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After fantasizing about some possible outcomes, the monk left.

After all, there were still plenty of resources in the mystic realm waiting for him to discover.

After Ye Xuan killed the fat monk, he slowly descended to the ground.

The battlefield around him was rife with violent energy fluctuations.

The cultivators who had fled were more than ten kilometers away, yet some of the weaker cultivators had even been injured at that distance.

Had they been ordinary people, they would have died instantly.

Even the subsiding energy fluctuations here were sufficient to reduce a purple spirit realm cultivator to ashes if they were where Ye Xuan was.

Everyone stared at Ye Xuan and took a deep breath.

Their eyes were filled with fear.

This guy was way too strong! Who was he

They had experienced shock after shock just now.

The appearance of a core formation realm cultivator, followed by the fat monk, and finally Ye Xuan.

Actually, when Ye Xuan appeared, most people did not think much of him.

After all, he was really young.

However, once he cut off the monks arm, everyones perspective changed.

It turned out that the mysterious young man was the most terrifying one here!

Those cultivators came from various forces, and some came from powerful sects, and thus knew more than the average cultivator.

Seeing the severed arm reattached so quickly could only mean one thing…

The fat monk was a unity realm expert!

However, even a unity realm expert had his arm chopped off by that young man!

That meant that the young man had reached a level where he was capable of crushing that unity realm monk!

After all, being able to defeat a unity realm cultivator and being able to kill one were two completely different things, given the rate at which a unity realm cultivator was able to recover.

Ye Xuan looked in the direction of the monks corpse and could not help but frown.

Even though he had successfully killed the monk, he still felt displeased.

After all, the spirit moon tree had been devoured by the spatial crack together with the bowl.

He had promised Huang Ling that he would get back the spirit moon tree, but now things had turned out this way.

“Among you, who was chasing my Qingyun sects disciple just now”

Ye Xuan asked indifferently with his hands behind his back.

Although Ye Xuan was more than ten kilometers away, his voice could be heard clearly in everyones ears!

Hearing this, everyones expressions changed drastically.

They knew very well what Ye Xuan meant, and the Qingyun sect disciple he mentioned had to be the woman who had come with him.

The first to discover the spirit moon fruit was Huang Ling, but there were many true essence realm experts who coveted the effects of the fruit.

Therefore, they had pursued Huang Ling doggedly.

Some of them chased her all the way to the sword intent stone wall.

After being attracted by the sword intent on the stone wall, some of them chose to break off their pursuit.

However, there were still seven or eight cultivators who had been unwilling to give up.

Those had already been killed by Ye Xuan.

Everyone understood that Ye Xuan wanted to settle the score.

Immediately, those cultivators who knew the truth decisively sold out the people around them.

There were a total of four people!

Ye Xuan waved his sleeve, and a few terrifying sword qi hurricanes suddenly appeared out of nowhere and engulfed those four people.

Moments later, their bodies suddenly turned into dust and dissipated.

At the same time, the three spirit moon fruits appeared in Ye Xuans hands.

Seeing this scene, everyone trembled, and their eyes filled with fear.

Their bodies were already drenched in sweat, and they felt as if they had half a foot in the gates of Hell.

Fortunately, this big shot was not a bloodthirsty person, otherwise they would all be buried here.

At the same time, a piece of information was permanently branded in everyones mind.

Qingyun sect! Ye Xuan!


Ye Xuan turned into a streak of light and suddenly appeared beside the leader of the Mad Saber sect and Huang Ling.

“Greetings, Elder Ye!”

The leader of the Mad Saber sect respectfully bowed and smiled.

“En,” Ye Xuan nodded indifferently.

Although his attitude was rather cold, the leader of the Mad Saber sect was overjoyed.

The only purpose in his life now was to never offend Ye Xuan and never make this big shot unhappy.

If possible, he had to do everything possible to win this big shots favor.

Therefore, although Ye Xuans attitude was cold, at least he no longer displayed any ill will.

That was enough!

“Do you want to explore alone or with me”

Ye Xuans gaze fell on Huang Ling as he asked this.

“I… I want to follow Elder Ye!”

Huang Ling excitedly nodded her head.

Elder Ye Xuan was too strong.

Every time she saw him, he would have become even stronger.

The most important thing was that Elder Ye Xuans exact level of strength was always a mystery.

When one thought he was a true core realm expert, he had already stepped into the golden core realm.

When one thought he was a golden core realm expert, he had already stepped into the peak of the core formation realm.

When one thought he was a unity realm expert, he had already gained the ability to kill one!


Ye Xuan nodded, and then waved his sleeve.

A gentle energy wrapped around Huang Ling, and then the two disappeared.

“Hehe, today is really a perfect beginning!”

After watching Ye Xuan leave, the leader of the Mad Saber sect could not help but smile brightly.

It was obvious that Ye Xuan had already forgotten about what had happened between them in Jiangqing City.

This was undoubtedly an excellent sign!

Fortunately, he had not attacked Li Qingyan back then.

Otherwise, there would have been no medicine for regret!

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