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Other than true essence realm cultivators, the most common cultivators present were not refinement realm and qi transformation realm cultivators, but rather purple spirit realm cultivators.

Most of the refinement realm and qi transformation realm cultivators only came to join in the fun.

They wanted to see if there were any treasures on the mountains or caves that no one paid attention to.

It had to be said that many people were quite lucky.

There was a qi refinement realm cultivator who had actually obtained the magic artifact that belonged to a purple spirit realm cultivator in a cave!

Obviously, that purple spirit realm cultivator was someone who had died in the Moon Demon mystic realm.

In the eyes of those low-level cultivators, these things were incredibly valuable!

Of course, Ye Xuan also stumbled on a lot of these while he was searching for the monk.

However, as a unity realm expert, it would be unbecoming of him to fight with these small cultivators for treasures that were worthless to him.

In any case, while Ye Xuan was searching for the monk, he was also searching for heavenly treasures in the mystic realm.

Unfortunately, Ye Xuans luck was not as good as before.

A full day had passed, yet not only did Ye Xuan not find the monks hiding place, but he also did not find any rare heavenly treasures either.

By this time, four days had passed since the opening of the Moon Demon mystic realm.

At the same time, the number of cultivators in the region where Ye Xuan was was also increasing.

At this moment, Ye Xuans gaze fell on a stone wall in the distance, and he narrowed his eyes.

The stone wall was covered with countless sword qi marks.

Just a single glance was enough to shock countless sword cultivators.

This was because these sword qi marks were formed from extremely powerful sword intent.

Therefore, this stone wall was also known as the sword intent stone wall.

It was an extremely rare opportunity in the Moon Demon mystic realm.

Countless sword cultivators had entered the mystic realm for the sword intent stone wall.

Instead of searching for heavenly treasures, they would head straight for the sword intent stone wall, hoping to use the sword intent on the wall to strengthen their comprehension of their Sword Dao.

However, sword intent was not easy to grasp.

As such, their goal was to comprehend the embryonic form of their own sword intent!

Countless figures were seated under the stone wall.

They were all cultivators from various major forces.

Most were sword cultivators, but there were also some who used sabers or axes.

They also wanted to try their luck.

If they really managed to comprehend their own embryonic form of sword intent, they would switch to the sword without hesitation.

Ye Xuan was also attracted by the stone wall, but he shook his head after a brief glance.

Although the sword qi marks on the stone wall contained sword intent, it was only second-level sword intent .

It was not of much use to him.

However, just as he was about to leave, a streak of light suddenly flashed by, revealing an extremely pathetic figure.

It was obvious that this person was running for her life.

In the mystic realm, Ye Xuan was already used to this kind of situation, so he did not pay much attention to it.

However, when he saw the figures appearance clearly, he snapped to attention.

Huang Ling!

Elder Lin Qings disciple!

Huang Lings face was extremely pale.

Streams of blood flowed from the corners of her mouth.

Her body erupted with strength as she fled frantically as fast as she could.

However, Ye Xuan could sense that Huang Ling had already suffered considerable injuries.

At this moment, about 300 meters away from Huang Ling, seven true essence realm cultivators held weapons in their hands and chased after her with fierce expressions.

“B*tch, arent you going to surrender”

“As long as you hand over the treasure, we can spare you!”

“B*tch, if you are still stubborn, when my brothers catch you, I will make you beg for death!”

“What kind of treasure did that woman get that she is being chased by so many true essence realm cultivators”

A cultivator who was comprehending sword intent under the stone wall was immediately distracted by Huang Lings plight.

Other than cultivators who wanted to watch the show, there were even some cultivators under the stone wall who had evil thoughts.

A treasure that this many people were after would definitely be valuable.


Ye Xuan waved his sleeve and suddenly appeared in front of Huang Ling.


Seeing this, Huang Ling, who was frantically running away, panicked.

‘Im done for.

Could it be that an even more powerful expert is targeting me It seems that I wont hold onto this Spirit Moon fruit.

I hope that these guys will let me off after obtaining the treasure!

Thinking this, Huang Ling smiled bitterly, and her heart was filled with unwillingness.

For the past four days, she had been carefully searching for treasures in the mystic realm.

This Spirit Moon fruit could be said to be her biggest harvest.

However, when Huang Lings gaze fell on the cultivator in front of her, she trembled, and her eyes instantly became moist.

“Elder Ye Xuan!”

Huang Lings emotions were fluctuating rapidly.

Moments ago, she had been in front of the gates of hell, but now she was in front of the gates of heaven.

It was almost too much to handle.

“Who are you”

Those true essence realm cultivators who were chasing Huang Ling noticed Ye Xuan, and immediately became vigilant.

Ye Xuan had appeared out of nowhere without warning.

None of them had sensed his arrival..

Ye Xuan briefly glanced at them before waving his hand.

In an instant, the seven true essence realm cultivators were turned into a cloud of blood mist!

When everyone saw this happen, their faces revealed signs of fear.

What terrifying power!

Could this guy be a top-notch core formation realm expert

Some of the cultivators who had planned to snatch Huang Lings treasure were so scared that they were sweating profusely.

They quickly discarded their evil plans.

Fortunately, they had not acted rashly just now.

Otherwise, they would have been the ones who had died!

“What exactly happened” Ye Xuan asked.

Seeing Ye Xuan, the panic and uneasiness in Huang Lings heart gradually dissipated.

She now felt a great sense of security.

There could not be a safer place to be than by Ye Xuans side.

Then, Huang Ling took a deep breath, calmed her emotions, and then told him everything.

Not long ago, Huang Ling had discovered a Spirit Moon Tree in a ruin, and that tree was full of Spirit Moon fruits!

Spirit Moon fruits could increase ones cultivation.

If a true essence realm cultivator consumed one, they would be able to advance a minor realm.

The fruit was even attractive to purple spirit realm cultivators.

Although it would not allow them to advance a minor realm, it would still greatly increase their cultivation.


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