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When the monk heard this, his eyes instantly turned cold, and an extreme killing intent flashed across his pupils.

He disliked the fact that Ye Xuan had called him a stinky monk, and now this guy was even making mockery of him

He would send this arrogant guy to meet Buddha today.

“Almsgiver, you are too arrogant.

This penniless monk can only hand you over to Buddha to be enlightened!”

The monks body suddenly turned golden, and then his figure suddenly disappeared and appeared in front of Ye Xuan.

A fist that was suffused with terrifying Buddhist light was hurled toward Ye Xuan.

Seeing this, Ye Xuan did not panic at all.

The God-slaying Sword in his hand emitted tyrannical blood-colored sword qi, easily blocking the monks attack!

“The same move! These two must be from the same Buddhist faction!”

Ye Xuans eyes immediately narrowed.

Seeing his attack blocked, the monk could not help but show a hint of surprise.

However, what puzzled him the most was that the sword qi that Ye Xuan released not only blocked his attack, but canceled it out perfectly.

This young guy had actually reached the unity realm

It was no wonder he could not sense the other partys cultivation.

It seemed that he was also using a secret technique to conceal his aura.

However, since he has chosen to be my enemy, then he has to die!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Although the monk was surprised, his fist did not stop moving.

Bright Buddhist light transformed into fist shadows that filled the sky that tried to strike Ye Xuan.

Although the monks attacks were destructive, they were easily neutralized by Ye Xuan.


Seeing this scene, everyone turned pale with fright.

They frantically ran in all directions.

That being said, Ye Xuans control of his own power had reached an unthinkable level, which greatly reduced the danger caused by the energy fluctuations from the battle.

However, seeing the fight itself was terrifying enough to make them flee!

The leader of the Mad Saber sect also chose to leave without hesitation.

He first looked in the direction of Huang Ling, then flew over.

Seeing this, Huang Ling was confused.

She knew this person.

When she was in Jiangqing City, the leader of the Mad Saber sect had sided with the Chen family, but had quickly retreated once Ye Xuan revealed his power.

However, this guy was still a core formation realm expert.

She would not be able to resist him at all.

“Dont be afraid, young lady.

I mean no harm!”

The leader of the Mad Saber sect hurriedly revealed a kind smile, afraid that he would scare Huang Ling.

He had come here to protect Huang Ling from being caught up in the aftermath of the battle.

Of course, he also wanted to use this opportunity to express his goodwill to Ye Xuan.

Although he did not know if Ye Xuan could defeat the monk, he still chose to stand on Ye Xuans side after seeing that he seemed to be able to deal with the monks attacks with ease.


The blood-colored sword qi soared into the sky, filled with incomparably tyrannical power.

Like a bloody sun hanging high in the sky, it turned into a torrent and engulfed the monk.


A painful cry was suddenly heard.

Only when the blood-colored sword qi dissipated did everyone realize that Ye Xuan had already chopped off one of the monks arms.

Fresh blood gushed out from the severed arm.

Although the monks face was filled with pain, he reacted quickly and caught his severed arm, pressing it into his shoulder.

The divine element blossomed with brilliant vitality, reattaching the severed arm at a speed that was visible to the naked eye.

“How is this possible”

When everyone saw this scene, they were shocked.

His arm had been chopped off, but now it was whole again.

Just how terrifyingly strong was this monk

From what they knew, even if a cultivator had reached the core formation realm, they would not be able to regrow a severed arm within such a short period of time.

Could it be that this monks strength had surpassed the core formation realm

When they thought of this, everyone took a deep breath.

Just what kind of terrifying existences were these two

When the leader of the Mad Saber sect saw this scene, his pupils shrunk.

This monk was indeed a unity realm expert!

However, the monks arm had still been cut off by Ye Xuan.

That meant that Ye Xuan was stronger, right

This guy was growing stronger a little too quickly.

Fortunately, he had made the right bet!

The monks gaze fell on Ye Xuan, and his eyes were filled with fear.

He had never thought that this young man possessed such terrifying strength.

If he had not dodged in time, and relied on the bowls defensive power, he might have been cut in half by Ye Xuan.


Ye Xuans figure suddenly disappeared and, moments later, he reappeared above the monk!

This fat monk was even more powerful than the other monk, and the bowl he held was also an artifact with extremely strong defensive power.

Moments later, all of the power in his dantian, the tyrannical sword qi of the Sword Overlord Body, and his third-level sword intent, were infused into the God-slaying Sword, which then slashed toward the monk.

The monks expression immediately changed.

The bowl in his hand blossomed with bright golden light, which enveloped him within it.


The two terrifying energies collided with each other!

It was as though a great bell had been struck, and the violent energy shockwaves it formed spread out in all directions.

Even though they were more than ten kilometers away, there were still quite a number of low-level cultivators who were severely injured by the energy shockwaves.

At this moment, cracks suddenly appeared on the bowl that was originally suffused with resplendent golden light.


the bowl immediately shattered.

“How is this possible”

When the monk saw this, he was extremely frightened.

The bowls defensive power had failed to withstand the opponents sword strike

However, he also felt somewhat lucky.

At the very least, the bowl was able to block a fatal blow for him.

However, things were not over yet.

The bowl also was a spatial storage artifact.

When it shattered, spatial cracks started appearing, which emitted terrifying void power.

Ye Xuan and the monk retreated frantically at the same time.

The void power was emitting an extremely powerful suction force.

Even unity realm experts would not be able to resist this power!


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