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“If I meet this monk again in the future, Ill definitely kill him!”

Ye Xuan gazed in the direction the monk had left, and then turned into a streak of light and disappeared.

Although he could not catch up to the monk, he wanted to confirm the monks location.

Moreover, their battle had definitely caused a commotion and had definitely attracted the attention of other cultivators.

As such, Ye Xuan did not want to stick around.

The entire Nanzhou Region could access the Moon Demon mystic realm, so he could not guarantee that stronger enemies would not appear.

After Ye Xuan left, a number of experts descended.

However, they only stayed for a while.

After realizing that there was nothing to be gained, they left.


A bright streak of light flashed across the sky and landed in a forest that stretched as far as the eye could see.


The monk, who had almost been cut in half from the waist down, quickly lay down on a big tree.

As the divine element in his body bloomed with vitality, and his injuries gradually recovered.

“Which faction is this guy from Why have I never heard of such a young unity realm expert”

Recalling Ye Xuans strength, the monk felt lingering fear.

Although the two were at the same cultivation level, Ye Xuan had crushed him.

If he did not have the Buddhist beads as a trump card, he might have died.

Most importantly, due to the unique characteristic of the divine element, once a cultivator reached the unity realm, their appearance would basically remain unchanged.

This meant that Ye Xuan had reached the unity realm at around 20 years of age.

The monk racked his brains for a long time, but was unable to figure out which super force in the Nanzhou Region had produced such a young monster.

“No! Once the mystic realm closes, I have to investigate this carefully.

This guy is too monstrous.

I cannot let him live!”

The monk thought to himself.

Then he silently circulated the divine element to continue healing his injuries.

If a core formation cultivator had suffered such injuries, they would already be dead.

At the same time, Ye Xuan arrived at a huge mountain and entered a cave to begin his secluded cultivation.

He thought the same as the monk.

He did not want the monk to live!

Ye Xuan had roughly determined the monks location.

The monks injuries were so serious that he would not be able to run far.

However, there was still a certain difference between the two.

The monk wanted to get rid of Ye Xuan after leaving the mystic realm, while Ye Xuan wanted to kill the monk in the mystic realm.

Still, this monk had too many life-saving trump cards.

Therefore, Ye Xuan decisively decided to refine the Buddha Spirit fruit!

The Buddha Spirit fruit could not only increase a cultivators comprehension value, but would also allow the cultivator to experience an epiphany.

In fact, the most valuable thing about this fruit was exactly this.

If he experienced an epiphany, he would be able to rapidly comprehend martial techniques, cultivation methods, or even his own special constitution and sword intent.

In order to get rid of this monk, Ye Xuan decided not to wait for the systems reward this time.

He took the Buddha Spirit fruit, circulated the spiritual power in his body, and began to slowly refine it.

Ye Xuan wanted to rely on the Buddha Spirit fruits state of epiphany to try and advance the level of his sword intent.

As Ye Xuans eyes slowly closed, the originally noisy outside world suddenly turned silent and Ye Xuan entered an extremely mysterious state.

The sword qi in his body began to surge violently.

Half a day later, tyrannical sword intent suddenly gushed out of his body briefly before disappearing.

The third level of sword intent!

“Ive broken through! With this sword intent, I will kill that monk,” Ye Xuan stood at the peak of the mountain and said indifferently.

As soon as he finished speaking, he slowly extended his index finger, and a phantom sword suddenly condensed at the tip of his finger.

When it rippled slightly, it caused the space around him to tremble.

With the help of the Buddha Spirit fruit, not only did his sword intent advance, but his comprehension value also increased, crossing the 500-point mark.

Ye Xuan

Comprehension value: 511

Innate bone value: 596

“Its time to deal with that monk!”

Ye Xuan turned into a streak of light and disappeared.

To avoid the monks detection, Ye Xuan restrained his aura and produced minimal energy fluctuations as he flew.

This was possible due to the Nihility technique.

Following that, Ye Xuan searched for more than half a day in the direction where the monk had left.

To his dismay, he did not find anything.

It seemed that the monk was quite cautious.

After using his trump card, he had even traces of his aura.

He was obviously worried that Ye Xuan would chase after him.

Ye Xuans spiritual sense immediately surged out.

He wanted to use his spiritual sense to try and detect traces of the monk.

However, as time passed, more and more cultivators appeared in the vicinity.

Ye Xuan searched for nearly two days, but still failed to find any traces of the monk!

It had been three days since the Moon Demon mystic realm opened.

During this time, Ye Xuan had already encountered hundreds of battles.

The corpses of true essence realm cultivators were everywhere, and many purple spirit realm cultivators could be seen fighting in the huge mountain range.

There were also some core formation realm experts who also fought shocking battles.

The terrifying energy shockwaves from their battles leveled mountains.

Of course, the reason for these battles was due to cultivators fighting over the mystic realms heavenly treasures.

During this time, Ye Xuan did not encounter a second unity realm expert.

From the looks of it, unity realm cultivators were scarce even in the Nanzhou Region, However, it could also be that unity realm cultivators could not be bothered to enter the Moon Demon mystic realm.

The bulk of the cultivators here were true essence realm cultivators.

They were as numerous as the sand on the sea.


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