even been here He had even comprehended actual fist intent.

However, when had the super factions of the Nanzhou Region produced such a genius

Most people did not know Ye Xuans cultivation level, but since he could fly, he was at least a core formation realm cultivator.

With his age and fist intent, he could already be called a peerless genius of the Nanzhou region.

Could this guy be one of those geniuses ranked on the Nanzhou list

The Nanzhou list gathered the best young cultivators of the Nanzhou Region and ranked them.

Of course, other than the Nanzhou list, there was also the Dominator list.

Unlike the Nanzhou list, the Dominator list ranked cultivators regardless of age in the Nanzhou region.


Ye Xuan led Huang Ling into the depths of the mystic realm.

Their goal was the Heavenly Lightning Pool, which was an extremely special place in the mystic realm.

Like the sword intent stone wall and the first intent stone pillar, the Heavenly Lightning Pool was also an extremely special place.

The Heavenly Lightning Pool was filled with dense dark clouds all day long.

The surroundings were filled with rampaging lightning snakes formed by the power of lightning.

Therefore, the Heavenly Lightning pool contained an extremely rare intent, which was the Heavenly Lightning intent.

Compared to fist intent and sword intent, Heavenly Lightning intent was undoubtedly rarer and more special.

It contained powerful and tyrannical Yang energy.

Moreover, the Heavenly Lightning intent ranked among the top ten of the worlds intents and was also known as a supreme intent.

Heavenly Lightning intent contained extremely powerful destructive power.

In addition, the Heavenly Lightning intent could be combined with other intents, imbuing them with the destructive power of heavenly lightning.

The destructive power of heavenly lightning was also a counter to the divine element inside the bodies of unity realm experts.

If Ye Xuan could comprehend Heavenly Lightning intent, he would be able to easily kill most unity realm experts.

However, the difficulty of comprehending it was also extremely high.

The Moon Demon mystic realm had existed for tens of thousands of years ago, and countless cultivators had entered the mystic realm to try their luck here.

However, until now, no cultivator had ever been able to comprehend the embryonic form of the Heavenly Lightning!

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